How To Practice Social Distancing & Keep Your Friends

I don’t want to get all preachy or anything – but let’s be honest. The entire world might be able to kick this virus in the ass if we all just stayed home for 2-3 weeks and played it cool. Amiright?

We absolutely will run in circles with the spread of this if we keep going out, despite feeling good, and passing it along to others. People are dying around the world – we need to be responsible. 

Can we actually all practice social distancing? It sounds hard – but honestly, when it comes down to the entire worlds health, it seems rather easy. 

I don’t want to ever come off as selfish or telling you what to do, but we need to work together to combat this. We as humanity, need to do what is best for everyone, not just ourselves. 

The sooner we can get rid of this, the sooner everyone can go back to their lives. If I am being completely honest, the longer we are out and helping to spread the virus, the longer it is going to take for the WORLD to get it under control. 

Understand that – THE WORLD. Not just a few people – the entire world is being impacted. 

You don’t need me to tell you how bad this is – you know. You can’t escape it from the news, social media, friends, family – it is everywhere. 

We want to keep everyone around us safe and not get sick. So please think of all parties involved, not just yourself, when you spend time around people and make decisions. 

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How To Practice Social Distancing & Keep Your Friends

So what is social distancing?

To be frank, I think I have never heard the words used together before this week. But it’s a thing!

The core idea behind social distancing is to limit social contact to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.. 

But to look at this further – it means to not congregate in large groups, to cancel large functions and basically close buildings. In other words, everyone go the heck home and quit coming in contact with people unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. 

You should avoid group gatherings, malls, gyms, mass transit, theaters, having sleepovers, play dates, church, and so on. I know – I sound like I am sucking away all your fun. But I promise, it gets easier when we can kick this to the curb. 

I myself have self quarantined and am practicing social distancing. I am not sick, I have not been sick and I feel great (other than my job is non-existent). I am hoping that everyone will also self quarantine so we can kick this sooner. 

Self quarantine and social distancing are not the same. Self quarantine is what some people are being forced to do (some are by choice) and to stay in their homes. Social distancing is what is being advised in all areas no matter what, to avoid contact with others and to keep a safe distance. I have read 6 feet distance from others. 

You should really only be leaving your home at this point in time if work is forcing you to come in, if you need to get to the hospital, get groceries, medications, or to check on someone. 

You can go in your yard and what not. Just don’t get involved with the neighbors or anyone else. Just the people who live under your roof or who are staying with you to ride this out. 

Currently most of the world is not being forced to quarantine. So you can still move around as you like, but I beg you to take precautions and avoid a lot of these mass gatherings. Which includes going to the bar for “Corona parties.”

I can’t stress enough, if you are sick, PLEASE STAY HOME. Period. Unless you need to go to a doctor. 

Do this, NOT that 

Working Out

So you like to go to the gym or try various workout classes? These places are full of sweaty, sticky people and dirty machines. Avoid. 

Instead – do a free class on YouTube, run stairs in your home if you have them, if you have a yard – create some sort of circuit (I have seen people use canned goods as weights) do you have any rope? Make a jump rope, learn yoga on YouTube, meditate, use any workout equipment you have at home that now collects clothes or whatever. 

Currently the USA is not under a mandatory quarantine, so you can still go outside and do whatever you want. Run, walk, cycle – whatever you like – just keep your distance from others. 


Here are some ways to keep your friends and work out alone. Usually we work out with friends as an accountability partner or a social hang. Let’s be honest, we aren’t really at the gym to watch them use the leg machine that spreads their thighs … or are we? Nope. 

Set up a Google Doc with your friend(s) and track your accountability 

Do a fitness challenge 

Start a group text and encourage each other – even in times like this when we are feeling down, words have power. 

Happy Hours

Trust me, sis. I know. I know this is one of the best events of the week. But we cannot be drinking and hanging all over each other. 

Even if you have no reported cases in your city – social distancing is necessary right now.

You need to stay home and drink. Here are my top picks:

Set up a time and group video chat. ZOOM is great for this. That way you feel like you can see everyone and still enjoy all your favorite drinks.

Do a 1 on 1 Face-time call with anyone, just arrange in advance and block out some time. 

Get the group chat fired up.

If you live with others who drink – go ahead and break out all the drinking games. 

Do you have a backyard or deck? Great – have that drink outside. 

Just stay home and do this. No bars, clubs, parades, etc. 

The kids want a sleepover

Guess what mom and/or dad – now is your time to shine. Absolutely no kids are coming over unless they already live under your roof, ok? No question about it. Don’t fight me here. 

You know as well as I do that we are epic fort builders and we have better stuff than when we were kids. It’s time to take your kids back to when you were a kid and show them what kind of fun you had. 

We didn’t have cell phones and computers – we had to use our imagination. And you know what? WE HAD FUN! Your kids can too – just get creative and be with them. 

At the end of the day, kids really just want our attention. If we can give it to them, they will forget about all the stuff they are missing out on and you can score some quality time with them before they return to their regular scheduled programming. 

Some additional items:

You could arrange a virtual sleepover with other friends, just make sure all the parents involved set up sleeping arrangements – and discuss with other parents your plans. You don’t want any of your kids to feel like they are missing anything.

Camping in your house or backyard is an option – and don’t forget the stories!

Eating out

This is where people all go. I would highly suggest reconsidering. Please don’t be mad at me for this – I know businesses are suffering – everyone is. But there are work arounds. 

A lot of restaurants have started offering delivery or take out services. If you are unsure, you could simply call your favorite place(s) and see what they are offering. 

You can also check online on Instagram with local bloggers and food accounts, as restaurants may have already reached out to them so that they can let their audience know what is happening in their space right now and to keep people up to date. 

Here are some other options:

Find some new recipes on Pinterest and have a cook off with the people who live with you.

If you live alone, You can do a video or phone call with whomever you choose and you both make the same thing. At least you will be eating the same thing. 

I know a lot of restaurants are offering carry-out and delivery. If you must get something – keep your distance from people, wash your hands immediately, take all the precautions. 

Going to the movies 

Not today girl. Good news though – there are so many streaming channels that you can probably find just about anything to watch. 

Get your friends/family all on the same group text and agree to watch the same thing at the same time. This way you can chat about it.

If you are only planning to watch with one other person, you could set up your phone with a video chat so you can see the other persons reaction (like when you are at the movie and quickly turn your head or whisper something).

If none of you have a streaming service, sign up for Amazon Prime as it is free for the first 30 days and you can all be on the same channel to watch the same things. 

Going to church

This is truly a high risk situation. You have a lot of people in a smallish space, some doing communion and you guys are drinking off each other. NO. 

Good news for you – you can worship anywhere!

**If you don’t have a bible or access to a computer or internet, please reach out to the head of your church or community and ask if you can get a bible. There must be someone who will lend you one in this time of need. 

Start a morning prayer group via video conference.

Do a group bible study 1+ times a week via video conference. 

Watch sermons on YouTube – guarantee you haven’t seen them all. 

Watch some of those great religious movies that keep coming out. 

See if you can arrange a call with the head of your church, etc for a chat. 

Start a group chat with members of your church to lean on and for support – we all need each other right now. 

Start an email thread with whomever wants to be in it for prayer requests, etc. 

Do a daily devotional – and you don’t need to buy anything – Check our ourdailybread on Instagram for free ones. 

You want to travel

You know what? ME TOO! It’s my job and the one thing in my life I am fiercely passionate about. But right now – it’s gonna be a no from me.

Traveling with my friends and family AND all the people I have met around the globe has been one of my biggest accomplishments. I have loved every minute of showing my mom cities I love, visiting Europe with my best friend and seeing all types of cultures, having a destination wedding, etc. 

Unless absolutely necessary, you should not be traveling. And “getting chilaquiles and mojitos in Mexico for lunch” is not an emergency. Trust me, I have thought about it. 

Here are some other options:

Start planning your next trip! You can search blogs, Pinterest and even search destinations and hashtags on Instagram. You can still plan for the future. 

Watch your favorite travel movies! The Darjeeling Limited is one of my favorites, you could also check out Eat, Pray, Love, Euro Trip, Wild, Etc. 

Read! If you have amazon Prime (and it is free the first 30 DAYS) you can access a lot of free books to read – take advantage of this.

Reminisce with friends you have traveled with and talk about all the great things you did on your last trip(s). Maybe you can even plan a new one together. People love having something to look forward to. 

Library or book clubs

I am a huge fan of reading and you will always hear me talking about and promoting books. That being said, you should avoid the library, but still take active measures to read. 

I do want to say that you should stay informed with the news, but don’t saturate yourself to the point of exhaustion and depression over it. Take it in stride and limit your intake of the media. 

Reading at home:

I have probably said this a million times, but Amazon prime has free books you can download AND if you don’t already have it, the first 30 days is FREE! You can also gain access to the Amazon Prime streaming with this – so double win.

Start an online book club. You can utilize any of the social media channels. Start a Facebook Group, Twitter thread, Instagram page, DM groups, or even text groups. 

Read with one or two friends (in your own homes) and then do a video conference or group call to discuss. I promise you – everyone has different takeaways and perspectives from books. I always find it interesting to hear what people think. 

Clubbing and bars

This is a great place filled with lots of sweaty people grinding on each other, sweating and drinking from each others’ glasses, This should be avoided.

It is also shocking to me to hear that bars are throwing parties to encourage people to party in the wake of everything that is happening.

Here is what you can do instead:

If you have a backyard or balcony, turn up your music and take your drinks out there. Who knows, maybe some neighbors can holler from their balconies or yards. Also – if you live in my neighborhood and are reading this, please crank up the 90’s and early 2000 rap music. I will come outside and sing from my porch. LOL

Do you have a video game system and the Just Dance game? Turn that on and dance until you are sweaty. 

Significant other live with you – go ahead and play together. 

Turn on YouTube for various dance videos and instructions. Once you get your moves down – go ahead and record it and send it to your friends. Trust me – we could all use the comic relief. 

Game night

You cannot go hang out with your friends in person, so this is going to be a lot trickier, but I have some work around ideas. 

If you have people under your roof already that are quarantined with you – then great. You can play whatever you want with them.

For those who do not live with you:

Get everyone on video chat, someone with a deck of cards and everyone with a drink. If everyone could have a deck of cards, this could work better. 

You can play almost any card drinking game this way – it will just be done virtually. 

If you have an Xbox and play live, you can connect with people on there. Full disclosure – I have never played, but I know some of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about. 

Everyone download the same game app and set up a Google Doc to keep track of who is winning rounds.

Nail or spa visits

The people who work in these places touch people ALL day. I would highly recommend waiting this out. 

My best friend and I usually get our nails done together or do face masks. I will probably just call her on speakerphone when I do my nails and we can talk about work. 

At home:

You can do your own manicure and pedicure. If you are used to having gel or acrylics, now might be the time to give your nails a breather. I know mine need them. 

If you have a significant other or someone living with you, and you want a massage, see if you can trade off. Who doesn’t want a massage?

For facials you can do sheet masks or create your own masks with things around the house. You can find recipes online that are easy. 

Exfoliate your skin with very easy sugar scrub recipes online. 

Deep condition your hair.

Get your girlfriends together (via group chat or video conferencing) and everyone do a hairstyle from another decade. Heck, you could throw your own 90’s party from each of your respective homes. If you do this, send me pictures because that was my favorite time. 

Date night

You should not go out right now. But luckily, there are an endless stream of easy date nights at home. 

If your significant other lives with you, the sky is the limit. If they don’t, we need to get more creative. 

If you live with your significant other:

Find unique recipes on Pinterest and have a cook off.

Each of you create a list of movies you want the other one to see and take turns watching each others favorite flicks. 

Give each other a massage. 

Do a candlelit dinner and crank up the romantic music. 

If you live apart:

You will need to utilize a voice conferencing platform to see each other. 

Each of you cook the same thing and and video chat the process. 

Each of you write 10 questions to ask the other person that you really want to know and have never thought to ask. 

Watch a movie together with video conferencing so you can see each others reactions and laugh together. 

You just want to see your family and friends 

Please don’t crack under the pressure. When we miss people, we figure out ways to see them and give big hugs. We can’t do this right now. No touching people who don’t live with you, we don’t know what they have been in contact with. 


  • Please pick up your phone and call people or video chat. If everyone is at home right now, you can video chat as often as you want. You might actually get to see people MORE now. 
  • If you absolutely cannot go another day without seeing someone – plan to go out for essentials and see them at a safe distance. Do not touch them. 

Don’t forget these tips:

If you aren’t already quarantined either by force or choice, you still need to practice caution around the people who live with you. 

You should still be washing your hands frequently and not touching your face. 

Disinfect the areas you spend time in. 

Clean your handheld electronics. 

Don’t hoard stuff – there are a lot of people in need. 

Remain calm and be kind. Its a tough time for everyone. 


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