Bungalows Key Largo: Best All-Inclusive In The USA

Looking for a luxury adults only (21+) all-inclusive right here in the USA? Look no further than Bungalows Key Largo. I have a lot to say about this property, so I would recommend reading through my experience below before running to book it. 

This was my first experience at an all-inclusive in the USA and it did live up to its hype. I stayed two nights, I probably would not have wanted to stay more than four. It is a very easy weekend/long weekend getaway. 

If you don’t have a passport or don’t want to deal with leaving the country, this is a great alternative. I have stayed in all-inclusive resorts all over the world and I think this resort definitely compares to some of the luxury all-inclusive properties I have stayed in. It is adults-only, so no kids. 


Getting to Bungalows Key Largo

The only way to get here is driving. Whether you fly into Miami and rent a car, drive down from wherever you live or pay a taxi/Uber/Lyft. From Miami International Airport, depending on traffic, it could take 1:15-2 hours to arrive. I got there on the lower end of time because I arrived in Miami very early and there was almost no traffic. 

Alternatively, if you are traveling through the Florida Keys, you could start in Key West and drive up. To be honest, the airport in Key West is a dream compared to Miami. 

Property Overview:

What I loved about the Bungalows Key Largo is that the property wasn’t overwhelmingly big like some all-inclusive resorts can be and even though I was in Florida, I felt worlds away. 

When you arrive to the property, the entrance is right off the main road and initially I was worried about loud traffic and seeing it all day. However, after checking in, you go through a big gate and its like a secluded paradise that you would not have even know was there. 

You don’t see or hear traffic either. You can really relax and wind down. 

You and your luggage are whisked away on  golf cart to your bungalow when your room is ready and you can easily see how the property is laid out and extremely easy to navigate. All the rooms are ground level, so there are not high room buildings.

Each of the bungalows come with bikes and you are free to use them on property to get around, but walking is also easy. Nothing is that far. There are signs that point you in the direction of where things are. 

Picking a Bungalow:

The nice thing about this property is that there are only two room categories: Waterfront Bungalows and Garden Bungalows. This resort is not a couples only resort, it is adults-only.

The Garden bungalows do have the option for a king bed or two queens. If you are traveling with friends or family, it is possible to room together. 

I ultimately decided on a Garden Bungalow because I did not see the advantage in paying more for the Waterfront Bungalow. To be completely honest, all the bungalows are essentially the same.

The big difference on the Waterfront Bungalows is that they do face the sunset over the water, there is sand in front (but not a beach) and you get two chairs and an umbrella out in front of your bungalow. You are also closer to the restaurants (but nothing is far away). 

Having stayed in the Garden Bungalow now, I would not have changed my room. If you do want to stay in the Oceanfront room, you will need to book a stay for three or more nights to get access to it. 

The Garden Bungalow is about 900 square feet, comes with a King bed, a Queen sleeper sofa, light and airy décor, a verandah with: a seating couch, table and chairs, outdoor shower, and a tub (all private), a minibar that is refilled everyday with bottled water, coke/sprint/diet coke, Keurig Coffee Maker, desk and chair, incredible air conditioning, a beautiful bathroom with a rain shower, and so much more. 

The outdoor shower and tub should not be missed!! This is such a nice add-on to the room that you can’t find everywhere. 

When you first approach the Garden Bungalow, you will see that there are two bikes there and two chairs on the front porch for you to use during your stay – you get this with the Oceanfront Bungalow as well.

When checking into my bungalow, I was immediately taken back by how beautiful it was (and for the price, it better be!). The room was nice and cold as the air conditioning was on (and yes, it is hot and humid in Florida) and very spacious. 

The room really had everything you could think of for a vacation.

Dining at Bungalows Key Largo

There are three main restaurants at the Bungalows and two bars. 

Fish Tales

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This was my favorite restaurant on site. The menus had a lot to offer, the food was amazing and the indoor atmosphere is nice. The windows are open during the day so you can overlook the water and they close at night and turn on the air conditioning for dinner.

Because the resort is all-inclusive, you really can order as much or as little as you want. There are no restrictions. If you want five appetizers – then get them. 

During my stay, I was able to dine here for breakfast, lunch and dinner to try all the meals and see what the options were. First – the food is fantastic. If you have been to an all-inclusive resort, you already know that the food is hit or miss. 

What’s nice about the Bungalows is that they aren’t trying to cater to 500 people at once and running buffets in mass quantity. Most of the food is being made to order when you dine. 

Sea Senor 

Located beachfront and in the sand .. Sea Senor is a great place for lunch or dinner. Bringing the great tastes of Mexico and fresh seafood right to your table. 

Think: margaritas, chips and salsa, tacos, flan, fish – the menu was robust. 

Hemingway Bar 

Located inside and upstairs above Fish Tales, this bar is a great reflection of Hemingway himself. Cuban tiles, craft cocktails (excellent mojitos and negronis) and a vibrant setting. 

You can also order lit bites of food here while you sip your cocktails. 

Hidden bonus: the outside portion of this bar, which has cozy couches and tables, overlooks the water and the amazing sunsets!

Bogie and Becall’s 

This is the fine dining steak house on site and does have a resort formal dress code. Located inside and next to the Hemingway Bar, this restaurant is only open for dinner. 

Sunset Tiki Bar

Located beachfront and close to everything, this was the place a lot of people seemed to gravitate towards. 

While this is the primary bar on site, it does also offer lite bites. You can sit at the bar or their are loungers around the waterfront that you can also sit in. 

This is where you want to be when live singers come to perform as they perform right behind the tiki stand. 

Room Service 

This is an extra fee (sadly) and I did not utilize it while I was visiting, but it is available if you want it. 

Living Room 

The Living Room is a great place to hang out, watch games, play games and there is even dining tables in there. When it rains outside where Sea Senor is, they bring it inside so you can still dine. 


The property is not very big.. but somehow, the resort has plenty to offer. There is over 1,000 feet of shoreline to enjoy on property. 

I noticed during the day that most people were at the pools. I preferred the Zen Pool, which is tucked in tree lined oasis, complete with cabanas and there is even a hot tub that is more secluded. There are only 10 cabanas – so as you guessed it, you need to get there early as it is first come, first serve. 

The main pool has chairs, which again, you need to get there early to get one, and over looks the water. 

Both pools have servers who will get drinks and food that is on the pool menu. 

The downside of the Florida Keys is that there are not many beaches .. and this property is kind of the same. If you are looking for that beautiful sand and crystal clear water, it is not here. The shoreline is made of rocks and you need to use a ladder to get into the water. 

However – there are boat tours you can book (for a fee) that will take you out to the most beautiful crystal clear sandbars. Something to consider if you are looking for something like that. 

Because I only stayed two nights – it did not bother me about the beach and I ultimately went to Islamorada Sandbar later in my Florida Keys Road Trip – which was outstanding.

Included activites on property:

  • yoga
  • paddle boards
  • snorkel equipment 
  • water trikes 

If you are looking for a spa, there is one on site but you need to book in advance as there are not many treatment rooms. 

Things to know:

There are a lot of articles that claim resorts and hotels in the USA are all-inclusive and they are not. In order to be all-inclusive, the food and drinks need to be included, including alcohol. If a resort says they are all-inclusive and only offer half board (breakfast and dinner) that is not all-inclusive. 

Bungalows Key Largo is all-inclusive, with a couple small caveats. Traditionally when you think of an all-inclusive you think about not having to pay for food or drinks and non-motorized activites. That is what Bungalows is – however, the property is not as big as say resorts in Mexico or Dominican Republic, so choices are limited on dining and bar options. 

Two things that stood out but didn’t sway my decision was that first, room service is an add-on and second, they have a steak house but it is only complimentary for one night if you stay four or more nights. Otherwise it was $300 for two people to dine. 

Check-in is at 4:00pm but they will let you check-in at 12:00 for a cost of $300 per two people. At first this did not make sense to me but after visiting, it does. The property isn’t that big and you would essentially be entering and most likely eating, drinking and using the facilities while you wait for that 4:00pm check-in. Which isn’t terrible at $150 per person. 

There is no sandy beach to walk into. If you are heading to the Florida Keys looking for outstanding beaches, you picked the wrong place. There is ocean access by a ladder, but the water is all rocks around it and it is not crystal clear or even amazing shades of blue. 

All that to say, I still enjoyed my visit and would visit again!

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