Cooking At Home With My Food And Family

This last year being at home forced me out of my comfort zone of dining out frequently and got me into my kitchen more to make insanely delicious food. My Food and Family has been an excellent source of recipes online that I have found easy to make and my husband loved them, which kept us coming back for more. 

Last year we worked from home, what felt non-stop, and looked for ways to tame life’s chaos. For us, it was in the kitchen.

Before using My Food and Family for recipes, we recycled the same 5-10 recipes in our household regularly, and I discovered a lot of people do the same. I challenged myself to add something new to our recipe arsenal each week this past year and we discovered so many incredible new dishes. 

I want to share with you two of our favorite recipes from My Food and Family. I selected the Mini Pecan Pies and Red Pepper, Spinach and Goat Cheese Dip. Both of these went over so well, we made them multiple times. THAT GOOD! 

What I loved about both recipes is that they were incredible delicious, the recipes were very clear to follow and it showed me that I can be realistically gourmet in my own home. 

Mini Pecan Pies

What I loved about this recipe was one of the unique ingredients: coconut flakes. It added something special to the flavor that we really enjoyed. In addition, you do not need to know how to make a piece crust to make this recipe. It called for an already prepared pie crust. 

Pie Crust


The prep time was about 20 minutes to cut the mini pie crusts and mix the filling. Then I put them in the oven and cooked. After they came out and rested, I added Cool Whip and they were so good. I actually had to hide them in the fridge. 


Ready to eat


Red Pepper, Spinach and Goat Cheese Dip

I am a huge fan of goat cheese in anything. When I found this recipe it was a no brainer for me. What I loved about this recipe was mixing the goat cheese with cream cheese for the base of the dip and WOW. Literally the most creamy and delicious dip I could ever imagine. 

One thing that I had never considered was using a salad dressing and red sauce to cook with the veggies for the dip. The flavor profile was sensational. This recipe has become a regular occurrence in my home and it is here to stay. This was such an easy recipe and you will be shocked by how good it is. 

Goat cheese and cream cheese blend

Add the toppings and bake

Once I put the dish together and baked it, the second it came out of the oven we were ready to eat. 


You sprinkle fresh basil on the finished product and enjoy! We use a baguette to enjoy this easy, delicious dip with.

Now that we have been using My Food and Family for recipes for awhile, we are going to continue using them to source new ideas, keeping new meals and our creativity flowing. If you sign up, you can get recipes delivered right to your inbox. 

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Disclaimer: this post is written in partnership with My Food and Family. As always, opinions are entirely my own.


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