Mackinac Island Weather: Month By Month Breakdown

When planning a trip to this Michigan tourist hotspot, the Mackinac Island weather and events are both a key consideration to keep in mind when planning your trip to this Lake Huron vacation destination.

Whether you wish to visit during the peak summer season for all the exciting events or if you wish to get away and step back in time to a quieter and simpler place, Mackinac Island is a popular destination and filled with so many different things to see and do

The climate of Mackinac Island is overall cool and wet, making rainy days and temperate weather a characteristic of the area, so you will want to plan ahead and pack according to the average for the month in which you are traveling.

mackinac island weather

Lilac season

While the precipitation levels are high throughout the year, the warmer temperatures of the summer make it a great time to visit and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of America’s second ever National Park (which no longer has that designation).

Spring and autumn are both mild and damp, but with fewer crowds and still equally beautiful wilderness surroundings, this season can provide the best of both worlds and allow you an opportunity to explore the island at your own pace.

Winter is the slowest of all the seasons, but there is nothing quite as picturesque as the historic architecture covered in fresh snowfall, giving the impression of stepping back in time to a truly Currier and Ives winter wonderland. 

Read on for a comprehensive month by month breakdown of the Mackinac Island weather and events so you can discover for yourself when to visit this unique cultural and natural landmark region.

Despite the wet and cool climate, the natural beauty is evident year round and the cultural and historical landmarks are second to none, culminating in a vacation destination to suit anyone and everyone who visits! Regardless of when you visit, the trip will truly be a memorable one that you’ll want to revisit time and time again!

mackinac island weather

Mackinac Island Weather Month by Month


Cold temperatures and light snowfall are characteristic of the Mackinac Island weather in January. While the temperature averages around 22 degrees Fahrenheit, you can see lows of 16 degrees and highs that rarely jump above freezing, hovering around a frosty 28 degrees.

There are very few regularly scheduled events during this period, but the remnants of the holiday season persist into the early part of the month and intrepid outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the roughly 2 inches of average snowfall with snowshoeing and cross country skiing on the many trails that weave across the island. 


The coldest month of the year, February marks one of the slowest of all the months for tourism in Mackinac Island.

Despite the most blistering cold of Mackinac Island weather, with temperatures ranging from a frosty high of 27 to and even frostier low of 14 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll want to spend lots of time indoors at the charming hotels, but this could make for a romantic and quiet getaway for Valentine’s Day!

One plus side is that this is the driest month of all months, with average precipitation that never even reaches an inch.

If you are cold tolerant or don’t mind the winter climate, snowshoeing and cross country skiing are both popular pastimes for locals and visitors alike and perhaps the biggest bonus is the lack of crowds typical of the summer season, making February a good time to visit despite the chill of the Mackinac Island weather. 


Spring is on the horizon in March, with temperatures that begin to climb over the course of the month and result in gradually improving conditions and the beginning of the bloom of trees around the island as April approaches.

Don’t be fooled by the calendar though, because Mackinac Island weather is always mild and damp, making spring no exception.

While highs can reach 37 degrees Fahrenheit, especially toward the end of the month, the lows can still dip as far as 22 degrees and some of the over 3 inches of precipitation that falls during this period can do so as snow or sleet. 


Though the Mackinac Island weather is still far from the pleasant temperatures of the summer season, spring is well on its way in April.

The air can range from a chilly 33 degrees to an almost warm 48 degrees Fahrenheit, bringing with it almost 4 inches of April showers ahead of the expected May flowers.

The weather is still too cool for many of the popular outdoor activities that bring tourists flocking but the promise of spring is in the air more and more with each passing day. Crowds are sparse, making it a perfect time to visit if you wish to avoid the tourist rush that summer will soon bring with it. 

It can still be on the cooler side in April as the island has gotten snow then. 

A lot of businesses will start reopening in late April and should all be opened by Memorial Day in late May. 


Mackinac Island weather in May is a promise of the more temperate climate to come and while you will still need a light jacket, the spring fever is in the air as birds and bees flit through the natural wonderland and the flora seems to bloom back to life all at once.

The first half of the month is slow and steady but as Memorial Day approaches and brings with it the incline of the tourist busy season, travelers to this area will understand just how popular this area is and why!

Memorial Day weekend is the official kick off of the summer season and is when most businesses, if not all, will be up and running. 

mackinac island weather


The tourist season has properly begun in June and one of the biggest draws is the mild and comfortable Mackinac Island weather.

The lows hover around 52 degrees and the highs rarely reach the 70 degree mark, making for warm days and cool nights to enjoy the plentiful events that keep this picturesque vacation destination bustling with activity.

Parades, fireworks, the renowned Mackinac Island Lilac Festival and dozens of other smaller events fill this month with a plethora of options to keep you busy in addition to exploring the natural wonders and charming history of the island.

Be sure to pack a raincoat and umbrella as well as spare shoes; over five inches of rainfall can fall during this month alone! 

mackinac island lilacs


From the historic reenactments to the Race to Mackinac, July is another popular month for travelers to visit this region of Michigan.

Almost six inches of rain can be expected to fall over the course of the month, but this does nothing to curtail the throngs of tourists who come to admire the wealth of remarkable architecture, pristine natural beauty and charming way of life on Mackinac Island.

Outdoor enthusiasts hike and explore while yacht races fill the waterways and straits around the island.

Fourth of July makes for a particularly festive and exciting period, with events and activities for all ages and likes.

The warmer temperatures range from a comfortable 59 degrees to a warm 75 degrees Fahrenheit, making for a comfortable and enjoyable climate to enjoy everything this island has to offer, so plan to tick off some bucket list items!

This is a great time to rent a bike and ride around the island or take a carriage tour.


The summer is in full swing and the Mackinac Island weather continues to be pleasant and temperature throughout the month of August.

Around 4.5 inches of rain falls during this month, but the warm temperatures help offset this wet weather. Lows around 60 degrees at night make for comfortable nights to enjoy the fireworks or meander through the charming historic streets and highs around 74 degrees Fahrenheit during the day make water sports and hiking both enjoying experiences.

The Mackinac Island Fudge Festival occurs during this month, drawing devotees of this regional treat from all across the region and afar!

Toward the end of the month and into the next, the Grand Garden Show fills the air with the perfume of flowers and greenery. 

This is a great time to rent a bike and ride around the island or take a carriage tour.


The mercury still hovers in the comfortably temperate range and the precipitation averages remain unchanged as the last vestige of the summer tourist season begins to wane.

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of the summer season with the Grand Hotel Labor Day Jazz Festival as well as a number of different activities throughout the area.

Despite this unofficial end date at the beginning of the month, the tourist crowds and the Mackinac Island weather both continue to hold steady, with temperatures still in the comfortable range between 53 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.



After summer comes autumn and with it, a unique itinerary of events and a seasonal autumnal array of Mackinac Island weather.

Leaves begin to change slowly as the temperature range dips to a range of about 43 degrees to 56 degrees Fahrenheit. It has been known to be much colder and sometimes rain comes with it. But if you forget a sweater or warmer clothes, a lot of the shops are unloading their inventory on great sales!

Rainy autumn days, with an average of around 5 inches in this month alone, call for hot cider and cozy carriage rides through the forest as pumpkins start to arrive on the front steps of the charming city streets.

Halloween is a fun and festive time of the year, from historic costumes that harken back to Mackinac Island’s rich history to young children trick or treating through the car-free streets and alleys. 

This is a great time to rent a bike and ride around the island or take a carriage tour.


November brings with it a distinct chill and a quieter atmosphere as the crowds flee the cold and the locals and businesses prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

Mackinac Island weather for this month is characterized by much cooler temperatures that range from around 33 degrees to 44 degrees, bringing with it a chance for some of the average 3.5 inches of precipitation to fall in the form of snow or sleet.

Pack for the cold and damp if you do decide to visit in November and you will be able to take advantage of the sparse crowds and quiet of this charming historic landmark city. 


Winter is in full swing by the time December rolls around and this festive month has the city looking particularly picturesque as some the historic buildings dress up in their holiday finery and around 3.5 (or more) inches of snow blankets the ground to create a scene like something straight off the front of a Christmas card.

The temperatures rarely fluctuate above freezing with the average around 27 degrees and lows that dip even further than that.

Holiday themed events fill the itinerary, including bazaars and gift shopping options. Despite this month bringing with it some of the coldest conditions of Mackinac Island weather, the opportunity to experience the wintry wonderland with fewer crowds than in the summer season makes for a truly magical experience.

Imagine for yourself a horse drawn carriage ride through the charming historic architecture of this breathtaking city while snow falls from the sky and you too will understand what makes this such a special time of the year! 

Mackinac Island is a unique and historic vacation destination, attracting visitors from all over the United States and beyond for centuries.

Whether you visit to take in all the majesty of Michigan’s hidden gem or if you are attracted more by the charming old architecture of this charming island, you will be amazed by everything there is to see and do regardless of when you travel there!

The pace of life is slower and the city itself feels like you have been dropped into a different time period. From horse-drawn carriages as the transportation of choice and the narrow, small town roads preserved for generations, Mackinac Island is a unique and special place to visit when traveling through Michigan.

While the Mackinac Island weather is often colder and wetter when compared to other locations, the setting and bevy of things to do more than make up for any inclement climate you may encounter and will leave you in awe of this truly special region.

Be sure to plan well ahead of time when planning your visit and keep an eye on the weather as the trip approaches so you can pack accordingly and enjoy every moment of the experience.

Once you visit, you too will understand why thousands descend upon this charming island location every year!

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