Best Things To Do In Miami

Glorious beaches and parties are just the beginning of a wide menu of incredible things to do in Miami. Whether you’re a sun worshipper, a nature enthusiast, an art lover, or find yourself traveling with the kids, there’s something to do in Miami for anyone regardless of their travel style and preferences.

From strolling neighborhoods splashed with art and color to learning how to prepare the best mojitos in town and taking day trips to entirely different countries, the Magic City definitely doesn’t slack when it comes to its activity offerings!

Whether you are an out of towner or doing a weekend trip in Florida – this robust list has covered all the bases to make everyone in your group happy. 

If you’re in for exploring the best Miami has to offer, here are just a few of our favorite activities, day trips, and adventures to have during your visit to one of the most multiculturally rich cities in the United States.

things to do in miami

Things to Do in Miami

Walk around Ocean Drive 

Arguably one of the most popular streets in the city and a great photo opportunity!

Visit Everglades National Park

Ride an airboat to see some of the highlights of the Everglades National Park, where you’ll be able to spot wild alligators, turtles, flamingos, and plenty of other species endemic to the area while also getting to learn about the cultural aspect of the park that Native Americans once called home.

See the mansions of millionaires and famous celebrities on a cruise

Take a cruise from Biscayne Bay and sail over to Star Island, where you’ll get to see the striking mansions and holiday homes of some of your favorite celebrities (think Phil Collins, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Shakira, and more) as well as take in the views of Miami’s skyline and the splendor of the Venetian Islands.

Admire the Miami Skyline at night

Get the best night views of Miami at night from the comfort of a cruise. You’ll be able to see the famous Millionaire’s Row, the buildings of South Beach, and Bayside while you sip cocktails!

Travel to the Key West on a day trip

Ride a bus to the southernmost point in the United States – the Florida Keys. Once you get there, you’ll get several hours to explore the main island freely, be it by strolling its artsy streets, taking on a snorkeling adventure, riding a bottom-glass kayak, and more.

Explore Wynwood District

Explore Miami’s colorful Wynwood Art District on a golf buggy, from where you’ll be able to admire over 50 murals, explore a few hidden spots, and learn all about the urban artists that have created the street art in this unique neighborhood.

Wynwood is arguably one of the most photographed areas of Miami.

See wildlife from all over the world at Miami Zoo

Meet over 3000 animals at one of the largest zoos in the entire United States. During your visit, you can feed a giraffe, talk with zookeepers, and travel to different areas of the world through exhibits, including the Amazon and Beyond, Wings of Asia, the Samburu Feeding Stations, and more.

Take a day trip to the Bahamas

Hop on a ferry and ride for two and a half hours to reach the island of Bimini, the closest point in the Bahamas to mainland USA. You’ll get to spend a day in paradise by lounging on white sandy beaches, swimming in turquoise-toned waters, or opting for a few optional extra activities, including snorkeling through a shipwreck, parasailing, and jet skiing.

Party on a boat

Party it up Miami-style on an authentic party boat, where you can sip on tropical cocktails, dance to music played by a live DJ, make new friends, and get incredible views of the Miami skyline.

See Miami from a helicopter

​​Take in the Miami skyline from the air by riding a luxury helicopter, from where you’ll get the best 360-degree views of the city, catch glimpses of marine life from the ocean, see celebrity mansions on Star Islands, and plenty more!

Drive a McLaren 570S Spyder

Get your adrenaline pumping as you drive past some of Miami’s highlights on a McLaren 570S Spyder, the perfect sports car to cruise through the city’s twists and turns in style!

This is a relatively cheap experience compared to owning the car or even renting it for the weekend. Great photo opportunity as well!

Go parasailing

Soar 400 feet above Miami and glide over the ocean, Biscayne Bay, and Miami to enjoy some of the best views the city and its surroundings have to offer. Parasailing is a unique way to get a birds eye view of the area without being in a plane. 

Tour Little Havana

Learn all about Miami’s thriving Cuban heritage by taking a walking tour through Little Havana neighborhood, where you’ll get to savor traditional food, meet locals, dance to Caribbean music, admire the art of tobacco leaf hand-rolling, and more!

Little Havana is one of the best neighborhoods to explore for foodies – so don’t miss it. 

Book a private yacht

Hop on a private yacht and see the sun go down over Brickell and the Financial District in absolute luxury with a bottle of champagne in hand!

This is a great activity for couples, families, friends, bachelor and bachelorette parties AND it’s affordable. 

Explore Osprey Triangle Nature Preserve

Kayak or paddleboard through the largest urban park in Florida, where you’ll get to explore a mangrove forest and spot incredible wildlife, including manatees, dolphins, iguanas, and more.

Bike through the Art Deco district

Explore Miami’s Art Deco district in an intimate way by booking yourself a 2-hour bike ride through the neighborhood.

You will get to admire and learn about some of Miami’s most emblematic buildings like the Versace Mansion as well as see some hidden gems only architectural buffs and locals know of.

Hit the beaches for fun in the sun

One simply doesn’t visit Miami and not go to the beach, right? RIGHT? Some beaches not to miss: Crandon Park Beach, Haulover Beach and SoBe (AKA South Beach). 

South Beach

Ride a pirate boat

Become a pirate for a day by hopping aboard a themed boat that will take you around Miami’s top highlights, including Star Island, the Venetian Islands, Port of Miami, and South Beach.

Explore the fusion of cuisines Miami has to offer

Explore Miami through your taste buds as you make your way through local restaurants and food joints in South Beach Miami, Miami Beach, and the Art Deco District.

You’ll get to try a variety of cuisines, including Cuban, Peruvian, Italian, and Jewish in order to truly take in the multiculturality of the city.

things to do in miami

Go bar hopping in Wynwood

Explore Wynwood on a 15-seater pedal-powered party bike to test out some of the best bars and drinking spots in the city’s most colorful neighborhood as you make new friends and party it up Miami style!

Go on a banana boat ride

​​Get your family or friends together and hop in a 6-person banana boat to glide over the sea!

You know this will be the activity everyone laughs about for years to come and everyone always brings up “remember that one time in Miami on the banana boat…”

things to do in miami

Learn how to dance salsa and bachata

Learn how to dance salsa and bachata for two hours before hitting the dance floor at one of the coolest nightclubs in town, where you can continue partying and dancing to live music well into the wee hours of the morning!

This class also comes with mojitos!

Fly over Miami and its surroundings

Enjoy a 30-minute plane ride above Pinecrest, Biscayne Bay, and Key Biscayne. Along the ride, you’ll get to enjoy views of beautiful golden beaches, the Intercoastal Waterway, Star Island, Fisher Island, South Pointe Park, and plenty more!

Swim at the Venetian Pool

If you are looking to step into paradise with waterfalls and a stunning pool, a trip here should not be missed!

Explore Millionaire’s Row on a Segway

Get to know Miami’s famous Millionaire Row on a Segway to explore the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city and admire the opulent architecture of the homes of some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

Visit Villa Vizcaya

Wander through the most iconic museum in Miami, the Villa Vizcaya. Here, you’ll get to marvel at a world of collections of European art as well as lavish gardens and gorgeous architecture.

Explore Little Haiti 

Similar to Little Havana, Little Haiti is filled with Haitian restaurants, shopping and more!

Learn about Florida’s reptiles at the Sawgrass Recreation Park

Visit the Sawgrass Recreation Park‘s reptile exhibit to learn about different creatures from Florida, including alligators, crocodiles, snakes, iguanas, and turtles.

You’ll get to discover a world of knowledge as you wander through different habitats and meet various species, including a 1000-pound alligator!

Visit The Museum of Graffiti

Learn all about the history of graffiti in the United States and gaze at some of the most incredible displays of street art at The Museum of Graffiti, which was created to celebrate and honor its influence on American culture, fashion, and arts.

See the best of Miami in half a day

If you’re short on time and want to see as much of the city in one go, this tour will have you discover some of the best Miami has to offer, including the Art Deco District, the American Riviera, Biscayne Bay, Brickell Avenue, and many more.

things to do in miami

Day trip to Kennedy Space Center

Travel to Merritt Island to visit the Kennedy Space Center, where you’ll get to dive deep into the history of human space exploration, see real-life space shuttles, and even get to meet an astronaut if you get lucky!

Visit Coral Castle 

This unique outdoor garden created by Edward Leedskalnin, is created from limestone. You really have to see the sculpture to make it make sense – it is really cool though. 

Go on a donut-hopping adventure

Explore Miami’s through its donuts! Along this tour, you’ll get to visit some of the top donut shops in South Beach and Ocean Drive, sample churros and other sweet treats, and learn all about the city’s renowned food culture and history through your taste buds.

things to do in Miami

Snorkel in Key West

Travel to the beautiful island of Key West to snorkel at the largest coral ecosystem in the country, where you’ll get to meet colorful tropical fish, loggerhead sea turtles, barracudas, and other ocean-dwelling creatures.

Experience Miami at night

​​Experience Miami at night on a water boat to see the skyline from the water before hopping on Miami’s observation wheel for panoramic views of the city. As you make your way to each attraction, you’ll get to stop at several highlights in the city, including Bayfront Park and Brickell Avenue.

Take a Cuban cooking class

​​Learn how to prepare authentic Cuban dishes through a hands-on cooking class with a professional chef. You’ll get to make traditional dishes as well as learn how to prepare authentic mojitos!


Enjoy one of Miami’s top immersive digital art exhibits, where you’ll get to admire the art of modern artists who perfectly blend art, technology, and science.

Check out the Museum of Illusions

Experience what it’s like to immerse yourself in a world of 3D optical illusions, with flying on carpets, jumping from skyscrapers, and hopping on lava bridges being just a few of the adventures you’ll get to have at this unique museum.

Take a private tour of Little Havana

Learn all about Cuban culture and heritage in the United States through a fun walking tour through Little Havana. You’ll get to visit some of the most important buildings in the area, enjoy unique art collections at local galleries, meet first-generation immigrants, and taste delicious mojitos.

Stay or dine at The Villa Casa Casuarina (AKA the Versace Mansion)

The old Versace mansion is now a restaurant and hotel, although there are not that many rooms to sleep in, so plan to book in advance! Same with dinner reservations. 

things to do in miami

Book a party boat

Gather your friends together and book a private party boat to the Haulover Sandbar. Throughout the ride, you’ll get to choose the music you want to listen to and drink at your own leisure before arriving at the Sandbar, where you’ll meet more boaters ready to party and enjoy the sun.

Drive a Ferrari Portofino through the city

If you’ve always wanted to drive a Ferrari, you can take the wheels and explore Miami in style by driving a Ferrari Portofino on a 10-mile route through the city that will have you passing Miami Beach, South Beach, Star Island, the Venetian Islands, and more.

Take a cruise!

Miami is home to many cruise lines with multiple cruises leaving weekly to destinations all over the Caribbean and seasonal destinations like South America, transatlantic cruises and more. 

things to do in Miami

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things to do in miami

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