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Puerto Rico is a place where you can do just about everything you could possibly hope for in a vacation. Double bonus – you do not need a passport if you are a US Citizen to visit!

Be it lounging at a white sandy beach with a glass of mojito in hand, days spent hiking in the rainforest looking for wildlife, or exploring architecture with years’ worth of history backing it up, there’s a little something for everyone to do at the Island of Enchantment.

If you’re on the lookout for ideas on the best things to do in Puerto Rico, below, you’ll find some of the best activities to do on the island that will make you fall in love with this Caribbean destination.

As a note, most of the activities in this list of things to do in Puerto Rico start in San Juan, a destination guaranteed to please every type of traveler with its gorgeous beaches, nearby rolling hills, astounding nightlife, and incredible fuse of cultures and heritage.

things to do in puerto rico

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

ATV tour around San Juan’s nature

Explore nature in the outskirts of San Juan on an exciting ATV adventure that will take you through a private ranch where you can get stunning views of mangroves, mountains, limestone rocks, and wildlife endemic to the region.

Take a historic walking tour through San Juan

Get to know the rich history of San Juan by visiting some of the major historical landmarks in the city, including the famous Morro Fort, the main cathedral, La Fortaleza, the San Juan Gate, and more.

Visit the iconic Casa Bacardi

Learn all about the island’s passion for rum by visiting Casa Barcadi, the most famous rum distillery in the country where you can learn about the process of rum-making and taste different cocktails at their terrace.

Take a day trip to el Yunque National Forest

Go on an adventure through the rainforest at El Yunque National Forest, where you’ll get to hike through the jungle, eat tropical food with a local family, see waterfalls, swim in water holes, rope swing, and catch glimpses of wild animals.

Go horseback riding in nature

Explore a 2,200-acre private ranch right outside of downtown San Juan on a horseback ride adventure! You’ll get to marvel at gorgeous mountain views, see native wildlife roaming freely, enjoy the sun, and cap off the adventure at a mojito bar at the top of a hill.

Take a sunset cruise around Old San Juan

​​See some of Puerto Rico’s main landmarks from the sea! Along this incredible sunset cruise, you’ll get to pass by some of the best views of Historic Old San Juan, including the Bacardi Distillery and the city’s fortified walls.

Take a food tour through Old San Juan

Get to know Puerto Rico through your taste buds as you tour some of Old San Juan’s top foodie spots, savor over ten different dishes, try rum-based cocktails, and even get to make your own Puerto Rico dish!

Take a sunset tour through the city

Enjoy a 2-hour long walking tour at sunset to see some of the top highlights of San Juan in their full splendor as golden hour kicks in. You’ll get to learn about the history of the island and visit some of the main landmarks as well as lesser-known ones.

Find wildlife in the mangroves of Piñones National Forest

Located just east of San Juan, this coastal forest will have you walking over a boardwalk over a system of mangrove channels in search of wildlife. Think leatherback turtles, birds, and crabs to get an idea of the animals you may get to spot here!

Kayak to see bioluminescence

​​See the natural wonder that is bioluminescence in the waters of the Laguna Grande, which brims with glowing plankton that can be seen once the sun goes down. You’ll get to hop on a glass-bottom kayak and make your way through mangrove channels before reaching the lagoon!

Visit a rum distillery

Visit the Hacienda Santa Ana distillery where Ron del Barrilito, the oldest rum in San Juan is made. During your time here, you’ll get to sample cocktails, learn about the history of Puerto Rican rum, and get to feel as though you traveled back in time to the 1800s as you walk through the hacienda.

Go on a short snorkeling adventure

Go on a family-friendly snorkeling adventure through crystal-clear Caribbean waters to meet marine life such as sea turtles, colorful coral, and plenty of tropical fish.

Explore the natural wonders of Arecibo

Spend a day or two uncovering some of the most incredible natural wonders in Puerto Rico by visiting Arecibo, where you’ll find rivers, jutting cliffs, deep caverns, and even a naturally-formed limestone bridge.

Take a day trip to West Puerto Rico

Take a day trip to the West side of Puerto Rico to discover some of the lesser-known places, including pink natural salt pools, the Faro de los Morillos lighthouse, and plenty of ocal villages.

Enjoy a private beach no one knows of

Just 8 miles away from the mainland you’ll find Sun Bay Beach. You can spend the day having a secluded beach experience where you’ll get to see more wild horses running about than people!

Explore the coffee-making scene of Puerto Rico

Take a trip to the high mountains of Puerto Rico to uncover the coffee scene of the island. Taste fine coffee, observe how beans are picked and roasted, and taste some of the best coffee in the city of Ponce.

See turtles at Tortuga Beach

Set out on an adventure to the most beautiful beach on Culebrita Island, where you’ll find hundreds of turtles chilling on the sand and gliding by on the waters as well as several hiking trails, tidal pools, and gorgeous viewpoints.

Travel la Ruta del Lechón (Pork Highway)

Travel the famous Pork Highway in the region of Guatave, which is lined with plenty of stands selling the island’s famous roasted pork (lechón) as well as other delicacies like rice and beans, pigeon peas, mofongo, and more.

Visit an artisanal rum distillery

Visit the only working sugarcane mill in Puerto Rico to learn how Puerto Rican sugarcane rum is made and taste different artisanal cocktails!

Visit the best bars in Old San Juan

Take an evening walking tour of Old San Juan to explore the city at night as you try different cocktails and bites at some of the trendiest bars in the city.

Check out the beaches of Rincon

Famed for its laid-back coastal vibes and great surfing, visiting Rincon is one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico if you want to enjoy a relaxing and chilled-out vacation. Horseback riding, scuba diving, sunbathing, and paddle boarding are just a few of the activities you can enjoy at this paradise beach town!

Become a mermaid

​​Become a mermaid for a day by putting on a mermaid tail and snorkeling in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea to meet tropical fish and swim alongside sea turtles.

Take a craft cocktail walking tour

Stroll the colorful streets of Old San Juan at night to enjoy an evening spent sipping craft cocktails as you learn about the history of alcohol in Puerto Rico, meet new friends, and hit a few of the top historical spots in town.

Have fun in the sun at Ocean Park Beach

Visit the favorite beach for San Juan locals to experience a quieter and lower-key side of the island while enjoying activities such as sunbathing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, beach volleyball, and others.

See manatees at Condado Lagoon

See hundreds of manatees at Condado Lagoon, where these gentle giants love taking refuge from the ocean to relish in calm waters – this is one of the best spots in Puerto Rico to see Caribbean manatees!

Take a history and food tour through Old San Juan

Combine cuisine and history in this 3-hour tour through the colorful city of Old San Juan. As you walk its cobblestone streets, you’ll get to taste different dishes and drinks alongside other foodies as you listen to stories from Puerto Rico’s past.

Visit La Paraguera to see bioluminecence

Take a boat tour to one of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays: La Parguera Bio Bay. You’ll get to cruise through the glowing bay, learn about this amazing natural phenomenon, and even swim in glowing waters!

Snorkel at Vieques Island

Take a day trip out to one of the best snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico: Vieques Island, where you’ll get to see some of the best marine life in Puerto Rico as you glide through its pristine and crystal-clear waters.

Ride the world’s longest cable bike circuit

Experience the longest cable bike circuit in the world at this thrilling attraction in Toro Verde Adventure Park – you’ll actually get to ride a bike in the air above the trees while also getting the chance to spot wildlife along the way!

Take a helicopter ride over Old San Juan

Soar over Puerto Rico on a helicopter tour as you take in 360 degree views of Old San Juan and its iconic landmarks before heading back to the ground to cap the day off with a lunch at one of the top restaurants in town.

Visit Rio Camuy Caves Park

Boasting 10 miles of caverns and over 200 caves, a visit to this unique park will have you exploring a humongous network of underground waterways and chambers.

Party at Playa Crashboat

Dance the day and night away at one of Puerto Rico’s biggest beach parties, where you can enjoy music, eat at food stands, and make new friends at the many parties spread along the pier.

Go ziplining above the forest

Go ziplining over five different lines above the seemingly-endless canopies of trees at Hacienda Campo Rico’s subtropical forest.

Go water biking around Old San Juan

Bike over the water to admire some of the best views of Old San Juan from the ocean to fully take in the 500 years’ worth of history behind the town’s top landmarks!

Take a self-guided tour of Old San Juan

If you prefer going at it on your own but still want to take advantage of having someone explaining the history behind a place, this self-guided audio walking tour will let you explore the key sights independently, all you need are your phone and earphones!

Go hiking and birdwatching at Guanica State Forest

Explore the best-preserved dry forest in the Caribbean and find over 700 species of plants and over half of the bird species found in Puerto Rico as you hike through the many trails available inside the park.

Explore Old San Juan with a professional photographer

Get Instagram-worthy photos of your trip to Puerto Rico as you walk through some of the main landmarks of Old San Juan as well as some of the most photogenic spots in the city along with a professional photographer.

Take a day trip to Culebra Island

From San Juan, take a ferry out to Culebra, a small island just off the coast of the mainline where you’ll find paradise-like white sand beaches, shimmering light blue waters, and plenty of opportunities for hiking and various water adventures.

Enjoy a relaxing beach day at Playa La Posita

Drive 30 minutes from San Juan to discover one of the calmest beaches on the island where you can sunbathe, snorkel, and swim in the extremely tranquil waters around.


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