The BEST Souvenirs From Italy To Bring Home From Your Trip

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Italy is a diverse and cultural treasure trove with hundreds of different souvenirs from Italy to represent the varied experiences to be had there.

From housewares to fashion items as well as food souvenirs galore, you will be sure to find something perfect to bring home to commemorate your time spent in this breathtaking country.

This list of the top souvenirs from Italy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique finds!

Souvenirs From Italy

Souvenirs from Italy Not To Forget

Visit the Murano region for one of a kind glass items

Souvenirs From Italy

Since the late 900s, the region around Murano has been renowned for its glass artisans and this is one label that hasn’t changed.

No where else in Italy or the world can you find quite so many unique and interesting pieces! Some of the oldest known glass furnaces remain in use today in Murano and the town has rows upon rows of shops and workshops dedicated to this ancient art form.

When in this area of Italy, one would be hard pressed to find anything unoriginal or unique to take home as a souvenir.

From dishware to glassware, lamps to trinkets, Murano glass can be found in all shapes and sizes. Each one is handmade from start to finish, so this item from the top ten list of souvenirs from Italy comes with the added benefit of being completely one of a kind!

Score some designer Italian leather from Tuscany

Souvenirs From Italy

It comes as no surprise that when looking for items to commemorate your travels, prized (and pricey) Italian leather tops the list of souvenirs from Italy.

In the major tourist destination of Florence, boutique designer shops overflowing with leather accessories can be found in high demand. From handbags to wallets, purses and shoes, the shopping districts of Florence are home to some of the most instantly recognizable designer labels around.

What better way to remember the time you spent in Italy than to buy yourself a designer handbag or pair of shoes from the likes of Versace or Armani?

It might be one of the priciest items on this list of the top ten souvenirs from Italy, but the opportunity to buy such high demand luxury items straight from the source is a once in a lifetime experience that makes outlet shopping pale in comparison!

Hit the streets of Milan for authentic Italian fashion pieces

Souvenirs From Italy

Vying for a top spot alongside the sumptuous Italian leather goods is Italian fashion garments from big name Italian designers such as Valentino or Dolce & Gabbana.

But if you’ve already blown your budget on a pair of luxury leather kicks, fret not! Vying for a spot among the fashion elites is no small task and for that reason, you can find far more affordable brands with just as much style and artistic eye right alongside the powerhouse designers.

Whether you’re in the market for an elegant work piece or a luxurious summer vacation statement item, there are dozens of lesser known Italian designers crowding the streets of Milan and elsewhere who offer items with just as much tailoring for sometimes half the price!

Plus, donning this delightful new article of clothing will be sure to remind you of your time abroad, making it another one of the top souvenirs from Italy.

Snag some authentic Torrone from Italy’s Sardinia region

torrone from italy

While the name Torrone is instantly recognizable and found all across America in its classic yellow hued packaging, you haven’t tasted this Italian nougat until you’ve sampled the real thing.

This indulgent confection is renowned around the Sardinia region of Italy, where some of the most truly authentic versions can be found. One thing to know before you go; if the sample you are given is white instead of cream colored in hue, it is a cheaper version using sugar!

Some of the best recipes are found in the open air markets and food festivals! They use real honey and either almonds or hazelnuts sourced locally for a robust and indulgent flavor lacking in the mass marketed American version of the famous treat.

For those with a sweet tooth, Torrone from the birthplace of this confection makes for one of the best souvenirs from Italy.

Sample some famous cured meats and bring some home for later

Souvenirs From Italy

Italian cuisine is beloved the world over and there is nothing quite so popular or well-known as the cured meats made famous by this country.

Many of the specialty cured sausages and salamis are easily packed or shipped home and you would be remiss in visiting Italy without scoring some prosciutto di Parma. This luxury item can be found on charcuterie plates the world over but you don’t have to worry about packing this one up!

Guaranteed you’ll be unable to resist eating it all up before you even get to the departure gate! For a sensory reminder of the delicious food you sampled during your time in this country, taking home some of the best cured meats is one of the best options for food souvenirs from Italy.

Pack up a taste of Italy for home

Souvenirs From Italy

When one thinks of Italian cuisine, pasta is probably the first item that comes to mind and for this reason, homemade dried pasta is probably one of the most prevalent things found in the suitcases of those packing souvenirs from Italy to bring home.

No matter where you wander in this diverse and food-filled country, you will be sure to find shops, restaurants and vendors selling dried versions of their famous pasta.

This Italian staple comes in all shapes, colors and sizes, giving you the option to find exactly the right pasta to bring home for an authentic Italian dinner stateside.

Pair it with a jar of sauce or a package of sun-dried tomatoes dried in the Italian sunshine for a trip down memory lane and the perfect way to commemorate your travels.

Buy truffles straight from the source in Umbria

Souvenirs From Italy

Any foodie or chef will tell you that truffles are the black gold of the food world and for this reason, many visiting the Umbria region can’t leave without buying truffles straight from the source; one of the best souvenirs from Italy for chefs, foodies or aficionados of Italian cuisine.

Found naturally growing all over Italy but particularly in the Umbria region, this robust and flavorful mushrooms instantly elevate any dish, from soup to salad to pasta.

This area of Italy sells the delicious ingredient in many forms perfect for any use. Truffle oil is the most popular version, but you can also find pastes or dried truffles to pack home and impress your friends with a fine meal while recounting your time in the countryside of Italy!

Top your Italian souvenir meal with Italian cheese

italian cheese

While food makes for a majority of the list of souvenirs from Italy, it would be wrong to avoid perhaps the most beloved delicacy!

Italian cheeses come in all shapes and sizes, flavors and aromas. Perhaps the most iconic is parmigiano reggiano, the staple of Italian pasta dishes world wide. Another bonus is that it is an aged cheese that doesn’t require refrigeration!

Since you already have all the other food souvenirs from Italy, grab a chunk of this famous Italian cheese as the perfect accent to your authentic Italian dinner!!

Bring home a fine vintage to sip the memories of Italy

Dating back centuries, Italy has had a love affair with wine and their unique and varied varietals tell the tale of this age old practice. Italian wines are some of the finest and most popular the world over and one of the most sought after experiences in Italy is wine tasting and vineyard tours.

While you are taking in the breathtaking beauty of sweeping vineyards in Tuscany, grab yourself a bottle of their finest vintages to bring home with you!

Robust reds, refreshing whites and delicious rosés can be found all over this beautiful countryside and make a great addition to any collectors cellar, making it another popular addition to the top ten list of souvenirs from Italy.

Bring home a classic Italian ceramic piece to tie it all together

With all the ingredients necessary for a taste of Italy at home, another item to consider as one of the souvenirs from Italy to purchase is one of their world renowned ceramics or pottery pieces.

Much like their mastery of the ancient art of wine making, this country and its ancient origins make it home to some of the oldest names in ceramic and pottery making.

Florence is filled with workshops that date back centuries and Piedmont’s Mondavi rooster icon is known and emulated the world over, now a synonymous image in kitchens throughout Europe and the Americas.

Purchase a serving dish straight from the manufacturer for a perfect way to tie together all the bits and pieces you collected during your time in Italy!

Don’t forget Limoncello 

Souvenirs From Italy

Popular in the southern area of Italy, one simply doesn’t visit Italy and not bring a bottle of this delight home. Often served chilled, neat – however, limoncello can be served in a variety of ways that you won’t soon forget.

Italy is a diverse and ancient country filled with amazing sights to see and experiences to have.

Much like the memories this country promises, the souvenirs from Italy are some of the most unique but also most well known in the world. As a leader in everything from fashion to food, traveling to Italy offers the opportunity to experience beloved classics in their most authentic form.

This top ten list of souvenirs from Italy is just a small sampling of what this country has to offer; you’ll have to visit it yourself to discover the rest!


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