Best Beaches In Phu Quoc: STEAL This Guide For Your Trip!

Located just off the shore of Vietnam and Cambodia, this tropical island paradise is home to the best beaches in Phu Quoc, making it a hidden gem of a vacation destination!

From remote stretches of pristine sand to popular resort beach destinations, the beaches of this island are plentiful and varied, making it a perfect getaway for any beach enthusiast.

The renewed investment in tourism and infrastructure have caused a boom of growth on this island. Whether you wish to avoid the crowds this has attracted or are looking for the luxury experience brought by these resorts, be sure to research the best beaches in Phu Quoc ahead of time so you know exactly what you’re looking for before you go! 

best beaches in phu quoc

Bai Sao beach

Best Beaches in Phu Quoc not to miss!

Bai Sao Beach 

best beaches in phu quoc

Located on the southeast coast of the island, Bai Sao Beach is touted by many to be one of the first and best beaches in Phu Quoc.

The gently curving beach is covered in powdery pristine white sand and rimmed by palm trees that provide coconuts used in many of the exotic drinks and dishes available to tourists in the many restaurants and bars found nearby.

There are a number of accommodations nearby that are tailored to all price points, from budget friendly rentals and hostels to large-scale luxury hotels.

It is advisable to arrive early in the morning; because of the popularity of this location, it attracts tourists by the hundreds, especially during peak tourist season. 

Long Beach

best beaches in phu quoc

A little over twelve miles in length, Long Beach is one of the longest in Phu Quoc.

Separated into roughly three sections of varying sizes, the majority of the beach has been cordoned into sections owned by large resorts along the water’s edge. 

The golden yellow sands are edged with lush palms perfect for resting in the shade and the water is still and calm, making it perfect for swimming and wading. The northern section of Long Beach is just south of Duong Dong and was the first beach to undergo massive building and infrastructure improvements.

You’ll find a clustered hotspot of resorts and hotels in every single budget range, from hostels and small rentals not far from the beach to mid-range and luxury resorts perched right on the golden sands and overlooking the peaceful waters.

The central section of Long Beach is still experiencing a lot of development, but many of the major luxury resorts here are already complete and provide pristine sandy swaths, lounge chairs and umbrellas as well as many of the other luxury amenities you would look for during a beach vacation.

Further south along the shore and further away from the developing luxury hotels, the southern portion of Long Beach is not yet fully developed and offers quieter stretches of sand to enjoy without so many crowds.

One downfall is that without direct management by a resort, this portion of undeveloped beach tends to collect trash and litter.

Nonetheless, the entire stretch of Long Beach is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc not only for its picturesque palms and smooth, calm waters but also because of its close and convenient location to the international airport and the city of Duong Dong.

Ganh Dau Beach 

On the more remote north westernmost tip of the island is the secluded little town of Ganh Dau and the nearby beach by the same name.

If you are looking to avoid the crowds that the major luxury resorts attract, this location is a perfect solution. The fishing village is a bustling collection of locals selling fruits and fresh fish in small, neighborhood markets or venturing out into the pristine waters of the secluded and serene cove.

The wooden fishing vessels are silhouetted against views of the islands of Cambodia in the distance, the blue color complemented by the equally blue waters of the bay.

While the beach is far removed from the bustling capital, you can still find accommodations that will make it feel like a luxury vacation without having to push through the crowds.

A number of hotels are located near the beach and provide umbrellas and lounge chairs on the soft powdery sands of the beach.

For a taste of local life alongside the luxury of a tropical vacation, Ganh Dau Beach is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc for those looking to relax and enjoy the natural beauty without the crowds.

Sunset Beach

best beaches in phu quoc

Technically part of Long Beach, this smaller section of the larger beach is a prime spot for travelers and another of the best beaches in Phu Quoc for those seeking a relaxing and enjoyable tropical vacation.

With a bar and restaurant that provides nightly events during peak season, including DJs and dancing as well as lunch and early dinner specials for families, Sunset Beach provides a little bit of everything for everyone.

A little over fifty yards of beach front access as well as free tanning chairs make it a great place to relax under the sun and of course, like its name claims, it offers some of the best sunsets found on the island.

May Rut Island

best beaches in phu quoc

About six miles south of the southernmost tip of Phu Quoc island is the small, privately-owned May Rut Island.

For a true taste of local life, you can visit this island to experience life like a local. Boasting an ecotourist ideal, the Vietnamese family that owns this island farms their own food, including the fish for the restaurant located on the island.

In addition to relaxing on the pristine white sand beaches and taking in the sweeping ocean views, you can enjoy snorkeling, diving, boat tours and hiking. The coral reefs along the island are said to be some of the best and provide glimpses of beautiful, vibrant coral inhabited by exotic sea snakes, many varieties of fish and even seahorses!

For an even more up-close experience, you can obtain permission from the family to spend the night camping on the pristine starlit beauty of one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc.

Ong Lang Beach

For a more rugged and spectacular example of the best beaches in Phu Quoc, head ten minutes north of Duong Dong to the pristine setting of Ong Lang Beach.

Powdery white sand beaches are punctuated by massive slabs of jet black volcanic rock, a reminder of the origins of this exotic Vietnamese island.

Small coves and bays are located all along the pockets of soft sand and the fertile soil produced by the ancient volcanic origins have resulted in a backdrop of thick jungles, exotic flowers, lush fruit orchards and abundant gardens, all of which are laced together by paved walking paths that lead to organic fruit stands, boutique hotels and posh five star restaurants.

It’s a far cry from the large-scale luxury resorts, but the attention to detail and unique flavor of the smaller, curated spaces offers something just as special and memorable for those seeking an exotic beach vacation.

Dai Beach

best beaches in phu quoc

In the northwest section of the island is the long stretch of beach known as Dai Beach.

Fringed by palms and buffeted by the gentle waves of the Bay of Thailand, the large resort that has laid claim to this beach has created a massive and adventure packed location for travelers of all types. The area around the beach is now home to a large luxury resort complex, amusement and water parks as well as golf courses and even safari adventures.

Private villas dot the surrounding area and the larger hotels have bars, restaurants, and luxury casinos to add to the experience.

The beach here is long and slim with powdery-white sands and shallow, warm water that provides for water sport adventures. Diving, boating and jet-skis can be found but for those seeking a tamer afternoon on the beach, the shade of the nearby palms or the umbrellas provided by the resort allow for an easy afternoon spent basking in the breathtaking scenery of the location.

For those seeking an all-in-one location filled with fun for all ages, the resort on Dai Beach, which is privatized and open only to guests of the resort, is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc. Be sure to book ahead during peak season so you can take advantage of everything this location has to offer.

Additional information for visiting Phu Quoc:

  • Official currency in Phu Quoc is Vietnamese Dong – don’t expect to find a lot of places to take foreign currency and it would be best to keep cash on you
  • Getting here: Phu Quoc has an international airport on the island and there is ferry service from Ha Tien or Rach Gia 
  • Currently there is no Lyft or Uber available in Phu Quoc but you can use a taxi or rent a motorbike
  • Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam coming in over 200 square miles – so you will not be able to just walk the island
  • Do not drink the water from the faucet – even the locals say not to drink it. Plan to get bottled water

Phu Quoc is a unique, vibrant tropical island off the coast of Vietnam, filled with adventures, lush scenery and luxury hotel offerings.

Because of its tropical, warm climate and the surrounding waters, this destination is a tourist attraction for those seeking to enjoy the best beaches in Phu Quoc. With dozens of different beaches to choose from, you will be able to find all sorts of beaches tailored to any number of desires.

From remote, jungle-fringed swaths of powdery sand to amenity laden luxury resort beaches, the best beaches in Phu Quoc come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to research each and every one of them before booking your trip to this Vietnamese vacation destination to find the perfect beach of your dreams!

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