Equipment I Love + Products I Travel With

Since you guys always ask about the equipment I use and my favorite travel products, I am putting a list together for you so you can get them yourself if you want 🙂

I broke down categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and described why I love each item. These are items I take on basically every trip. From cameras, luggage, accessories, etc. 

Products I love and travel with

Underwater Photos

GoPro Hero 10 – I love to capture underwater photos and videos and this is a fantastic, user friendly camera. I have used many of the GoPro’s released before it but believe this is by far the best they have released yet. Both vertical and horizontal content come out amazing. 


GoPro Max Lens Mod for HERO9 Black – I LOVE this lens add on for the GoPro Hero 9. It widens up the photo or video content beyond what the camera can do on its own. Worth the splurge. 

GoPro Dome – If you love the half overwater/underwater photos and videos, this is what you need to get them with the GoPro. 

Waterproof Floating Hand Grip – HIGHLY recommend this. You attach your GoPro to it and it floats. If you drop your camera, it will float to the surface instead of the floor. 

AxisGO Waterproof Phone Case – If you do not want to get a GoPro and already have an iPhone, I also use this. It’s not just a phone case – it is a casing that is designed to take your phone underwater and capture both vertical and horizontal video and images. It is incredible. 

 – AxisGO Sport Water Housing Pistol Grip for All Models – Highly recommend this because you mount it to the case and you have a handle for stability an can control what you are doing better. 

 – AxisGO Neoprene Sports Leash with Braided Cord – Also recommend this so you don’t lose the device when you are in the water. 

AxisGO Dome – if you don’t want to do the GoPro but want the AxisGo instead – they have a dome that will let you get the half overwater/underwater shots. 

Handheld Cameras 

Canon R5 – this is my ride or die camera! Its pricey but PHOENOMENAL. All my cameras before this one were Canon as well and this is like top of the line in both imagery and video. There is a learning curve whether you have used Canon before or not, but I learned everything I needed to know my looking up YouTube videos. 

I linked a kit which is so much easier to purchase because it comes with three great lenses, 2 memory cards, 2 batteries, and do much more. 

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III – I do travel with this camera from time to time and it is a fantastic beginners camera. Even though I am not a beginner. my favorite feature is shooting in AUTO or using SCENES because the camera auto adjusts for the lighting you are in. It is lightweight and the most user friendly camera in my opinion. 

This camera does come with the 14-42mm lens. Which is a great everyday lens. 

Lenses + Accessories 

Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM Lens – I love this lens for the Canon R5. It does not have a zoom but it takes fantastic video and photos. 

Kingston 128GB microSDXC – I use microSD for both my drones and GoPro.

SD UHS-II 64GB Card V90 – this memory card is great if you are using video on the Canon R5. 

Camera Bag – I SWEAR BY THIS!! – This bag is waterproof and theftproof. Comes in pink and black and can hold a variety of equipment. 


DJI Mini 2 – I LOVE this drone for so many reasons. The video and imagery is outstanding, the pricing is really good, it is small, lightweight, and easy to use. The only drawback is that it does not shoot in portrait mode. Most people don’t mind – but I do. 

This kit is great because it comes with the compact bag, extra batteries, and extra blades. 

DJI Mini Pro 3 – this is my ride or die drone now. It shoots in both landscape and portrait mode for videos and photos and the quality is amazing!



I have traveled a lot over the last six years and these core three pieces have never let me down. 

DELSEY Hardside 21 inch Carry On – I have bee using DELSEY luggage since 2015 and it has never done me wrong. It is a bit pricey but its still standing! This is the carry-on size. 

DELSEY Hardside 28 inch Large Checked Bag – I got a checked DELSEY suitcase in 2015 AND ITS IN PERFECT CONDITION. This luggage was made to last. 

Packing Cubes – These are great for organizing your stuff, especially if you are on a short or long trip, moving around a lot from place to place, even a cruise. Truth be told, I use them on all my trips. 

When I go on a short trip, I do not unpack – I just pull out the cube that has what I need in it. Same for when I am moving hotels often. 

When I am on a cruise, sometimes there is not enough drawer space for all my stuff, so I leave stuff in cubes and stack it in the closet.

Travel Accessory MUST HAVES 

Anker Nano Charger – lightening fast charge is what I need on my phone. I have been using Anker for years and they are truly the best!

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger – I live and die by this back up phone bank. I actually have two – I love them so much. 

Giant Unicorn Float – believe me when I say, it is always better to take your own giant unicorn floatie on your trip. This holds two people (if you want to share) and it is great for photos. 

Passport Cover + Luggage Tag – I cannot tell you how many people I see without luggage tags and passport covers at the airport. One spill on the passport and its ruined. What if your luggage is lost? This back up luggage tag will save you!

Power Strip with USB Ports – this is my saving grace travel item. For some reason, resorts and cruise ships never have enough plugs for all my stuff. This plug holds 4 plugs and 3 USB ports for charging. I can charge so much stuff at once and not worry about constantly swapping stuff out on the 1-3 plugs a place offers. Bonus – it is compact!

Liquid IV Hydration – these are the best and easiest ways to stay hydrated on the go. I take one and put it in my water on flights and often when I am out on an adventure!

BEST Sunscreen products + Beauty 

COOLA Organic Scalp Spray & Hair Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 – I used to burn my scalp not paying attention being in the sun constantly on the beach or at the pool – until I discovered this product. I love it, use it religiously in beach and pool destinations. 

COOLA Organic Sunscreen and Sunblock SPF 70 – REEF SAFE – Because I spend a lot of time in the ocean, making sure I do my part to keep the reefs alive is important. This sunscreen is reef safe and I have been using it for years (the 50 SPF before the 70 came out). 

Travel Makeup Cosmetic Bag – I love this bag because of all of its pockets and sections. You can really hold everything. I keep face masks, brushes, hair accessories, all my makeup, portable perfumes, and so much more in here when traveling. 

Compact Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat – Whether you clean your brushes before, during or after a trip, this compact mat is amazing and works quickly. 

Portable Mini Perfume – These are PERFECT for not having to splurge on another smaller bottle of your favorite perfume. You can easily refill each bottle from your existing perfumes. 

Jewelry Organizer – believe me when I say, necklaces, earrings etc get lost, tangled, broken, etc. This is such a budget friendly way to keep everything together and easy to use. 


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