Nicki is  a 33 year old body positive American who likes to laugh a lot, eat bacon and travel. Traveling is her greatest passion in life. Getting lost in new cities, experiencing new cultures, new food, meeting new people, doing things she never thought she would do – that is her life. She often tells people that she has an incurable wanderlust.

She met her now husband, Matthew, in 2005 and they were married in June of 2015. They both love sailing and the Caribbean, so it only made sense they would marry in Turks and Caicos – a destination wedding!



They have a Maltese named Boogie. He is a little over 11 years old and the best thing to ever happen to them. He is their best friend and spends every available moment with them as he loves to snuggle and curl up on laps.



Nicki studied criminology and law thinking she would love working in law and quickly decided she loved business, so she went and got an MBA.

Nicki writes as a creative outlet to share her experiences with food, drinks, photography, travel, and just living. Primarily she is a solo traveler but occasionally travels with her husband, family or friends. Nicki has been in luxury travel for just over 9 years and her primary writing focus is on luxury travel and food.

Her favorite country visited was Turkey until the last year when she was exploring Iceland and all of its magic.

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