Cappadocia Tours: Picking The BEST Tours For Your Visit

Just as magical as the region itself, Cappadocia tours are varied and tailored to create some of the most breathtaking memories ever. The region of Cappadocia, located in the central part of modern day Turkey, has a vast and culturally rich history that dates back to the Roman era, and in some cases, even earlier!

From alien landscapes filled with bizarre rock formations to underground cities dating to around 2,000 BC, Cappadocia has some of the most unique experiences that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. 

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The climate is dry and desert-like in the summer months, located high on a plateau in a landlocked region bounded by large areas of desert plains and tall mountains. Winter brings with it cold and snow, making the summer the best time to visit this cultural and geographic wonderland.

You’ll have plenty of options for accommodations, perhaps the most remarkable of which is the cave hotels and hostels that pay homage to the breathtaking historic sites that fill the region.

Tourists and travelers flock from around the world to take in the otherworldly sights such as the cliff face churches, underground dwellings and peculiar “fairy towers”, tall stone pillars rising high above the ground in a curious and spellbinding appearance.

cappadocia tours

You’ll find tours that concentrate on the history or geography, as well as unique tours that promise excitement and memories unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. 

Because of the wealth of history, culture and natural wonders, you will find a variety of Cappadocia tours that will show you all the unique aspects of this region through equally unique tour options. Whether you prefer trekking and hiking or would prefer something more remarkable like a hot air balloon ride, you will be sure to find a tour that is perfect for your adventure!

Cappadocia Tours That Should NOT Be Missed!

cappadocia tours

Some things to know before booking one of the many Cappadocia tours available is the location of your starting place. Goreme is the most popular choice, a small town centrally located in Cappadocia and the starting point for the majority of the tours that visit the sites.

Walking distance from a number of the largest attractions, you’ll be able to find Cappadocia tours that involve walking, trekking and hiking. Just ten minutes away by bus is the second most popular tourist town of Uchisar, also a main starting point for tours of the remarkable sites of this area.

Tours in Goreme are color coded, making it easy to research exactly which one of these Cappadocia tours appeals most to you. The Red Tour concentrates on sites that are within walking distance of the city of Goreme, while the Green and Blue Tours almost always include transportation because they are farther away in distance while still being part of the entire region known as Cappadocia.

And of course, the hot air balloon tours are a unique aspect of the region and one of the most popular Cappadocia tours for tourists from abroad. Be sure to research ahead of time before your trip to see exactly which tours you’ll want to book in order to maximize your time during your stay in Cappadocia.

Most Popular Tours in Cappadocia 

Hot Air Balloon Tours

You’ve probably seen the publicity shots of this magical landscape filled with hot air balloons. As one of the most popular tours offered in Cappadocia, you’ll find any number of options when it comes to exploring the area from a bird’s eye vantage point.

cappadocia tours

Each variation offers something special and unique, making this amazing landscape an ever changing experience to be had. An early sunrise balloon ride, completely with complimentary coffee or tea before the flight and a champagne toast after, allows you to see the rose colors of the sun rise over the otherworldly stone formations that pepper the landscape.

For a different view, some hot air balloons concentrate their travels over the Ihlara Valley, a lush and verdant canyon often nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Turkey. 

For savvy travelers looking to combine tickets and tours, some hot air balloon tours take advantage of the sunrise views and follow it up with a luxury, small group tour on ground to see cave houses and churches and that includes a lunch at a local, authentic restaurant. 

If you are uncomfortable with heights, you can still experience the magic of the hot air balloons in Cappadocia. There are tours available for those who simply want to watch while admiring the sunrise and landscape!

cappadocia tours

A knowledgeable guide will pick you up and bring you to the most ideal vantage points to watch the balloons floating above the breathtaking scenery of Cappadocia. 

Regardless of how long your tour is or even if you step foot in a balloon or not, experiencing the hot air balloon Cappadocia tours is an absolute must for anyone traveling to this area.

The Red Tour

One of the easiest and most accessible of the Cappadocia tours available is the Red Tour. Conveniently situated within walking distance, this area is a perfect way to explore a lot of areas without having to travel too far from your home base. 

On the Red Tour, you will see sites such as Cavusin, one of the oldest settlements of cave dwellings, many of which are still inhabited to this day! Also included are stops at the Goreme Open Air Museum, filled to the brim with carved out cave monasteries, homes and structures as well as Pasabag Valley with the largest concentration of Fairy Chimneys in the region.

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Last but not least, Uchisar Castle will provide breathtaking views of the area from its high vantage point overlooking the region. This tall structure is one of the tallest in all of Cappadocia and is peppered with man-made cave dwellings and monasteries. 

Depending on the exact tour you choose, you’ll also be treated to stops at local wineries, artisan potters and authentic Turkish restaurants serving fresh, locally sourced meals.

Since this area is so conveniently located in Goreme, you won’t have to worry about hotel pick-up but to be on the safe side, most generally include this service, making it an added perk of booking a proper tour when looking to enjoy the benefits of all the Cappadocia tours available.

The Green Tour

You’ll need to allot a full day to explore everything on the Green Tour, but for history buffs and intrepid travelers alike, the Green Tour offers a comprehensive view of some of the most pristine ancient ruins found in the region.

As one of the most popular Cappadocia tours, the Green Tour visits the famed Underground City, created around 2,000 BC by Christians fleeing persecution from the Romans. 

cappadocia tours

Soganli Valley is a great spot to explore the multiple carved monasteries that fill the walls of the gorge, spanning centuries and centuries of Cappadocia’s history. Ihlara Valley features a trek of a little over 2 miles and will be filled with amazing views of the ancient structures, numbering over 100!

Last but not least, visit Selime Monastery. Avid movie buffs will recognize the alien scenery from the Star Wars movies that feature the area! 

The Blue Tour

Featuring more of the geographic wonders of the region than the Green Tour, the Blue Tour is another one of the most memorable of the Cappadocia tours offered to travelers. 

Devrent Valley, also known as Imagination Valley, is an otherworldly landscape of volcanic formations and stunning scenery that will leave you breathless with wonder. Another highlight of the tour is Pigeon Valley, filled with dozens of ancient homes and most notably, dovecotes that used to house pigeons centuries ago.

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Pigeons were a vital resource for the ancient people who inhabited the region for the fact that their nutrient rich droppings could be harvested and used to improve the quality of the soil that was used for farming. 

You’ll also be treated to Greek structures with panoramic views of the area and hands on experiences with local artisans. Lunch is provided and typically includes authentic Turkish dishes.

Unique Cappadocia Tours

Another popular and particularly unique experience offered in the line up of Cappadocia tours is an all-terrain vehicle tour. A far more exhilarating experience than a walking tour or hot air balloon ride, you’ll be guided over the terrain by an experienced guide, zipping through mysterious valleys to view ancient sites and structures as well as the unique geography of this remarkable region.

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Experience the landscape as the sun sets, coloring the land in even more magical colors as you adventure through the rugged landscape.

Some all-terrain vehicle tours include the option to experience an authentic Turkish barbeque experience. Similar to Bedoin barbeques in the Sahara, you’ll be escorted to a sweeping vista to experience not only the rich culture and delicious regional cuisine, but also the picturesque beauty of the sunset over the landscape of Cappadocia. 

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For something a little quieter but equally as unique, consider one of the horseback Cappadocia tours. Known as “the land of the beautiful horses”, it seems only fitting that you explore on horseback.

Trained guides will lead you along trails that explore the quieter and more remote sections of the picturesque valleys, bringing you to sights that are far less frequented by crowds of tourists and tour groups.

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An added perk is that these trails culminate in a return trip that brings you through peaceful apricot orchards and local vineyards, a perfect way to experience the farming traditions that date back centuries. 

For a more personal experience, consider a full-day private tour of the best of Cappadocia’s rural and traditional lifestyle. With a very small group and a personal guide with knowledge of the local areas and customs, you will be able to experience the behind the scenes details and picturesque moments that aren’t part of more traditional Cappadocia tours.

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From small artisans to rural farmers and lesser known restaurants or sights, a private tour is a perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle and get a closer, more intimate look at everything this remarkable area has to offer.

cappadocia tours

Small group tours are a happy compromise between private tours and larger group tours. You’ll find all sorts of small group tours available in Cappadocia, from hiking and trekking to exploring historic sights and the remarkable landscape.

Because the group size is capped at usually around 10-15 people, the experience is more intimate and special. These small group tours are generally best for crowded sights, such as the Underground City, as well as some of the magical landscape tours, where you’ll benefit from the peace associated with a smaller group and more intimate tour format.

If you don’t want to splurge on a private tour but still yearn for that special, curated experience, a small group tour could be the perfect option for you.

Where to stay in Cappadocia

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Touring Cappadocia is excitingly fun, but staying in Cappadocia is on another level! You may have seen dreamy photos swirling the internet of rooftop breakfasts and photo shoots with the balloons. These are popular and photogenic places that are a must!

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A few of the most popular hotels in Cappadocia are: Sultan Cave Suites, Rox Goreme, Local Cave House, Koza Cave House, and Museum Hotel. 

Cappadocia is a breathtaking and otherworldly region, filled with a robust and vibrant history, ancient culture, unbelievable landscapes and memorable moments.

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Tourists have flocked to this area in droves to experience the one of a kind location and you too can explore these magical sights through a wide variety of Cappadocia tours. Whether you are looking for an action-packed adventure or a peaceful and magical getaway, there is sure to be a tour suited to your needs, all of which take advantage of the welcoming influence of the locals and their eagerness to share in their unique culture and cuisine.

No matter which tour or experience you decide on, you will be sure to get swept away by the magic and mystery of this unique region. Nowhere else can you experience the magic of Fairy Chimneys and underground cities alongside breathtaking and otherworldly scenery.

cappadocia tours

From the vibrant history to the surprising experiences, this area of Turkey is sure to be a place that provides memories that will last a lifetime. Dive into the remarkable experiences found in this region, filled with dozens of Cappadocia tours to ensure you see everything there is to see here! You’ll be sure to treasure each and every moment on your trip to this remarkable region!


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