Ultimate Spring In Miami Itinerary

Looking for an incredible and easy to follow spring in Miami itinerary? I have you covered!

I just got back from Greater Miami and Miami Beach and one thing I really loved about this trip was that almost everything I did was new to me. There is so much to see and do in the destination, but I think the itinerary I am about to share with you is my personal favorite.

Spring is the perfect time to visit for weather! I would argue this is the best time to visit the area.

If you need more ideas on where to stay, what to do and what to eat, check out Spring in Miami for everything Miami!~

Spring in Miami Itinerary 

Getting there and getting around

Getting to Miami, you have options. You can fly directly into Miami or into Fort Lauderdale, which is about 45 minutes from Miami. I would look at flights and pricing – if one makes sense over the other, go that route. 

Alternatively, you can do a road trip!

Once you arrive in the area, you can either rent a vehicle or utilize Uber/Lyft/Taxi, etc. I never rent a car when I am visiting because once you get down to your hotel, nothing is really that far away. I think the most I have ever paid for an Uber was about $15 and that was with a lot of traffic. 

Parking can also be tricky. I think in general, using rideshare or taxis to get around is the easiest. 

Quick tips for visiting

Spring is arguably my favorite time to visit Miami. The weather is near perfect with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s before it gets the high heat of the summer months. Perfect walking around weather and you can still enjoy the ocean and pools. 

Spring can get busy at certain points because of spring break – but don’t let this deter you from booking an amazing getaway! There are so many places to stay in Miami and no shortage of restaurants and activities. I do want to note – if you are planning your trip, make reservations and bookings for restaurants and activites as soon as you can to guarantee those. 

Recommended length of visit: honestly, Miami is one of those cities where you can visit for two nights or up to seven nights. It depends on what you are after. I love visiting the area for a quick weekend getaway for amazing meals, shopping and always finding time for the beach and new activities. There is always stuff to do in the city. 

If you do decide to stay longer, say a week or more, I recommend switching hotels half way through your stay so you can try something different. This is something I have been doing for years and I love it. You get access to a different room, amenities, on site restaurants, etc. I like the change of space. 

I use my credit card everywhere (Visa or American Express) and I keep some cash on me for tipping or if I end up somewhere that is cash only (extremely rare). Every taxi I have used also took credit card, just ask before you get in. 

A lot of restaurants have a dress code. Definitely look into this when making reservations. “Miami Chic” is a common dress code theme you will see. 

Where to stay

During my recent visit, I checked into Nobu Hotel Miami Beach. This was my second time staying in a Nobu Hotel and I LOVE them. I love the brand so much. High level of consistency, amazing and attentive staff, beautifully decorated rooms and spaces – and the food – chefs kiss. 

Immediately when you check in, you are greeted with a welcome drink and fresh towel. These small details let me know I will be taken care of on my stay. 

The Rooms:

There are several room categories you can choose from depending on your needs. 

I had the opportunity to visit the Yuhi Villa – amazing! Something I noticed right away when I walked into the room was that it was not facing the ocean, but facing the intercoastal highway, Miami skyline, and my personal favorite – the sunset. I know a lot of people love an ocean view – but I am telling you – this view is amazing. 

But above all that – this villa comes in at around 1,300 square feet with separate bedroom, living and dining spaces, 1.5 baths, a wet bar, and an expansive balcony.

This villa offers very generous living space, which I love. 


The property does sit along Miami Beach. There is a sidewalk between the hotel and the sand that starts the beach. It is very easy to access and Nobu has a beach area and chairs for guests.


Nobu Hotel has four pools to offer guests, including an adults only pool exclusive to guests of Nobu Hotel only. 

Nobu Adults Only Pool

On site there is also a 22,000 square foot spa and fitness facility for your all relaxing and workout needs. You are on vacation – pamper yourself, or take a workout class. The options are there. 

The hotel also has bikes on site you can rent to ride. Check with the front desk because guests can get their first hour for free!

Things to do in Miami 

See the sunset at South Pointe Park 

Arguably the best area to see the sunset on Miami Beach. If you walk out to the pier, you can see the South Beach shoreline and the skyline. Sprinkle in some jet skis, sailboats,  maybe even a cruise ship taking off, and some planes – and you have the making of a beautiful area for sunset. 

Highly recommend coming before sunset and taking a swim, then finding the perfect spot to watch the sunset. I like the pier or one of the benches down the walk to the pier. 


Catch a movie at Rooftop Cinema 

This was my favorite activity in Miami. On the surface it is just a rooftop movie .. but it was so much more! The cinema plays classics and the space is amazing!

First, you can come up to an hour before the movie starts (and I highly recommend this) and you can still see the sun setting! Second – there is food, a bar and games. And as an added bonus – if you come early you can pick your seat.

We came an hour early and had dinner (nachos) and hung out watching the sunset before the movie started. 

There are multiple seating options for when you purchase your ticket – so whatever you want, get it!

Also – don’t skip the popcorn and candy during the movie. 

*Pro tip – it got a little windy as the night went on and we had packed light jackets just in case. I highly recommend bringing a jacket or blanket just in case you get cold. 

Shop and explore in the Design District 

This is a must visit neighborhood to explore while enjoying spring in Miami. 

What’s really unique about this area is the high-end shopping mixed with art, dining venues both inside and outside, architecture, and so much more. 

Limited time installation at Louis Vuitton for their Kusama Collaboration

Pro tip: If you are looking for specifics, plan out what you would like to see so you know where to find it. I made sure to look up all the installations and stores I wanted to visit before my arrival so I knew where to find them and had a map on my phone of their locations. 

Some of my favorite art pieces include: 

Dollar a Gallon III – by Virgil Abloh 

Buckminster Fuller: Fly’s Eye Dome

Where to dine:

Sofia’s! This beautiful restaurant, clad in hues of pink and sitting right next to the Fly’s Eye Dome, is an excellent spot to grab lunch. 

Spend a day at the beach 

One simply does not visit Miami and not go to the beach.. right? 

I stayed at Nobu Hotel during my stay and they offered beach access right outside the hotel with chairs and towels. However – there is about 20 miles of Atlantic coastline boasting beautiful beach for you to enjoy. 

Wynwood Walls 

Whenever I think of Miami, “Wynwood” always pops in my head first!

Every time I am in the city, I always stop by and see the Wynwood Walls. There are over 35 murals and you can get a tour. (the tour is 50 minutes and there is a $25-$35 fee). General admission is $0-$12, but does not include the tour. 


The thing about art is that there is so much emotion, and each takeaway is so different. How we view art individually is different, person to person. 

For me, having those discussions about the piece after admiring it, opens a door for the topics surrounding them. It’s truly a fun experience. 

Get active at Lummus Park 

Lummus Park on Miami Beach is active all day long. From runners, people working on the outdoor gym equipment, playing volleyball, rollerblading, you name it. 

If you want to get an early morning workout in, this is a great area to see the sunrise. I love this area because everyone is so friendly and having a great time. 

Bonus – right across the street is a lot of the art deco of South Beach. 

Come for a workout, stay for a game of volleyball, make new friends – enjoy Miami and the outdoors. 

See the Versace Mansion AKA Villa Casa Casuarina

I love the Versace Mansion and highly recommend a visit to this once iconic home, turned restaurant and hotel. 

There is a caveat for visiting the mansion – you either need to be an overnight guest OR dining at the restaurant. 

If you are looking for a super unique place to stay, lined with history and dripping in luxe and fine details – I would recommend staying at least one night here. It’s centrally located from a lot of restaurants, nightlife, Lummus Park, the beach, etc. 

Dining – I would recommend going for the first available time for a lunch. It will be bright out and you can see the pool and snap some pictures before it gets busy. 

Explore the work of Orlinski on Lincoln Road 

Prior to this visit to Miami I was not familiar with Richard Orlinkski’s work – but I am so excited that I know about it now. 

For the last eight years Orlinski has been the biggest selling French Contemporary artist and his work is magnificent. 

Not only is there an Orlinski Gallery, but he has very large pieces placed along Lincoln Road that you can walk and see. I think what really pulled me into his work was the use of color, the various materials he creates his sculptures from and the uniqueness of it. 

My personal favorite piece was “Denim.” The jeans were .. anonymous, sensual, you don’t know if they belong to a man or a woman, they’re sexy. They are also larger than life. 

Learn about Art Deco in South Beach 

I am obsessed with Art Deco and South Beach is so iconic. Easily you could spend an afternoon or more exploring the buildings in this area. 

I did a South Beach food and Art Deco Tour – and it was amazing. We would eat somewhere, and then go walk around and look at iconic buildings and learn about the history. Rinse and repeat!

 I recommend booking this tour with Miami Culinary Tours.

Where to eat 

There are so many great places to eat in Miami – it would be hard for me to cover them all in a weekend! If you need more recommendations, check out Spring in Miami for ideas. 

Ocean Social 

Located at Nobu Hotel – this open air restaurant serves food all day long. We ate here almost everyday for breakfast – THAT GOOD!

Breakfast was my personal favorite! From delicious acai bowls to fruit plates, to bacon, egg and cheese pizza with perfect poached eggs, the food was amazing. 


Located just a couple blocks from the Wynwood Walls – this is a must visit Mexican restaurant. Every single dish was incredible and our server was very knowledgeable. 

Everything looked so good they we just decided to share dishes so we could try more things!

First things first – the Cacalas Caseras is amazing. Bakan makes their blue tortillas in house and when you top these with beans, guac and goat cheese – heaven!

Again – every single dish was incredible. 

Cacalas Caseras

Los Esquites

Verdes De Pollo

Arroz Con Leche



I am a huge fan of NOBU and I love that they have multiple restaurants. This goes back to the hotel as well – I know exactly what to expect and I know it will be exceptional. 

That being said – I went in knowing what I was going to order because  I love this restaurant. My mother and I shared dishes again so we could taste everything. 

My personal favorite dish at NOBU is the wagyu tacos – I have never had a better taco, ever. It melts right into your mouth and is unreal. 

One thing I want to mention about the Baked Alaska dessert is that it had a unique twist on it with guava ice cream! It was unbelievable.


Wagyu Tacos

Shrimp Tempura

Wagyu Short Rib Dumplings

Baked Alaska

Take a culinary tour in South Beach 

One of my favorite ways to learn about an area is to take a walking tour – and even better if there is food – because food and culture go hand in hand. 

I mentioned this tour above, it was the art deco and food tour in South Beach. 

We stopped at four places on our short walk and tried a variety of foods. 

Here is what we ate:

Taverna Bolivar was our first stop where we had two dishes: a traditional empanada and ceviche! My mom had never had ceviche before and she never stopped talking about it on our whole trip. So that is telling!

Bolivar – empanada and ceviche

Next we stopped at Havana 1957 for delicious Cuban food! The beef ropa vieja was so flavorful and delicious! 

Havana 1957

Beef ropa vieja with plantain tostones

Tudor House – Tacos!

Rosetta Bakery – Cannoli

Room Service 

Some days on vacation I just need a slower morning. The good news is – Nobu Hotel has fantastic in-room dining. 

My mom and I took our time getting ready to explore for the day and ordered delicious breakfast. She got an acai bowl and I got an egg white frittata with spicy potatoes! 

I also had a bagel because I cannot resist!


I saved the best for last. This was my hands down favorite restaurant in Miami and one I had never been to before. I am SO GLAD our server recommended the omakase (chef decides) because the menu looked so incredible that we could not make a decision on anything. 

All that being said – I would only ever do omakase here at MILA so I can try lots of incredible dishes!

Let’s get into it. We started with several appetizers, but they were not overwhelming. A chance to try them all. 

We did appetizers, salad, sushi course, main, and a dessert sampler. 

Every single dish was insanely good – but if I had to pick a favorite, I would pick the desserts! The way the chef plays with flavors I would not have thought to pair together – insane. 

I have nothing but high praises for the chef – MILA should be on everyone’s list who visits Miami. 

Fried eggplant, zucchini chips, shiso tzatziki

Crispy brussels sprouts, honey-soy balsamic glaze

Shawarma wagyu gyoza, shichimi ponzu

Avocado-tomato salad

Sushi Sampler

Broccolini miso-tahini, sesame

Mila Gin and Tonic and Heir of the God

Seared salmon, sweet pea mint veloute, toum garlic, chili oil, herb salad

Beef tenderloin, creamy ponzu, micro green salad

Dessert sampler: avocado chocolate mousse, gianduja panna cotta and sorbet


This is by far the best trip I have taken to Miami and I am so glad I got to bring my mom! 

There is an endless amount of things to do in Miami, so if you need more things – please check out Spring in Miami! You can find anything and everything there. 

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This post is written in partnership with Miami and Miami Beach. As always, opinions are entirely my own. 



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