Pink Jeep Tours: Picking The Right One For Your Trip In Sedona

Sedona is a breathtaking location in northern Arizona and the best way to see all the sights surrounding this picturesque vacation destination is to take one of the many Pink Jeep tours available from this city.

Whether you want to explore the beautiful scenery right around town or travel a little further to see some of the more well known attractions nearby, you’ll be able to choose the perfect excursion from one of the many Pink Jeep tours offered. Sedona is one of the most underrated US cities, so you won’t want to miss this. 

Sedona, located in the Verde Valley, is a tourist hotspot for its remarkable scenery and wealth of history, often a top USA bucket list destination. The red rock formations are otherworldly in their beauty and stark appearance, often featured in movies, songs and television shows for their unique and breathtaking colors and shapes.

With a desert climate and remarkable scenery, Sedona is a great destination for hiking and exploring the outdoors. 

The popularity of this area has given rise to a number of options for accommodations and food, all of which take full advantage of not only the landscape but the inspiration from the culture and history of the area.

From new takes on Southwestern American cuisine, Mexican-inspired meals and authentic options from the indigenous peoples who first called this land home, you’ll be swept away by the vibrancy of the culture and inspiration to be had. 

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Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona

Operating for over 50 years, Pink Jeep Tours have become a renowned resource for tours and excursions all throughout the American Southwest. With a location in Sedona, Pink Jeep Tours have become the go to tour company for exploring the red rock formations and breathtaking canyons all over the area.

Boasting a reputation of excellence with over 5 million customers served and offering unique and exciting excursions that are unique to anything else offered in the area, these tours often sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be sure to book well ahead of time to avoid missing out on the experience!

Because Pink Jeep Tours are dedicated to sharing the wealth of natural beauty that Sedona has to offer, they make efforts to preserve the wilderness and environment as much as possible.

Through volunteer programs, trail clean ups, conservation and replanting programs as well as education about the precious and vulnerable natural world you’ll see, they promise to uphold the values of being a conscientious traveler and advocate heavily to leave no trace while exploring these vast and breathtaking locations.

Their efforts and work have not gone unnoticed, resulting in the honor of being given the Keep Sedona Beautiful Award of Excellence!

From ancient ruins to breathtaking vistas, the places you’ll see on the Pink Jeep tours will be even more remarkable than the flashy pink vehicles that give this tour company its name. With a vibrant and unique menu of offerings, you’ll be sure to find a tour that will both thrill and excite, so be sure to read up on each and every one of them before making your decision!

Highlights of the Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona 

Red Rock Adventures

The red rock formations of Sedona have inspired artists, musicians and film directors for decades, and once you see the beauty of this area for yourself, you’ll understand why! From tall red spires of rock to sweeping vistas that stretch for miles, this Wild West setting will thrill and inspire any traveler venturing through the stunning landscape of northern Arizona’s Verde Valley.

Ponderosa Pines and deep canyons meld together to create a unique atmosphere that recalls the exploration days of the United States. To get a taste for everything this location has to offer, this basic option among the Pink Jeep tours will be sure to leave you wanting more! 

This quick and easy tour whisks you through the stunning red rock landscape over well maintained roads, concentrating on the wealth of beauty found just outside the city limits of Sedona.

Juniper forests give way to stunning landscape vistas and views of the magnificent Thunder Mountain, all during a two-hour excursion that will allow for enough time to explore the city of Sedona afterward! For an added touch of romanticism, try to arrange the tour to give you a chance to see the sunset; it’s one of the most breathtaking settings for sunsets! 

Vortex Tours

One little known and perhaps outlandish thing many people don’t know about Sedona is that many claim it is the home to “power vortexes” where it is rumored that the earth’s energy is higher and more intense.

This New Age concept is a draw for many tourists who come to seek the increased awareness and peace that is reported to come from being in the presence of these areas. While there are many who refute the power of these metaphysical phenomena, you can still find opportunities to explore the sights and determine for yourself whether or not the location holds something more moving than the views themselves. 

Pink Jeep tours will take you on a vortex tour to the reported sights of the vortexes will give you all the information you need to know plus a breathtaking series of natural vistas that rival any reported energy fields and shifts!

Your tour guide will include information about all aspects of the reported phenomenon, including the scientific and the metaphysical, plus access to some of the most breathtaking views at sites such as Mystic Vista and Vultee Arch. 

Coyote Canyon Tours

One of the most popular Pink Jeep tours to take if you’d like to concentrate your explorations around the city of Sedona is the Coyote Canyon tour.

This tour, roughly two hours in length, will take you along the stunning ravines and gorges of Coyote Canyon. Admire the sweeping vistas and breathtaking scenery that is so synonymous with Sedona while learning everything there is to know about the geology, history and culture behind these remarkable scenes.

The location feels remote and rugged, but is so accessible from Sedona, giving the impression of stepping into another world all together! The convenience of transportation to and from your home away from home makes it even easier to enjoy the beautiful wilderness that makes this area of Arizona so appealing to so many. 

Ancient Ruins Tours

Channel your inner Indiana Jones or Lara Croft with one of the most exciting Pink Jeep tours offered; a chance to step back in time and discover ancient archaeological sites around Sedona!

This tour lasts roughly 3 hours and will have you taking an adventure that is thrilling for history buffs and adventurers alike. Your experienced guide will navigate you through the remote desert terrain in search of the site of the indigenous Sinagua tribe ruins.

Once you’ve reached the site, you’ll be swept away by the remarkably well preserved stone structures that this ancient tribe once called home. From the ancient dwellings to the eerie stone drawings, you’ll feel the pulse of history running through the landscape as you’re transported back centuries to the time this tribe roamed these breathtaking lands. 

If you have even more time to spend exploring the surroundings with Pink Jeep tours, opt for the tour that includes a venture into Diamondback Gulch. This tour takes at least half a day and you’ll be able to truly channel your inner adventurer with a comprehensive exploration of the ancient site before heading deeper into the desert on a truly off road adventure!! 

Diamondback Gulch Tours

If you would prefer the adrenaline over the history, opt for a tour of Diamondback Gulch without the combination tour of the ancient ruins.

This tour lasts just under three hours and will provide a heart-racing experience zipping in and out of the deep canyon en route to some of the most arresting views to be had in Sedona.

From views of iconic rock formations such as Chimney Rock and Doe Mesa to the rush of off roading up and down the steep sides of the canyon, this tour of the desert will be a thrilling experience for novice adventurers and adrenaline junkies alike!

Thrilling adventure combined with the convenience of door to door pickup is the perfect way to explore the remote and rugged desert landscape without any need to worry! 

Broken Arrow and the Mogollon Rim

For the true adrenaline junkie, you won’t want to miss the Pink Jeep tours of Broken Arrow. With a road dubbed “The Road of No Return”, you’ll understand why this exhilarating adventure tour is a favorite among thrill seekers and adventurers of all kinds.

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Worry not, this is a family friendly adventure and the state of the art vehicles (with their equally memorable color) will make this thrilling adventure not only safe, but comfortable as well! Enjoy the experience of dipping in and out of ditches and gullies and whizzing down sheer hillsides in a true taste of off road adventuring in the Sedona desert landscape! 

If that seems a bit too adventurous for your liking, you can opt for the Pink Jeep tours of Mogollon Rim. While it follows through the same areas as the Broken Arrow tours, the adventure avoids the aforementioned Road of No Return, making it a slightly (just slightly) less intense version of the heart-racing tour of Broken Arrow.

Exploring the rim of Mogollon, you’ll be treated to sweeping views of the desert from 2,000 feet up. You’ll see for miles, enjoying views of stark desert terrain as well as lush pine forests and steep canyon landscapes. 

Still can’t decide? Why not try both! A combination tour of both the Broken Arrow track and Mogollon Rim will thrill and delight with a heart-pounding adventure along the Road of No Return and will then detour to take advantage of the breathtaking views from along the rim. You’ll see all the sights, including the Ponderosa pines from 2,000 above! After zooming down and zig zagging back up the steep canyon walls, you’ll whisk back through the stunning desert landscape before returning to where it all started! 

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Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona 

Once you’ve seen all the amazing sights there is to see in Sedona, consider taking one of the Pink Jeep Grand Canyon tours that bring you to the nearby Grand Canyon! Located just two hours away from Sedona, the Grand Canyon is a bucket list must for any traveler.

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, you’ll be amazed by the views of the massive depths of the canyon that stretches over 18 miles in width at some points.

The Pink Jeep tours operating between the Grand Canyon and Sedona will transport you in a luxury Mercedes through Oak Creek Canyon, called by some the most scenic drive in America, before bringing you to the rim of the Grand Canyon to witness first hand the breathtaking beauty of this immense natural wonder.

Another added bonus is that lunch and admission to the Grand Canyon National Park is included in the price, making this full day itinerary well worth the price! 

Sedona Arizona is a stunning vacation destination unrivaled by any for its natural beauty and wealth of amazing things to see and do. With a warm desert climate and dry hot summers, this destination is a perfect and conveniently located getaway year round.

From the arresting views that stretch for miles to the otherworldly red rock formations peppering the landscape, you’ll feel like you stepped into another world altogether. Pink Jeep tours operating out of Sedona have capitalized on this magnificent natural splendor and rugged Wild West terrain. 

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Whether you are looking for a quick 24 hour visit to Sedona, peaceful escape into the serenity of the alien landscape or an adrenaline pumping excursion deep into the ravines and gullies, Pink Jeep tours have something for everyone looking to explore the Sedona area.

Because of the convenience, location and comprehensive nature of these tours, they have become one of the most popular attractions in this area of northern Arizona. Be sure to book your tours well ahead of time because they sell out rapidly! You won’t be disappointed by your decision, regardless of which tour you decide to enjoy!


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