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This has been a long time coming. I am essentially a team of one. My business has grown so massive in the last few years, and as I enter my eighth year, I want to continue growing my business, traveling to more places and sharing more of the world through various verticals. 

Before I explain who I want to hire, I want to explain my brand so you know what I do completely.

My job title is many things but I prefer: content creator, blogger, photographer, social media influencer, etc. 

In short: brands pay me to create content for them in the form of photos, videos and/or blog posts, pay for me to advertise on my channels, consult with them, and so on. 

If you have been around for awhile, you know that I pay for a lot of my own travel with the money I make from various parts of my brand and utilize points and miles. I do not share a lot of sponsored content because I never want to be a walking advertisement. 

I am very particular about who I work with and turn down a lot of work because it does not align with my brand. This has served me well because I get to focus on what my audience really wants and stay true to my brand. 

The front end of my brand is social media. This is most likely how you know me, my brand and content. Whether it is from Tiktok, one of my many Instagram channels, Pinterest, the occasional tweet on Twitter, etc. I am very active on social media and this is usually my first point of contact with my audiences. 

My content will always be first person. I want people to view my content and feel like this is an experience they could have – I never want my content to be much about me. My goal is to help inspire and plan incredible trips. 

The second part of my brand is blogging. There are people who don’t use social media and only look for blog posts and then there are social media users who want more info. Blogs still serve a purpose and I always want to be the person who can provide as much value as possible. This is extremely important to me. 

I have multiple blogs and the goal this year is to write consistently on all of them. Because there is only one of me, it is hard for me to get to everything – so usually my blog suffers the most.  

The third part of my brand is digital products. I have several items in the pipeline I want to release this year in the form of e-books that will help people immensely in those areas of my expertise. 

The fourth part of my brand is consulting, trip planning and any other miscellaneous things that come up. 

About the position I am looking to fill:

I am looking for an assistant part-time right now. This can easily become a full-time position – I just want to make sure it is a good fit and that we work well together. 

This is fully remote, but I would need someone based in the USA simply for travel purposes. 

Here are some of the things I need from an assistant:

  • Writing – I desperately need a great writer. All of my content is in English – so I need you to be well versed in the English language and metrics. 
  • Travel – I almost always have a plus 1 (AKA I can bring someone with me on a trip). My friends and family have burned through so much of their time off that I have run out of people to ask. This may be one of the most important parts to the position – I need someone who is professional (because you reflect my business), someone who can travel with last minute notice. If you have people you take care of, a full-time job elsewhere, pets, or anything that would keep you from traveling – this would not be a good fit for you. I am letting you know this upfront because this is a major requirement. I need someone who can travel and assist me when other people in my life cannot. 
  • Great researcher – I am always looking for new places, destinations to visit, contacts, etc. 
  • Someone who knows how to use Canva 
  • bonus if you are familiar with selling on ETSY.

Here are the absolute must requirements I need:

  • Must be 21+and a US citizen
  • Must have a valid USA passport currently 
  • Must know how to drive and have a valid drivers license 
  • Be a strong writer 
  • Knowledgeable about travel, geography and have an interest in travel 
  • Be mature – I am 39 and I need someone who is respectful and can act accordingly
  • I need you to sign an NDA and a non-compete. I need to protect my business. 

Here is what I do not want:

  • I am not looking to hire an influencer or someone who wants to be an influencer. This is not me training you – I need you to help me 🙂
  • Not looking to hire a journalist, blogger, etc – bottom line: I am not looking to hire anyone who works in this industry or that is trying to work in this industry. I want to hire someone long-term to grow with. 
  • Someone who just wants to travel and not work.

Before applying, please make sure you meet the above requirements and can travel. 

To Apply:

Please email me at: – please do not send me a message on social media, call me, etc. I will only be looking at candidates who meet the requirements and follow the instructions. 

In your email, please include:


Writing Samples 

Let me know when your passport expires 

If you have social media, send me your channel(s)

Let me know why you want this position and how you think you could make my business better

Tell me your top three bucket list destinations – knowing this tells me a lot about you

Tell me where you have traveled and your favorite destination

Let me know what else you do for work 

Also – let me know your rates. This position will probably start off at 10 hours per work + travel benefits. I have trips as early as March that need a plus one on them. 


Thanks for your time – and I look forward to hearing from qualified candidates! 

If you do not meet the qualifications – please send this to your friends/family who you think may. 

This post will remain up until the position is filled. If you do not hear back from me, you do not need to follow up. It will take time to go through everything on my end. 










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