VIP Traveler Review: My Experience Booking A Trip

Recently I did a 5 night trip to the Dominican Republic with VIP Traveler. I got an exclusive package for 5 nights at the luxury resort Casa de Campo and it was all-inclusive! 

When I showed up to the property, they were waiting for my arrival, room was ready and the trip was fantastic. 

I highly recommend using VIP Traveler to book your luxury travel package because the process was extremely easy, the staff was easy to work with and the trip was amazing. I have spent months in the past trying to plan a perfect trip on my own, and the offers VIP Traveler comes up with really eliminate the stress of planning. 

Bonus: I had never heard of this resort but the Dominican Republic was on my list to visit .. so I got to experience a luxury destination I may have never known about. 

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What is VIP Traveler?

So what is VIP Traveler? VIP Traveler is a company who has incredible luxury travel packages each month in limited quantities for those seeking extraordinary trips. What’s nice about the packages that they put together is that they get the best pricing and perks for their guests. AKA you will not find this exact deal elsewhere. 

For example: on my recent trip that I took to Casa de Campo with VIP Traveler, they were able to get spa credits as part of the package and my husband and I got a couples massage. This is an incredible perk that would normally cost $200+, but in this case, it was included in the package just for booking through VIP Traveler. Additionally, we got amazing discounts on golf – which was the entire reason we selected this resort. The Golf Course is one of the best

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How does VIP Traveler work?

Easy! You can sign up for free to get emails from them or just go to their site each month to see what amazing offers they have. I recommend just signing up so you never miss anything – you never know when the most incredible deal will drop and sell out quickly. 

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You definitely do not want to miss that!

What I have found in my experience with VIP Traveler is that they tend to offer a lot of exclusive, bucket list style trips. And what’s nice is that they take all the guess work out of planning for you. I have seen a lot of insanely amazing deals for destinations like Maldives and it can be overwhelming trying to book a dream trip. But not with VIP Traveler. They make their packages so good that you just pick dates and do very minimal work on your end. 

That is exactly how vacation should be. You don’t want to stress everyday leading up to a trip and while you are on it worrying about little details. When you book a travel package with VIP Traveler, you know exactly what you are getting and all the perks that come with it. Plus you are getting the best rate possible as they have negotiated it on your behalf. 

One of the best things about booking with VIP Traveler is knowing your package is 100% refundable. Most places you have to fight and jump through red tape – but not with VIP Traveler. They value their clients and their time. 

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Another thing that I really love about booking is that you don’t have to pick your dates right away. When I see an amazing deal come through, I read the dates of availability (and sometimes the package is good for more than a year) and snag the deal before it sells out. I know I have time to see what dates work for me and I can look for airfare.

There is no pressure to make an immediate decision on when you want to take your dream trip. You just purchase the trip and then let them know when you have your dates. 

In my personal experience, it is hard to find companies who allow this. When resorts and airlines run deals, you have to select dates immediately, forcing your hand to travel at that moment in time. So unless someone puts a deal in front of you for the exact dates you are looking for (rarely happens) you need to be very flexible to score those deals. But not with VIP Traveler. They give you a range of dates and let you choose when you are ready. 

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Visiting the Dominican Republic with VIP Traveler 

I just got back from a trip with VIP Traveler on a 5 night package to Casa de Campo. The booking was extremely easy. I just purchased it online, selected dates and then waited for my trip to arrive. 

Because I booked an all-inclusive package, I knew I didn’t have to think about meals, drinks and a lot of activities they have on site. What is really amazing about Casa de Campo is that the property is technically not an all-inclusive, but you can book a package that way. Which means the food is sensational. 

Filet mignon for lunch? No problem. Drinks by the pool? Done. Unlimited tacos? Yes please!

The property is massive and stunning. There are several golf courses, homes and villas – both private and rentals, tons of restaurants and activities, and a private beach. As an added bonus, you get your own golf cart when you arrive to get around the property. 

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Casa de Campo

The price on this package for what you get feels too good to be true. I almost felt like I owed them more for my stay! Every meal was incredible, the property is amazing there is so much to do on the 7,000 acres there – it was unbelievable. Even better, I have added a resort to the list of places I never knew about and that I would return to multiple times in the future. 

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Overall, the trip was amazing! In the 5 night stay, we were able to explore the grounds and see so many things the property has to offer, ate amazing food, got a spa treatment, golfed, and even made a few friends. 

In short – I will definitely be booking with VIP Traveler again! Fantastic trip all around. 

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Marina – Casa de Campo

VIP Traveler Review

Overall, this was the easiest trip I have ever booked and was exactly as described. It was actually better! I had no idea the food would be so incredible – so that was an amazing perk. Highly recommend using VIP Traveler to score amazing travel experiences around the world. 

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