Best Resorts In The USA

Welcome to a world of luxury and unparalleled experiences. The United States is home to some of the finest resorts in the world, each offering a unique blend of exceptional accommodations, breathtaking natural settings, and a wealth of amenities to cater to your every desire.

In this guide, we will embark on a journey to explore the very best resorts across the country, from the serene beaches of the Hawaiian Islands to the majestic desert landscapes in Utah, and everywhere in between.

These resorts are not just places to rest your head; they are destinations in themselves, where every detail has been meticulously designed to provide guests with an unforgettable escape.

Whether you seek the ultimate relaxation, thrilling adventures, world-class cuisine, or all of the above, the resorts in the USA are your gateway to a life of indulgence and luxury.

So, join us on this voyage as we uncover the crème de la crème of American hospitality, where each stay promises to be a chapter in the story of a lifetime.

*This will be an ongoing list and updated as visited resorts deserve to be placed in here.*

Best resorts in the USA to stay in


Nestled in the heart of the otherworldly American Southwest, Amangiri stands as a true masterpiece of luxury and architectural ingenuity.

This exclusive desert retreat is unlike any other, where the ancient landscapes of Utah’s red-rock country serve as the backdrop to an oasis of contemporary elegance.

Amangiri, a name that means “peaceful mountain,” perfectly encapsulates the essence of this destination, where tranquility, natural beauty, and impeccable service come together to create an unforgettable escape.

Amangiri is a resort that transcends the boundaries of traditional hospitality. The remarkable architecture seamlessly integrates into the rugged terrain, allowing guests to experience the raw, elemental beauty of the region while enjoying the utmost in comfort and refinement.

With its stunning accommodations, world-class spa, all-inclusive dining, and a myriad of activities that immerse you in the wonders of the desert, Amangiri is a place where time slows down, and every moment is an opportunity to embrace the profound beauty of the American Southwest.

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Four Seasons Hualalai 

Lying on the pristine Kona-Kohala Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is a symbol of tropical paradise and unbridled luxury.

With its idyllic location along the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean and its proximity to ancient Hawaiian sites, this world-class resort offers a truly enchanting experience that seamlessly combines contemporary opulence with the rich cultural heritage of the Islands.

Four Seasons Hualalai is a sanctuary for those seeking the ultimate Hawaiian escape, where every aspect of your stay has been thoughtfully crafted to create a harmonious blend of relaxation, adventure, and authentic aloha spirit.

The resort’s commitment to excellence is evident from the moment you arrive, with its elegant accommodations, exceptional dining options, and an array of activities that cater to all tastes.

Set amidst lush tropical gardens and dramatic lava landscapes, Four Seasons Hualalai offers an authentic Hawaiian experience that captivates the senses and leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

Whether you’re basking on the pristine beaches, exploring the island’s natural wonders, or simply indulging in the world-class spa, Four Seasons Hualalai is a destination that transcends the ordinary, setting the stage for an extraordinary Hawaiian adventure.

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Bungalows Key Largo 

Perched at the gateway to the idyllic Florida Keys, The Bungalows Key Largo is a luxury resort that beckons travelers seeking the quintessential tropical retreat that happens to also be an all-inclusive.

This enchanting oasis, exclusively for adults, unfolds a world of serenity and sophistication, where the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys meet the elegance of high-end accommodations.

As you step onto this secluded paradise, you’ll find yourself embraced by lush palm trees and gentle ocean breezes, setting the stage for an unforgettable escape.

The Bungalows Key Largo redefines the art of leisure, offering guests an intimate and tranquil haven where relaxation and adventure coexist harmoniously.

With spacious, elegantly appointed bungalows, private verandas overlooking the azure sea, and an adults-only policy, this resort provides the ideal setting for couples and honeymooners seeking a romantic escape.

Whether you’re savoring oceanfront dining at Bogie & Bacall’s, discovering underwater wonders through snorkeling and kayaking, or simply lounging on the private beach, The Bungalows Key Largo promises to create moments that last a lifetime.

Your journey into this tropical sanctuary begins here, where the extraordinary becomes the everyday, and time slows down to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.

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Salamander Resort and Spa – Virginia 

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Middleburg, Virginia, Salamander Resort & Spa is an embodiment of timeless elegance and refined luxury.

This enchanting destination is a true haven for those seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where the rustic charm of the Virginia countryside seamlessly intertwines with world-class hospitality and modern comforts.

Salamander Resort is a place where nature’s beauty, impeccable service, and a wealth of activities converge to create a truly unforgettable retreat.

The resort’s allure is apparent from the moment you enter its lush, rolling estate, surrounded by the serene Virginia Piedmont region.

With its spacious and tastefully appointed guestrooms, world-class spa, and a diverse range of activities spanning equestrian adventures to championship golf, Salamander Resort & Spa offers a wealth of experiences to suit every taste.

Whether you’re indulging in farm-to-table dining, unwinding in the luxurious spa, or exploring the picturesque countryside, Salamander Resort beckons guests to embrace the restorative power of nature and the timeless grace of Southern hospitality in the heart of Virginia’s wine and horse country.

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Four Seasons Maui 

Perched along the pristine shores of Wailea Beach, Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea epitomizes the quintessential Hawaiian escape, seamlessly blending breathtaking natural beauty with unparalleled luxury.

This magnificent five-star resort is a testament to the true spirit of aloha, where guests are welcomed with warmth and embraced by the soothing rhythms of the Pacific Ocean.

With its world-class accommodations, renowned dining options, and a multitude of activities that celebrate the splendor of Maui, Four Seasons Maui stands as an iconic destination for those seeking the pinnacle of island paradise.

As you step into this tropical haven, you’ll be greeted by the harmonious symphony of ocean waves and swaying palm trees. With its spacious suites and rooms, each thoughtfully designed to maximize ocean views, guests can bask in the rejuvenating ambiance of Hawaii’s most celebrated island.

Whether you’re lounging by the cascading waterfall pool, savoring exquisite cuisine at renowned restaurants, or exploring the island’s natural wonders, Four Seasons Maui offers an immersive Hawaiian experience that’s as vibrant as the culture that surrounds it.

Here, time seems to slow down, allowing you to savor the beauty and tranquility that Maui has to offer in every sun-soaked moment.

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Grand Hotel Michigan 

Perfectly situated on the enchanting Mackinac Island in Michigan, The Grand Hotel stands as a timeless beacon of elegance and historic charm.

With a legacy dating back to 1887, this iconic resort is a living testament to a bygone era, where horse-drawn carriages and Victorian opulence reign supreme.

Grand in every sense of the word, this destination exudes an air of refined sophistication, offering guests an immersive experience in the heart of one of Michigan’s most cherished island getaways.

The Grand Hotel’s architecture, characterized by its iconic white façade and the world’s longest porch, is a captivating symbol of a bygone era, where old-world grandeur meets modern comforts.

With its well-appointed rooms and suites, fine dining, and an array of activities that celebrate the island’s natural beauty, The Grand Hotel offers an authentic and immersive glimpse into the history and hospitality of Mackinac Island.

Here, time seems to slow down, encouraging guests to savor the charm of a bygone era, where relaxation and elegance coexist seamlessly amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Michigan.

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Four Seasons Oahu 

Sitting along the breathtaking shores of Ko Olina, Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina is a sanctuary of luxury and natural beauty on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

This outstanding five-star resort embodies the essence of Hawaiian hospitality, where modern elegance meets the timeless traditions of aloha.

With its world-class accommodations, culinary excellence, and an array of experiences that celebrate the island’s diverse landscapes and rich culture, Four Seasons Oahu offers an unparalleled destination for those seeking the ultimate Hawaiian escape.

From the moment you arrive at this Pacific paradise, you’ll be captivated by the serene beauty of the lush gardens and the soothing sound of the ocean.

The resort’s spacious and beautifully designed rooms and suites provide a tranquil haven with awe-inspiring views, allowing guests to bask in the vibrant spirit of Oahu.

Whether you’re savoring delectable cuisine, lounging by the beautiful beachfront pools, or embarking on thrilling adventures like surfing, hiking, or exploring the rich history of the island, Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina offers a holistic Hawaiian experience that celebrates the island’s majestic landscapes and the profound warmth of its culture.

Here, amidst the serene landscapes of Oahu, each moment is an opportunity to embrace the island’s beauty and the timeless aloha spirit that defines Hawaii.

The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island 

Perfectly situated on the serene coastline of Amelia Island, The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, is a haven of refinement and coastal beauty that captures the very essence of Southern elegance.

This luxurious oceanfront retreat is a place where the tranquil sounds of the Atlantic Ocean meld seamlessly with the world-class service and sophistication that The Ritz-Carlton brand is renowned for.

With its opulent accommodations, award-winning dining experiences, and an array of activities that celebrate the charm of Amelia Island, this resort offers a quintessential escape for those seeking a coastal paradise.

As you arrive at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, you’ll be embraced by the soothing ambiance of the beach, the fragrance of the sea breeze, and the lush greenery that surrounds you.

The resort’s stately rooms and suites provide a refined oasis, offering magnificent ocean views that invite guests to immerse themselves in the serenity of the island.

Whether you’re savoring exquisite cuisine at renowned restaurants, relaxing by the pristine beachfront pools, or exploring the island’s natural beauty and rich history, The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island provides an extraordinary coastal experience that celebrates the island’s distinctive charm and the signature luxury of the Ritz-Carlton brand.

Here, time seems to slow down, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of this coastal gem and the sophisticated Southern hospitality that defines The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.

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The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician 

Nestled within the resplendent beauty of the Arizona desert, The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician are a true oasis of luxury and exclusivity in Scottsdale.

This extraordinary boutique resort is set against the backdrop of Camelback Mountain, providing an idyllic escape that harmonizes contemporary elegance with the majestic landscapes of the Southwest.

With its exceptional accommodations, world-class amenities, and a variety of experiences that celebrate both relaxation and adventure, The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician offer an unparalleled destination for those seeking the quintessential Arizona escape.

From the moment you arrive at this desert haven, you’re greeted by the breathtaking panoramas of the Camelback Mountain and the meticulously landscaped grounds.

The resort’s spacious and lavishly appointed suites promise an unparalleled level of comfort and sophistication, many of which come with private balconies that offer unobstructed views of the rugged desert and shimmering city lights.

Whether you’re indulging in culinary delights at the resort’s restaurants, unwinding by the pools, or partaking in outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, or hiking, The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician provide a captivating desert experience that pays tribute to the desert’s awe-inspiring landscapes and the premium luxury of The Phoenician brand.

Here, you’ll find that time gently slows down, allowing you to relish the beauty of the Arizona desert and the top-tier hospitality that distinguishes The Canyon Suites.

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