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After many years of perfecting my work and style, I am finally releasing my presets that I use for a lot of photos and videos. Over time, I have developed a style I love that is beautiful and vibrant. Sometimes dramatic, but nonetheless – I love beautifully colored photos and videos. 

Chances are, you have already seen a lot of my own content and edits I make to them. To be honest, it is very rare that a photo or video is taken on my phone or camera and comes out ready to post. Sometimes even minimal edits are made.

As a content creator, I always strive to have my photos evoke emotion, and whether that is through intense coloring or vibrancy, I love them and that is what is most important. You have to love the art you put out into the world. 

My first collection that I am releasing is the Tropical Vibes Collection and it will include 10 presets. These presets are designed for tropical photos and videos either on the beach, pool, landscapes, sunsets, etc. This is where a lot of my own work takes me, so I developed my own style over the years. 

I hope you love these as much as I do. There are SUPER EASY to use. All the examples below were 1-click edits. AKA I just clicked the preset I developed and that is how the image turned out with no further edits. 

If you do decide to purchase my presets (thank you in advance) there is a PDF document with the download. Please read that first. It explains how to download and install them in Lightroom Mobile. The app is FREE. 

Here is what my Tropical Vibes Collection Looks like!

Tropical Vibes Preset Collection

What you will get: 

10 Presets 

  • 90’s Sunset Vibes
  • Purple Sunset 
  • Sky on Fire 
  • Dreamy Sunset 
  • Island Sunset
  • Bora Bora 
  • Bora Bora Lush
  • French Polynesia
  • Moorea Dreaming
  • Blues for Days 

Examples of one click edits:

90’s Sunset Vibes preset – this preset comes from a love of all thinks “hot pink” and reminds me of the 90’s. It is super dramatic and offers some layers of color. 


Purple Sunset – this preset gives a subtle yet bold purple sunset. 

Dreamy Sunset preset – this preset offers a more romantic vibe with hues of pinks and will pick up various shades of oranges, yellows and reds in your photos

Sky on Fire preset – this preset is for a dramatic fiery sky!

Island Sunset preset – this preset takes on a more orange profile pulling from colors already in the photo. 

Bora Bora preset – this preset strengthens blues already within your photo and makes it pop.

Bora Bora Lush preset – this preset is great for creating vibrant images with blues and greens

French Polynesia preset – this preset is great on photos for enhancing tropical blues.

Moorea Dreaming preset – this preset is similar to the French Polynesia preset its just lighter and a bit more blue. 

Blues for Days preset – this is my favorite preset because it is an all around bright blue that isn’t too much of anything. 


One thing I want to note about presets:

No two photos are the same, therefore the outcome will never be identical. While the photos above are one click edits, your images or videos may be different. Every phone and camera takes images slightly different and you have to also consider the content itself. How bright or dark is it, what range of colors are coming through, etc. So you may have to make some edits to get your intended look. 

Here are the main things I would tinker with in the Lightroom app to get your intended look after applying a preset:

  • Exposure – this will adjust the light up or down 
  • Saturation – this can increase or decrease the the entire photo or videos color strength 
  • HSL/Color – you can tinker with individual colors. For example: if you want to change the shade of blue in your image to have a heavy saturation but don’t want to mess with the entire picture or video, you can play with the blues only (or whatever color you pick) in this section

You can get my Tropical Vibes Collection for immediate download!



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