Best Places To Visit In The USA In March

Even though most people choose the summer or winter to take a vacation, traveling during the springtime definitely has its perks.

Not only are prices usually more affordable, crowds lower, and temperatures milder, but spring also means you can choose from a wide array of destinations ranging from palm-fringed beaches to snow-capped peaks all in the same country.

If you’re considering traveling somewhere in the United States in March but aren’t sure where to go yet, you’ll love to know there’s a vast array of options to choose from no matter what type of vacation you’re looking for.

From places where winter still thrives to landscapes that get covered by colorful wildflowers and just about everything in between, here are the best places in the United States to visit in March.

best places to visit in march in the usa

Best Places in the USA to Visit in March

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Located in Utah, Canyonlands is a national park with a landscape so unique that you may get to feel as though you’re walking on Mars.

Think sandstone spires piercing the clouds, red rocks all over, and sweeping canyons as far as the eye can see.

March is a great time of the year to visit Canyonlands because it is when the weather is mild enough to go hiking, especially considering temperatures can surpass the 100s during the summer.

Moab would definitely be the best place to stay while visiting. 

Best Activities in Canyonlands National Park:

best places in the usa to visit in March

Miami, Florida

Spring is arguably the best time to visit March! The weather is amazing with warm days and cool nights, there is over 20 + miles of beaches, no shortage of incredible dining, nightlife, art, and activities for everyone. 

My personal favorite hotels are Nobu Miami Beach and Eden Roc!

Finger Lakes, New York

Farm-to-table restaurants, vineyards, wildlife, hikes, idyllic lakes, and waterfalls are all part of what makes the Finger Lakes region in New York State as dreamy as it gets.

While temperatures can vary in March, this is a great month to visit as it is extremely quiet and allows you to fully take the landscape in.

Arches National Park, Utah

Home to over 2,000 natural rock arches, landscapes that will make you feel like you were transported to another planet, and quirky rock formations, Arches is one of the coolest places to visit in March if you want to get a taste of what hiking in the desert is like!

Arches is best visited in March as this is when temperatures are ideal for hiking, before the summer heat rolls in. 

The easiest way to access the area is to use Moab as a home base, unless you are only passing thru. However, the park definitely deserves more than a day!

Best activities in Arches National Park:

Breckenridge, Colorado

If you’re not ready to let go of the snow, Breckenridge in Colorado is a wonderful place in the USA to visit in March, especially if winter sports are your jam.

The resort is home to over 5,000 acres of skiable terrain and host to plenty of other fun-in-the-snow activities. 

March is one of the snowiest months in Breckenridge, so as long as you come prepared with the right gear, you’ll be guaranteed an incredible time at this alpine locale.

best places in the usa to visit in March

Olympic National Park, Washington

Think mountains, meadows, beaches, waterfalls, glaciers, and even a real-life temperate rainforest to get an idea of how varied the landscape at Olympic National Park can get!

March is the best time to visit this national park in Washington as this is the time of the year when the snow melts and waterfalls look their best.

Seattle is a great home base for exploration and also gives you a big city feel paired with the nature of the National Park. 

Where to stay in Seattle 

Best activities in Olympic National Park and Seattle:

Texas Hill Country

Vineyards, rolling hills, and incredible state parks are all part of what makes this region in Texas an absolute dream come true.

You can spend your days wine-tasting, hiking over a pink-colored mountain at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, visiting breweries at German-inspired villages and towns like Fredericksburg, and so much more.

During March, the landscape of Texas Hill Country gets covered with Bluebonnets, making the scenery here even more beautiful!

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of Hawaii’s most incredible islands as it is home to volcanoes, landscapes that look straight out of Jurassic Park, gorgeous beaches, and striking waterfalls.

March is a wonderful time to visit weather-wise, and this is also the time of the year when humpback whales roam Maui’s shores.

My personal favorite resorts are The Four Seasons Maui and Grand Wailea!

Best activities in Maui:

Death Valley National Park, California

Even though its name may make it sound like a pretty desolate place, there’s plenty to see at Death Valley National Park, including hills splashed in colorful tones, sand dunes, and golden badlands. 

In March, the landscape at Death Valley National Park becomes even more vibrant when wildflowers bloom and cover the desert floor!

best places in the usa to visit in March

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly is a city that boasts the best of both worlds, be it delicious food, astounding nightlife, culture, arts, and lots of history (some of America’s most significant historical landmarks are located here).

March may mean temperatures are still somewhat chilly, but this is also the time when plenty of festivals take place in Philadelphia, including the Philadelphia Flower Show, the Women’s Film Festival, and the qFLIX. You will also find plenty of cherry blossoms all over the city.

Best activities in Philadelphia

Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s spring break, pools are opening and the weather hasn’t hit the high scorch of the summer.

This is also a great time to use Las Vegas as a home base to explore several National and State Parks within the region. 

Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas

Big Sur, California

Rather than a destination, Big Sur is a highway in California that is only 90 miles long but boasts some of the coolest places to visit in the Golden State.

Think purple sand beaches, waterfalls crashing down into the ocean, dramatic mountain and ocean views, and quaint villages. 

While Big Sur is a splendid destination year-round, the landscape looks even more beautiful during March when winter rains turn the mountains into an emerald green color and wildflowers blanket the slopes.

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite is one of the most iconic national parks in the USA thanks to its forests, waterfalls, canyons, and dramatic granite domes that tower over the landscape.

While many trails may remain closed, you’ll get the chance to join in on fun activities like tubing, cross-country skiing to Glacier Point, and wildlife spotting, not to mention there’s a free shuttle to the Badger Pass Ski Area.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Home to over three hundred miles of hiking trails, alpine lakes as gorgeous as they can get, some of the tallest mountains in Colorado, and landscapes so beautiful you’ll have to take your camera out every few seconds, Rocky Mountain National Park is a dream come true for mountain and hiking lovers.

March is a great time to visit as you’ll see popular trails with fewer people compared to summer, not to mention wildflowers bloom all over the park and make the landscape look absolutely stunning.

Florida Keys and Key West, Florida

Key West is the southernmost point in the continental United States and a place where you’ll very well feel like you traveled all the way to a country in the Caribbean thanks to its glorious white sand beaches, calm turquoise waters, and incredibly relaxed vibes.

Although the Florida Keys are not known for their beaches because they can be rocky, the sandbars are outstanding! The water is clear and looks like another place. 

During March, the Florida Keys see fantastic weather, but the real reason to visit is that it is the lobster season! At this time of the year, you’ll be able to taste the most delicious and meatiest lobster in the entire country. 

And let’s not forget key lime pie!

Florida Keys Itinerary – this is a week long trip of hotels, restaurants and activities! Also tons of tips for visiting the area. 

Best all-inclusive resort in the Florida Keys

Additional things to do in Key West:

Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the most unique cities in the United States that is known for its art, offbeat vibes, and somewhat quirky atmosphere. A visit here is all about strolling a big city that still was a small-town charm, enjoying local art galleries, checking out lively bars, and plenty more.

March in Austin means sunny days, warm weather, flowers blossoming all over the city, and a wide array of festivals to partake in.

Best activities in Austin

Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks is a city located just a couple of hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle that is known for its museums, wildlife refuges, natural areas, and cultural attractions. 

With that said, the reason most visitors flock to this city in Alaska is that it is one of the best places in the entire world to see the northern lights, and March just happens to be the best time of the year to spot them!

Best activities in Fairbanks:

best places in the usa to visit in March

Tucson, Arizona

Located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Tucson is a city in Arizona where you’ll get to revel in Southwestern charm, enjoy views of saguaro trees, experience a combination of the modern and the Old West, and get to take day trips out to some of the coolest desert destinations in the United States.

March in Tucson is all about sunny skies and mild weather pleasant for enjoying exploring places outdoors like Saguaro National Park and other gems nearby.

Best activities in Tucson:

Glacier National Park, Montana

Once the home to over 100 glaciers, today, only 6 of them still exist within the park. Due to global warming, they may disappear very soon, so make sure not to miss out on the chance of seeing them with your own eyes rather than pictures.

If you don’t mind chilly temperatures, Glacier National Park is wonderful in March for fewer crowds and snowy landscapes that will transport you into a winter wonderland.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

As the most iconic natural landmark in the United States, the Grand Canyon is a place everyone must visit at least once in their lives in order to truly be able to appreciate its grandeur.

March is a great time to visit the Grand Canyon as the weather is mild and perfect for hiking and you will get a better chance of fully experiencing the canyon, not to mention you won’t have to share the landscape with the summer crowds.

Tybee Island, Georgia

If a beachy and warm-weather destination is what you’re after, Tybee Island is a great choice. This charming beach town is home to plenty of historical landmarks, quaint buildings, and wonderful beaches.

March is a lovely time to visit as the island gets very crowded between May and October and temperatures at this time of the year are very pleasant.

Oahu, Hawaii

Known for its volcanoes, gorgeous shores, lush mountains, and incredibly scenic landscapes, Oahu is the biggest island in Hawaii and a place that perfectly mixes the modern with the ancient.

Oahu is a very popular destination, but during March, crowds definitely mellow down and temperatures are great for enjoying the beach, the hiking trails, and everything the island has to offer.

Charleston, South Carolina

Home to historic buildings, pastel-toned buildings, charming coffee shops, local art galleries, incredible restaurants, and extremely photogenic streets, Charleston is a city in South Carolina perfect if a relaxing getaway is what you’re after.

March is a wonderful time to visit Charleston weather-wise, as you’ll be treated to sunny days and quintessential spring temperatures on the higher end.

Best activities in Charleston:

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Located in the desert, Albuquerque is a city as unique as it gets. Aside from getting to explore its attractions, the magic of Albuquerque in March is the fact that you can do just about any activity you can think of – you can spend the early morning riding a hot air balloon across the desert and end the day skiing the slopes of the nearby Sandia Mountains!

Best activities in Albuquerque:

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a cute and artsy town in Arizona that is known for being the gateway to some of the coolest desert landscapes the entire country has to offer. Think sandstone spires, quirky red rock formations, and plenty of hiking trails that will make you feel as though you were transported into the heart of Mars.

March is a wonderful time to visit Sedona as temperatures are mild and perfect for hiking, not to mention sunrises and sunsets are particularly beautiful in spring.

Best activities in Sedona:

Santa Barbara, California

Located in the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara is a gorgeous coastal town known for its Spanish Colonial architecture, its array of high-end restaurants, luxurious beach clubs, and for being one of the best gateways to exploring one of California’s’ most sought-after wine regions.

March sees perfect temperatures for exploring, not to mention there are plenty of events lined up every year, including the International Orchid Show and the Santa Barbara Restaurant Week for foodies!

Activities in Santa Barbara 

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a charming city in Georgia where Southern hospitality, haunted stories and legends, delicious fusion cuisine, and trendy art galleries and boutique shops come together to create the perfect getaway.

The city was ranked as the friendliest city in the world by Condé Nast, and you’ll see exactly why it got that prize as soon as you step foot in it!

During March, Savannah’s streets get covered in blooming azaleas, not to mention the city’s calendar gets filled with fun events, including the Savannah Music Festival and the Spring Celebration and Sleep Shearing, to name just a few!

Activities in Savannah:

Washington DC

The capital of America is another great place to visit in March, especially if you’re into history, monuments, and all sorts of attractions that will have you exploring the story of the United States.

If you’re not into museums, the city is also incredible for its food, nightlife, and venues.

March is a great month to visit because the entire city gets fragrant in cherry blossoms!

Washington DC bucket list – packed with the best things to do in the city!

Cherry Blossoms Guide

Key West, Florida Key West is the southernmost point in the continental United States and a place where you’ll very well feel like you traveled all the way to a country in the Caribbean thanks to its glorious white sand beaches, calm turquoise waters, and incredibly relaxed vibes. During March, Key West sees fantastic weather, but the real reason to visit is that it is the lobster season! At this time of the year, you’ll be able to taste the most delicious and meatiest lobster in the entire country. 

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