The BEST Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

Located just a little over two hours away, Grand Canyon tours from Sedona are a perfect way to enjoy not only the peace, beauty and serenity of the city of Sedona but also a way to see one of the natural wonders of the world.

Sedona is conveniently located near many popular cities, attractions and national parks, making it an increasingly popular tourist destination for those seeking to explore the American Southwest.

The red rock formations and sweeping desert views are breathtaking and the climate makes it a perfect destination for exploring outdoors!

Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

With such close proximity to the Grand Canyon, Sedona is an excellent choice for a home base during your adventure in the American Southwest. Grand Canyon tours from Sedona come in all different shapes and sizes.

No matter your travel style or budget, you’ll find a tour suited to you! Offering convenient service from your hotel straight to the stunning and world renowned views of the Grand Canyon rim, a tour offers an easy and carefree way to experience all the sights and sounds of this remarkable area of the United States.


Between the gorgeous scenery of Sedona and the massive Grand Canyon, an adventure exploring these two unique areas will be one of the best parts of visiting this region of the country!

Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona: Deciding on which is BEST for you

The Grand Canyon is a massive natural feature sprawling over an area of well over one million acres in size. At its deepest, it is roughly 6,000 feet from the edge of the gorge to the bottom and at its widest point, nearly 18 miles wide!

Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

With such a massive scale, the Grand Canyon is home to hundreds of diverse and rare species of plants and animals as well as one of a kind ecosystems. 

The archaeological history of the Grand Canyon stretches back thousands of years, making this an area that is rich in not only natural beauty but also a rich and cultural history that spans over the centuries. From early indigenous peoples settling along the base and rim of the gorge to European American explorers and settlers who came to marvel at the breathtaking sight, examples of the vast history can be seen all over the Grand Canyon.

To take advantage of all the awe inspiring beauty, over 6 million people annually visit the Grand Canyon!

With this many visitors, the closest cities and accommodations can be crowded with tourists. That is why so many decide to take advantage of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona! With just a bit over 2 hours of driving, you’ll be at the Grand Canyon with ease.

Because it is just far enough to be less crowded and close enough to be convenient, you’ll be able to take advantage of the best of both worlds during your adventure! 

Highlights of the Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona

The most comprehensive and easiest of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona is a classic tour that will be sure to hit all the highlights along the way. Departing Sedona, you’ll be driven through the breathtakingly beautiful Rock Creek Canyon and Sedona red rocks, admiring the views as you travel throughout the landscape toward your destination.

Stunning high altitude pines and scrubs dot the land and you’ll be privy to views of other famous sights including the Painted Desert before arriving at the Grand Canyon. Be sure to climb the Watchtower Observatory while you are there; the panoramic views from that height are even more stunning than the ones you will find at the rim.

Explore all the sights with a guided nature walk and detailed explanations of the geology, history, culture and beauty that makes this area such a tourist attraction year round! 

Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

For something a little different that embodies the Wild West spirit of the area, of the best Grand Canyon tours from Sedona is the railway tour. This historic Grand Canyon scenic tour follows the same route early explorers and engineers followed, bringing you to the rim with ease and style!

From glass-topped viewing cars promising 360 degree views to dining cars providing refreshments, riding a train to the Grand Canyon will feel like stepping back in time. Watching the landscape roll by as you sway with the rocking of the train on the historic Grand Canyon Railroad route, you’ll get a taste for why so many people have flocked to the area over the last few centuries.

Once you arrive at the Canyon, you’ll be able to tour the area and enjoy the majestic views before being treated to a complimentary picnic lunch. Admire the views and learn in-depth from knowledge guides to can bring clarity and understanding to the vast and vibrant history of this magical landscape.

What better way to linger and enjoy the view but over a picnic lunch after a train ride through the stunning landscape unlike any found elsewhere in the United States! 

Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

For the more adventurous traveler, considering one of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona that will bring you on foot into the depths of the Canyon for a once in a lifetime experience. With pickup and transportation from Sedona straight to the rim of the Canyon, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the ride before descending a whopping 1,000 vertical feet down into the gorge, admiring the vistas and vantage points along the way!

Once you make the somewhat arduous climb back to the edge of the canyon, enjoy a picnic lunch before continuing the adventure. You’ll have additional options to pick from before you return to Sedona.

Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

Enjoy a tour of the iconic Grand Canyon Village or take a guided 3 mile walk along the rim to see even more of the breathtaking sights to be found at one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

You will definitely want to make sure you wear extra comfortable shoes and plenty of sunblock! The hike down into the gorge is about 1.5 miles along the sheer canyon wall and the additional hiking tour of the rim will have you breaking a sweat and not just from the desert temperatures!! 

Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

Some of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona include sights outside the park as well as the iconic sights within. For history buffs or science fans, there are tours that take advantage of the areas wealth of both.

You’ll be able to view the ruins of Wupatki, an ancient indigenous settlement that is today filled with mysterious and spellbinding ancient ruins and structures. From there, you’ll also be able to see the Sunset Crater Volcano fields, a remarkably well preserved lava flow from millennia ago.

Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

A complimentary lunch will be provided at the Cameron Trading Post, an authentic outpost located on the Navajo reservation, where you can sample southwestern inspired cuisine and perhaps grab a few souvenirs before getting up close and personal with the majestic Grand Canyon, admiring the vast beauty and sheer size of this remarkable natural wonder before heading back to your hotel in Sedona in comfort while someone else handles the driving! 

For late risers or romantics at heart, consider booking one of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona that are timed to ensure you get to witness the most magical spectacle of all; sunset at the Grand Canyon

These later tours still give a comprehensive view of everything there is to see at the Grand Canyon, but the added bonus is that you will be given a front row seat to the majestic view of the sun setting over the canyon, one of the most unique and breathtaking experiences to be had at this natural wonder.

Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

Afterward, you’ll be treated to dinner at the renowned Grand Canyon Village, filled with many unique and rustic historic buildings to embrace the romanticism of the American Southwest through and through. Relax and recall the adventures as your whisked back to your hotel for an easy and effortless conclusion to one of the best Grand Canyon tours from Sedona. 

From the stark beauty of the Sedona landscape to the massive and remarkable views of the Grand Canyon, you’re time exploring this diverse and stunning area of the United States will surely carve memories as deep and lasting as the Canyon itself. Planning to take advantage of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona is the perfect way to get the best of both areas!

Take advantage of the quieter crowds and peaceful landscape before venturing into one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Close, convenient and worth every second spent getting to and from, you’ll be sure to enjoy the time you spend at this giant natural wonder before returning to the red rocks of Sedona.

From full day hiking excursions to romantic sunsets, not to mention a healthy dose of classic American kitsch and a taste of the Wild West spirit that helped the canyon become a mainstay of the modern traveler’s bucket list, the experiences you’ll have on any one of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona will surely last a lifetime.

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