London Souvenirs Worth Purchasing To Bring Home

London, England is one of the top tourist destinations in the United Kingdom and for this reason, there are hundreds of London souvenirs to bring home as a way to commemorate the trip!

Filled with historic and cultural landmarks, interesting and unique food, and the world renowned royal family, there are any number of souvenirs that run the gamut from kitschy to collectible.

Whether you are planning your first visit or returning to visit this vibrant and culture filled capital city, this list of the top London souvenirs will be sure to inspire your adventures and ensure you find the perfect item to remember your adventure with. 


London Souvenirs Worth Picking Up

Double decker bus!


The most quintessential of the London souvenirs, the double-decker bus. Even if you don’t get a chance to ride on one, you will see them all over London and are part of the city.

However, if you are following an itinerary, like four days in London or five days in London, we highly recommend riding one of these to see the city at some point. 

Grab a vintage treasure in Notting Hill

Famous for the charming pastel hues of the row houses and flats as well as the romantic comedy movie by the same name, Notting Hill is a popular destination for visitors from near and far.

After a day spent wandering the quaint streets and side roads, step into one of the many antique shops and boutiques for a treasure hunt. While the famous Portobello market runs on weekends and peak tourist times, the shops and boutiques are open regularly and fill the charming streets with tumbles of wares and a vibrant market feel.

If you are looking for something more personal to add to your collection of London souvenirs, an antique or vintage collectible from the famed Notting Hill will be the perfect addition without being too kitschy or mass market in appearance. 

Step back in time at Fortnum’s Emporium

It’s no secret that London is full of rich history and there is no better place to get a feel for how deep it runs than at the Emporium of Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly.

Considered by many to be a living history museum, Fortnum’s has been in existence for over 300 years and the walls are lined with examples of this history at every turn.

First opened as a food market stall, this Emporium is now a sprawling complex with a massive collection of all things gourmet with a distinctly British lens.

From jams and jellies to biscuits and breads, Fortnum’s has a little bit of everything and makes for a large variety of items that make for some of the best London souvenirs.

Grab a collector’s tin of Britain’s world renowned biscuits for an experience to be enjoyed twice; first in eating the cookies and then in reusing the charming and colorful tin they came in!

Enjoy a hot cuppa and bring some home for later


You can’t talk about London England without talking about their obsession and mastery of all things tea related!

From full-service afternoon tea, also known as High Tea, to the more reserved and smaller cream tea experiences, you will find that London’s love affair runs deep.

Whether you are enjoying the full service affair with finger sandwiches and tiny hors d’œuvres or partaking in a light affair with Devonshire cream on scones, the experience of an afternoon tea in London is by far one of the most quintessential memories from your time in England.

To commemorate the experience, you will find a wealth of porcelain tea cups and fanciful teapots as well as tea cozies and loose tea in charming tins to bring home with you as one of the many London souvenirs you’ll be able to enjoy long after the jet lag fades away. 


Bring home a medieval replica from the Tower of London

Infamous for its dark and tortured history, the Tower of London holds a top spot for tourists as one of the must visit locations during a trip to this vibrant capital city.

From the world renowned ravens to the remarkable Crown Jewels, the Tower of London offers so much more than just the opportunity to stand on the ancient execution grounds or a visit to the macabre torture chambers of historical repute.

Of course, like any proper tourist attraction, you will find the gift shop to be overflowing with items that are relevant to the experience!

Bring home a replica of Anne Boleyn’s necklace or a sword from the Knights Templar for a truly unique piece of memorabilia to add to your collection of London souvenirs!


Buy a piece of London street art for your home

The streets of London are filled with not only galleries and art boutiques but also some of the most famous street art of the world.

Banksy himself is an English native and many of his famous political pieces are still found along the winding streets of this vibrant city.

Whether you are grabbing a print or original artwork from a gallery or choosing something a bit more unique like a pillow or scarf, you will be sure to find a piece of art that will help you remember your time in England.

Perhaps one of the best London souvenirs would be a coffee table art book from one of the many museums and shops in the various art districts and collectors spots. 

Score your own set of Crown Jewels at Buckingham Palace

When one thinks of London, the world-famous British Royal family is one of the first things that instantly comes to mind!

You can’t visit this historic place without stopping at Buckingham Palace for a chance to see the changing of the guard or visit the nearby museums and gift shops.

For a truly luxurious and memorable souvenir, you can stop at the Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham for a collectible to add to your personal Crown Jewels!

A replica of Princess Diana’s royal engagement ring or a sparkling glitzy tiara is one of the fanciest items on any top ten list of London souvenirs to bring home. 

Bring the English garden experience home


The British surely know how to make everything a little bit more luxurious and their take on picnicking is no exception to this rule.

From the pristine lawns to the well-manicured English rose gardens, the picture perfect experience demands a high-class approach.

All over London, you’ll find incredibly up-scale picnic sets to bring a touch of elegance home with you.

Fully stocked with fine china, delicate crystal and dainty silverware, these designer picnic sets will elevate any State-side picnic experience to that which rivals a Royal experience.

If the luxury sets are a touch too impractical to lug home, they are often sold right beside smaller but still designer quality picnic sets with more practical versions of all the English fixings as a perfect piece to add to your collection of London souvenirs. 

Represent your favorite British football team year-round

Soccer, or football depending on which side of the pond you’re on at the time, is a beloved pastime of Londoners and the excitement and energy of a game will be an experience you’ll remember for years to come.

From the cheering and chanting to the screams of jubilation upon a goal or win, the British football experience is unlike any other in the world. In classic British fashion, spectators often don colored scarves in their favorite team’s colors.

You too can show your loyalty to your favorite football team by adding a colored scarf or football jersey to your bag of London souvenirs!

Grab a baby Big Ben to remember the experience


Big Ben is probably the most quintessential and iconic symbols of London and you would be remiss if you didn’t take the time to marvel at this giant landmark.

Seen pictured all over the city, this timeless timepiece is a treasured emblem of London flavor and culture and their is no better nor more instantly recognizable item that represents this historic capital.

For this reason, a miniature version of Big Ben is one of the most perfect London souvenirs to bring home with you. Whether it sits on a desk or shelf, one glimpse at this little icon will instantly bring you back to the time you spent in this vibrant British city. 

Go big with classic British kitsch


No matter where you go in London England, the image of the Union Jack will be prominent in its instantly recognizable pattern of red, white and blue.

As the long-standing symbol of British power, wealth and national pride, this flag flies at every opportunity, from small shops and private homes to the top of Buckingham Palace itself.

For this reason, you will find kitschy items emblazoned with this symbol in every shop and boutique on practically every street.

Embrace the kitsch and grab any number of items displaying this British symbol to bring home with you from your trip. It can often make for a humorous anecdote and conversation piece; some of the best London souvenirs are often the strangest!

From rubber duckies to hats, shirts, socks, and even underwear, the Union Jack’s unmistakable identity will instantly recall your time spent in England. This is a great place to shop when you are spending Christmas in London with kids

Bring the Queen home

london souvenirs

Believe it or not, there are figurines of the Queen all over England, not just in London, for foreigners to take home.

Americans are especially enamored with the Royal Family – so if you don’t run into them on your trip, get the next best thing.

Filled with history, culture and a vibrant life and flavor unique to this capital city, a visit to London, England will be one that sticks with you for years to come.

From the marvelous palaces to the manicured gardens and every charming street and square between them, London is filled with landmarks and attractions that are known the world around.

When shopping for London souvenirs to bring home from your trip abroad, you will have an easy time finding something fun and uniquely personal to add to your travel memorabilia.

This list of the top ten London souvenirs is merely an inspiration, because there is no shortage of items available within this exciting metropolis!

Starbucks Collectors London Mug

london souvenirs

If you are a fan of Starbucks, then this item needs no introduction. When it comes to London souvenirs, Starbucks does have the London destination mugs in their stores. 

You will want to double check to see what they have in stock. Sometimes it will just be the standard coffee mug size and others may have the ornament size that is an espresso size. 

Bonus: You can get an England and/or London mug to bring home and they typically come in two styles!

Best Souvenirs from London

When it comes to selecting the very best souvenirs from London, only one thing comes to mind. 

Send yourself a postcard


One of the easiest and cheapest souvenirs you can get is a postcard to yourself.

If you like to collect things from other countries, when you are in town, pick up a postcard, write yourself a memory from that day, stamp it, and mail it home.

Of all the London souvenirs you could get, this won’t need to be transported home and will have to travel from London to your home via mail.

You can collect these for years to come as a memory to a place you once visited. 

Bonus: friends and family LOVE getting these AND they are probably the cheapest souvenir.

Finding a London Souvenir Shop

When it comes to finding a London souvenir shop, there is no shortage in the city! London averages about 30 million visitors a year, so their is a massive retail opportunity here. 

A lot of people like to bring something home from their trip, and whatever it may be, you are sure to find a London souvenir worth collecting.

London Heathrow Airport

If you get too busy or cannot seem to make up your mind on which item to bring home, the London Heathrow Airport on your way out may just be the best London souvenir shop. 

The airport is international and knows people will be picking up “last minute” items they either forgot while in the city or that they randomly see and decide they want. 

But keep in mind, you are most likely going to see a spike in price due to its location in the airport.


Most museums have some soft of gift shop inside of them to see memorabilia of things in the museum and/or local items. 

Take for example, the Museum of London – they house a gift shop that has postcards, toys, prints, books, and so on. If you are in the museum already, just drop in and see what they have. 

Street Corners

One simply doesn’t visit London and MISS all the vendors selling their specialties. 

These are great places to find very specific things – but one should make sure to have cash just in case the vendor doe not take credit card. 

Retail Shops

You will find no shortage of retail shops that carry the best souvenirs from London!

Best Souvenir Shops in London

There are a lot of places to purchase in the city, but below are the best souvenir shops in London that are easy to access. 

Again, there are many places you can buy souvenirs in the city and you should look around, too, because there is a lot of stuff to consider. 

It may be helpful to think about what you want to purchase before you arrive so you know when you find the perfect item, you can just purchase it.

However, don’t rule out spontaneous gifts! There have been some incredible finds throughout travel that you would have never guessed if you hadn’t looked. 

Cool Britannia

Cool Britannia is a popular London souvenir shop with multiple locations around popular attractions, making it easy to access. You can find just about anything in these stores. 

Westminster Abbey Shop

The Westminster Abbey Shop offers both in store and online purchasing. If you find something you really want but want to wait to get home to purchase, this would be one to get it from. 

Fancy That of London

Fancy That of London is a highly rated gift shop just a stones throw away from The British Museum. 

You can find all the easy souvenirs here: t-shirts, magnets, funny English humor, pens, and so forth.

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