100+ Things To Do At Home


100+ Things to do at home 

Take FREE online classes. edX offers over 2500+ courses from 140 top institutions. This is a great time to learn something new.

Learn to meal plan in your kitchen and not waste food. 

Take up a new hobby and learn to knit

Read more! If you have Amazon prime, they have over 1000+ titles for free on Kindle to download. Alternatively, if you don’t want to leave your house to purchase books, you can get Kindle books downloaded immediately. 

Clean your house. You and I both know things like the baseboards hardly ever get any love. Now is a great time to do that “spring cleaning.”

Don’t have gym equipment and want to work out? There are tons of free online workouts you can access that require no equipment and you can do from home. 

Binge watch all the shows you have access to. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, cable – whatever you have. 

Figure out how to finally solve that rubiks cube that has been paining you all these years. 

Organize your email inbox – I know have thousands of emails I need to unsubscribe from and sort through. 

Do your taxes – not sure if the due date of April 15 will get pushed back – but you can do them online pretty easy at TurboTax

Organize a virtual movie or show watching party. You can do this through Skype, group text, etc. This is a great way for everyone to watch the same thing at once and discuss it. 

Start practicing gratitude. Write it down online, on paper, in a journal – wherever. 

Meditate. There is a lot of free music/sounds available on YouTube for this. Relaxing is probably one of the best things you can do right now and not cause intense anxiety. 

Clean out your closet. There is no sense hoarding stuff you are not wearing and haven’t worn in a long time. You may need to hold onto it for awhile – but have it ready to donate when the time comes. 

Sign up for Yelp or other review sites and sit down and leave all your best reviews for the places you love. 

Take a bubble bath. 

Download the FREE Lightroom App on your phone and try your hand at editing photos. This is the same program I use to edit all my photos in. 

Adult coloring books are great for the soul. But if you don’t have any – there are apps you can download and do it on your phone, laptop, etc.  

Watch a new TED talk each morning.

If you have a yard and its season, plant a vegetable garden. 

Move your furniture and try new layouts in different rooms. 

Work on your resume, CV or media kit. Canva offers free templates and great design elements. 

Pick up your phone and call all your friends and family. 

Treat yourself to a cuppa tea and if you are feeling adventurous, create your own blends. I know I personally love Darjeeling (which is a black tea) and a hint of mint and/or fruit. 

Get rid of the contacts in your phone that you don’t talk to.

Work on perfecting your chocolate chip cookie. Recently I have discovered that adding an extra stick of butter really keeps them soft and delicious. 

Learn the art of the card trick. When you see your friends again you can dazzle them. 

Clean up the photos on your phone. I know I have about 30,000. I like to put photos in hidden albums on Facebook so that only I can find them and back them up on my computer. 

Do a social media clean-up. Get rid of people who don’t bring you joy, that you don’t know, etc. Social media is YOUR space. Make it happy. 

Listen to podcasts! There are so many available to listen to over every genre. 

Organize all the photos you have taken on past trips and create photo books. I love doing this and making coffee table books. 

Write an e-book for Amazon for free. 

Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. 

Download your favorite games to your phone, like Candy Crush, and get to playing. 

Download your three FREE credit reports and make sure you are all good.

Do back-ups on your computer, phone, photos, etc. I know I lost thousands of photos a few years ago, and now I am a stickler about doing this on the regular. 

Find companies who are still hiring for work at home gigs. 

Organize your junk drawer. I need to take my own advice – pretty sure I saw a hammer and candy in the same place. 

Cash in on all those naps you refused as a child. 

Sit down and tackle that 1000+ piece puzzle that has been staring you in the eye for years. 

Try new hairstyles you have been wondering about. YouTube is a great resource for tutorials. 

Strengthen your research skills by picking a topic you wish you knew more about and learning everything you can about it. 

Learn another language. Babbel is my favorite – and it is very easy to use both on your phone and online. 

Create a new cocktail. You know what you like and what flavors work well – this could be a fun way to discover a new drink. 

Start a blog! Everyone has value on some topic – share yours!

Dust all your furniture, it needs it. 

Make a new friend online. Being that I work online mostly, I have made most new friendships this way. One of my very best friends is Victoria from Followmeaway (who with her boyfriend, take incredible photos). She has become my work wife. Get out there on your platforms and engage – create a community. 

Find some crazy DIY item on Pinterest and see if it actually works. FYI the bacon grease to shave legs thing is a NO. So skip that. 

Practice your indoor photography. Learn to shoot photos of food, interiors, etc. 

Start a recipe book of things you have created and things passed down through your family. 

Exfoliate your skin with a make at home scrub. Pinterest has great articles where you can make sugar scrubs with basic household ingredients. 

Create a new song playlist for cooking, working out, cleaning, whatever your heart desires. 

Work on some self improvement – whatever you decide. BTW I think you are perfect 😉 

Sit down and figure out all your best qualities so you can nail your next interview.

Do at home facials. You can use sheet masks or create one from tutorials online. 

Do some canning. I know my mom and grandmother always loved to make jellies. If you have the stuff and the time, why not.

Work on your family tree. You don’t need to pay anyone to do this. Reach out to any known relatives if you can and go through old photos. 

Learn about other religions online and educate yourself on their beliefs. 

Open up a free TikTok account and learn to dance – maybe you will catch some internet fame in the process. IT HAPPENS!

Organize your cupboards. I know mine are probably a disaster and the second I open them Tupperware is going to hit me. 

Learn how to fold a fitted sheet. I will be honest – I do not know how. I have tried and tried, even with the help of others. This is my time to shine! 

If you don’t already recycle, figure out what your city/county offers. The cardboard from non-perishables, glass bottles from alcohol and various items and some plastics can be recycled. 

Start drinking more water. Most people don’t drink enough. Make a plan and stick to it. If you have fruits and veggies about to expire, put them in your water packed with ice for a delicious infusion. 

Watch documentaries on things that you are fascinated in and learn more about them. 

Start a YouTube channel about anything. It could be ASMR, eating foods, talking about your daily life, whatever you want – it is your channel after all. 

Start an online book club. You can do this via Facebook group, Instagram chat, Skype, Zoom, Text, anything. Pick a book that everyone can get access to and then discuss it. Everyone perceives and takes in information differently. The perspectives of others will make you see the book differently. 

If you have a treadmill, you could train for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or even a marathon. The couch to 5K plan is great.

Pull out your gaming console and get back into it. I would love to play Mario on the original NES right about now. 

If you don’t like to read but want to hear a book, Audible gives you a free download to try!

Learn to travel hack so that when things clear up, you can go on that trip.

Put on a onesie and watch your favorite shows or movies from when you were a kid. 

If you have debt or want to plan for a big purchase, sit down and create a viable plan. 

Take a personality test. Find out which of the 16 personalities you are. 

Give your appliances some extra love. Washer, stove, microwave – they probably need a deep cleaning. 

Spend extra time with your pet. They are probably used to you being away (if you don’t already work from home). They will be so happy to see you!

Get a group of high school friends together for a video chat and relive some of your best memories. They will be thrilled to hear from you. 

Learn to make the best homemade pizza possible. 

Run those virus scans on your computer – you know its been awhile. 

Watch all the Harry Potter movies .. again 🙂

Start some new Pinterest boards for things you are into. 

Create yourself an online brand on Instagram and start becoming an influencer. Everyone starts somewhere. 

Catch up on all the Trailer Trash Tammy videos you haven’t seen on YouTube. 

Things to do with kids

Bake cookies and decorate them.

Build a fort – but make it epic! 

Have a sleepover with the family in the living room – and don’t forget all the pillows and blankets.

Do a craft day in the kitchen. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest for easy things to make out of construction paper.

Teach your kids the value of money. 

Play dress-up – and let the kids put make up on you too. 

Tell your kids stories about when you were young.

Family game nights – break out all the board games.

Have fun embarrassing yourselves with a little karaoke. 

Watch your favorite movies together.

Have indoor travel days where you cook food and watch movies or read books from certain destinations around the world. This is a great time to teach. 

Finger painting. We know this is a lot of fun but also messy – we have nothing but time, so make it fun. 

Set up camp in your living room or basement. Pop the tent, tell stories, everyone get in their fun jammy jams – and have a great time. 

Create your own comic where each of you plays a roll. This is a great way to keep a story line going and their imaginations moving. 

If you have older teenagers…

Teach your kids about banking, having credit cards and properly using them, how to not fall into debt, etc. 

Teach them basics in cooking – or more advanced methods if they already know. 

With your significant other

Give each other massages. It’s not the same as the spa, but its more personal. 

Cook a meal or several together. Pinterest is loaded with recipes for everything no matter your style. 

Find a movie you have never seen and pop some popcorn and enjoy. 

Learn to take boudoir photos and take some classy photos of one another and each other. 

Eat a dinner by candlelight. Leave the electronics elsewhere and talk about when you were younger or make plans for the future. 

Strip games. Whether it is cards, a board game or something you have invented. Strip when one of you loses. And hey, for extra fun, come in a costume or the craziest items you can find in your closet. 

Do a wine or whiskey tasting. You don’t have to be at a place to do this. Pour what you have. For an extra element of fun, do it blind folded and have the other person guess what it is. 

Make homemade sushi – and if you don’t like fish, you can alternate ingredients. I have even had teriyaki steak sushi. 

Take the 5 Love Language quiz and see where you fall. This could help your relationship in letting the other one understand what you need. 

Set up a picnic on the floor and watch a romantic movie.

Create a couples quiz night and get to your significant other better. Surely there are somethings you don’t know about each other. 

Do a cook off where you each create something and eat it. 

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