Prettiest Cities In The USA You Have To SEE!

When traveling around the United States, consider skipping out on all of the huge cities and instead check out some of the prettiest cities in the USA. There are beautiful towns and cities all over the country, so no matter what region you’ll be visiting, you’ll be able to find one nearby.

This list has got it all from beautiful coastal towns filled with history like Newport to inland mountainside towns like Boulder. At the end of this post, you’ll know all of the best towns to visit in the US that will genuinely take your breath away!

prettiest cities in the usa

Prettiest Cities In the USA

Mackinac Island, Michigan 

A quick ferry ride from Mackinaw City or St. Ignace and you have landed on this storybook town, AKA the crown jewel of Michigan. While this destination is mostly a summer one, few businesses do stay open in the winter since there are year round residents. 

What makes this city so special is that there are no cars allowed on the island. Everything is done by foot, bike or horse and carriage. You feel like you have stepped back in time walking the streets of beautiful Victorian style homes, shopping galore and fudge shops. 

One things you wont want to miss is Arch Rock! This should be on everyone’s Mackinac Island bucket list

prettiest cities in the usa

Boulder, Colorado

A short drive away from Denver, Colorado, is a beautiful mountainside town called Boulder. It’s nestled right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and is gorgeous no matter what time of year you visit. Boulder looks like a snowy wonderland in the winter, and in the summer, it becomes a true paradise.

This town is most well known for being home to the Flatirons, one of the best parts of the Rocky Mountains. There are tons of trails on the Flatirons, but the one with the best views (that’s also the hardest) is the First and Second Flatirons Loop.

Other great things to do in Boulder include shopping on Pearl Street or touring the local breweries.

Newport, Rhode Island

Located right on Rhode Island’s coast is a beautiful small town called Newport. It’s filled with history and is famous for its boat regatta and huge mansions that are now opened to the public for tours.

The best mansion to visit in Newport is The Breakers, which was built in the 19th century. The architect was inspired by Renaissance architecture which can be seen by the way it’s built. To drive by all of the mansions and viewpoints with a tour guide, be sure to take a tour with Newport Travel Trolley Tours!

Newport is best visited in the spring or summer because Rhode Island can get terribly cold in the winter months.


Asheville, North Carolina

This mountainside city is right next to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. It’s sort of a hipster town, but no matter where you look, you’ll be surrounded by incredible beauty. Plus, there are so many great things to do in Asheville.

Arguably one attraction you won’t want to miss in Asheville is the Biltmore. This mansion was owned by George Washington Vanderbilt II in the 19th century and is exceptionally well taken care of. This Gilded Age mansion is open for tours!

For a great outdoor activity in Asheville, be sure to camp or go on one of the many hiking trails in Pisgah National Forest.

prettiest cities in the usa

Anna Maria, Florida

Ditch Orlando and Miami and instead head to Anna Maria in Florida. This town on an island has a population of fewer than 1,000 people but is serene. It’s filled with tons of beaches and epic viewpoints that you can’t get elsewhere in the state.

Sure, Florida is usually seen as the ultimate vacation destination in the United States, but for some reason, tourists completely overlook Anna Maria! Therefore it’s best to visit any time of the year.

Be sure to stop by Bean Point Beach to catch the sunset and swim. You could also go on a boat tour here to check out the surrounding area. Stop by Rod and Reel Pier for a great bite to eat on the water!

Paia, Hawaii

Paia is a surfing town with a small population in Hawaii located right on the coast. This is another destination that tourists often overlook, but it’s stunning. The buildings are all colorful, too.

In Paia, the best thing to do is go surfing. There are surf rental areas, so don’t worry if you aren’t traveling with your surfing gear. The best place to go surfing in Paia is at Paia Bay! Bodyboarding is also popular here.

If you’ve never been surfing before, don’t worry. Head to Zack Howard Surf, a surf school that offers lessons for beginners so that they can also enjoy the Maui coast.

prettiest cities in the usa

Fairhope, Alabama

For one of the prettiest towns in the USA located in the south, head to Fairhope, Alabama. This city is also located right on the coast, so it’s set against Mobile Bay. It’s a small town which is most well known for its outdoor attractions.

No trip to Fairhope is complete without visiting the Fairhope Municipal Pier. This pier offers some of Mobile Bay’s best views and is right next to some great restaurants. Be sure to be on the lookout for pelicans too!

To learn more about Fairhope during your visit, stop by the Fairhope Museum of History. It’s completely free to visit, and while it’s quaint, it’s a great quirky museum about Fairhope’s history.

prettiest cities in the usa

Manchester, Vermont

Located in southern Vermont is a beautiful small town named Manchester. It’s surrounded by the breathtaking Green Mountains and has a traditional small-town Vermont feel, with tons of indoor and outdoor attractions.

The best place to visit in Manchester is the Northshire Bookstore. This bookstore is run by locals and has two stories of books. Plus, they host many great author signings throughout the year and have tons of used books for sale.

To get outdoors in Manchester, hike the Lye Brook Falls Trail. It leads right to a beautiful waterfall, and while parts of it can be difficult, it’s well worth it in the end once you’re at the viewpoint.

prettiest cities in the usa

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva in Wisconsin is a beautiful town right on Geneva Lake, which is where it got its name. This town is famous for its mansions and true beauty. Plus, it served as an essential transportation hub in American history.

No trip to Lake Geneva is complete without a stop at Riviera Beach. This is the place in the area to go swimming. Plus, there are tons of water sports to do here too, like kayaking or canoeing. It’s a great spot to cool down on a hot Wisconsin day.

Stop by Black Point Estate and Gardens, too, if you have time! This can’t-miss attraction was built in the 19th century and is a massive mansion that was owned by Conrad Seipp, who was prominent in the beer industry.

Sequim, Washington

For one of the prettiest cities in the USA in the Pacific Northwest, head to Sequim, Washington. It’s a great place to visit if you love outdoor adventures and natural attractions rather than visiting indoor sites.

Make your way to the Purple Haze Organic Lavender Farm to learn more about lavender and even pick it during your visit. There’s also a great shop at the farm that sells tons of fun lavender-related gifts and products.

There is also great hiking in Sequim, like the Dungeness Spit trail. This trail is about 5 miles long and leads hikers through areas filled with wildlife and incredible viewpoints. It’s also right near the gorgeous Dungeness Lighthouse.

prettiest cities in the usa

Mystic, Connecticut

This small town in Connecticut looks like it was pulled out of a Hallmark movie! The local businesses here are all in the prettiest buildings and has a great history with shipbuilding. It’s genuinely one of the prettiest towns in the USA, located in New England.

One of the must-visit spots in Mystic is the Mystic Seaport. It’s a maritime museum filled with boats and will make you feel like you’re stepping back in time. This is the perfect attraction to visit when traveling with a family, too.

Another thing to do in Mystic that people travel far and wide to see is the Mystic Aquarium. It’s Connecticut’s biggest aquarium and even has tons of penguins for visitors to see! Plus, it has a dinosaur exhibit, which most aquariums do not have.

Nashville, Indiana

While you may think that there’s only a Nashville in Tennessee, there is one in Indiana too! This small southern Indiana town has a huge art scene and also lots of great outdoor activities.

To learn more about the importance of art in Nashville, visit the Brown County Art Gallery. This gallery is filled with great paintings that you could stare at for hours.

For epic outdoor activities, you’ll want to check out the Brown County State Park. Within the park, you can go hiking, camping, and even fishing. Be sure to visit in the fall to check it out when all of the leaves are changing.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is located by Flagstaff, a popular destination in the state. It’s surrounded by huge red rock mountains and is filled with lots of great shops, restaurants, and kind people who will welcome you with open arms!

This is easily one of the prettiest towns in the USA. One of the best things to do here is to stop by Red Rock State Park. Throughout the park, you can go hiking or biking to explore the area. Be sure to grab a map because it’s just shy of 300 acres.

To explore the arts scene in Sedona, look no further than Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village. This is where you’ll find most of the most significant art galleries in the town, and it’s also been designed to look like a Mexican village.

prettiest cities in the usa

Stockholm, Wisconsin

Another town named after a European city is Stockholm in Wisconsin. It was founded by people who immigrated to the United States from Sweden, which is where it got its name. This small village is charming and has tons of lovely shops.

Head to Stockholm Village Park Campground for some epic camping in Stockholm. It’s an excellent place for you to hook up your camper or even pitch a tent. Plus, there are great places to explore and walk around right near the water.

Another great spot to explore in Stockholm is the downtown area. There are many local shops here, and you never know who you might meet or what sort of souvenirs you might find by exploring.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Springs is a historic town in Arkansas that deserves a spot on this list of the prettiest towns in the USA! With a population of just under 2,000, this is a great place to go to experience small-town life in the US.

One of the most unique attractions in Eureka Springs is Thorncrown Chapel. This chapel is located in a forest and is filled with windows, which is incredibly unique. It opened in the 1980s and is beautiful even if you just see it from the outside!

Eureka Springs’ downtown area is also incredibly charming. There are tons of pubs, shops, and outdoor seating throughout this area. Be sure to stop by the Balcony Bar & Restaurant for some tasty food!

prettiest cities in the usa

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

For a great southern vacation in a beautiful town, head to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It’s often a home base for those wanting to travel throughout Smoky Mountains National Park, but the town itself also shouldn’t be overlooked.

Arguably the best attraction in Gatlinburg is the Gatlinburg SkyLift. It will bring you up the side of the mountain and offers truly epic views the entire way up. It’s a perfect activity no matter the weather!

Another excellent view point in Gatlinburg is the Space Needle. From the top, you can get an epic view of the surrounding area. Plus, there’s an arcade!

prettiest cities in the usa

There are so many great places to visit here, but this list of the prettiest cities in the USA will help you plan your next trip! Where on this list would you most like to visit?


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