The BEST Cuba Beaches For Your Caribbean Vacation

Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean islands, is a breathtaking and historic island located not far from the southernmost location in the continental United States and Cuba beaches are one of the most popular reasons to visit!

This island paradise is a stunning and magical mixture of pristine natural beauty and opulent historical sites, as well as the crowning jewel of this destination; the picturesque Cuba beaches. From remote and isolated pockets of untouched white sand to bustling, amenity rich tourist destinations, the beaches of Cuba are some of the most unique and interesting beaches in the world.

Trace the footsteps of Columbus, explore the vibrant coral reefs or marvel at the spectacle of wild horses or flamingos at the places listed on this top ten list of the best beaches for your Cuba itinerary!

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Cuba Beaches That You Will LOVE

Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso, translating to Paradise Beach, surely lives up to its name! Pristine and nearly untouched, this sweep of white sand boasts a peaceful atmosphere with some of the calmest waters found on the island of Cuba within easy distance of the hustle and bustle of the nearby beach town. Because the hotels are set away from the beach, the area remains tranquil and serene. Access is still easy despite this fact; Jeep and scooter rentals can be found in the city as well as a convenient taxi and shuttle service. While it lacks upscale amenities found in more developed areas, there are small snack bars providing treats, fresh juices and alcoholic beverages, making this one of the top ten Cuba beaches on this Caribbean Island for a tranquil and relaxing beach holiday.

Playa Los Flamencos

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If you are seeking a more luxury experience, Playa Los Flamencos is surely the best of Cuba beaches to find exactly what you are looking for. Also called Cayo Coco Beach, this stretch of white sand beach boasts some of the most lavish and luxurious of all-inclusive beach resorts found on the island. Located on the island chain archipelago of Jardines del Rey, this particular island even has its own international airport, making access to this Caribbean paradise effortless. A little under two miles of pristine white sand hugs the turquoise waters that are often filled with an abundance of starfish and other marine animals, providing a taste of the natural splendor that Cuba beaches are renowned for. 

Varadero Beach

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Another one of the highest ranking locations on this list of the top ten Cuba beaches is Varadero Beach. By far one of the most popular beach locations, Varadero is home to 15 pristine miles of powdery white sand and prolific recreational activities that include sailing, fishing, glass-bottomed boat tours, snorkeling or diving at one of the almost thirty dive sites that can be found around this beach. Because of its popularity and appeal, the area draws many tourists as well as the amenities that appeal to them, and it’s convenient location on a slim peninsula means that you can enjoy the multiple cultural and historic sites in the city while staying within just a few steps of the long stretch of beach at any given time!

Playa Coral

Located not that far from the Varadero area is another popular location that holds a spot on any list of the top Cuba beaches. Playa Coral earns its name from the breathtaking swaths of coral found offshore, making it a top destination for snorkeling and diving. Visitors can snorkel right off the shore or on the outskirts of the nearby reserve, but the best experience is found by taking a snorkeling tour provided by the Flora and Fauna Reserve. For a surprisingly affordable price, you will be provided with access to the protected areas of the coral reefs, all the equipment you will need for the excursion, a personal guide and water taxi service to the locations. Reportedly, over 300 species of exotic Carribean fish visible within the snorkeling sights of the Flora and Fauna Reserve, making a trip to this breathtaking natural wonder a must for anyone seeking to get up close and personal with the wild beauty of this island paradise destination. 

Playa Pilar

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Also known as Cayo Guillermo, this location is renowned for its laid-back and unpretentious beach vibe. Far quieter than the larger and more popular beach locations, Playa Pilar provides just over two miles of picturesque white sand beach and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing wild flamingos gathering in large flocks to feed and relax among the calm turquoise waters. As many as 12,000 flamingos are part of the colony that has made this sleepy beach location their home and as a result, this beach earns a spot on the top ten list of Cuba beaches that you must visit while traveling to the islands of Cuba.

Playa Los Pinos in Cayo Sabinal

For a magical and almost otherworldly experience, venturing to Playa Los Pinos in Cayo Sabinal is an absolute must for anyone visiting the breathtaking Cuba beaches. Removed from the high traffic tourism locations and the commercial development that comes along with them is this virtually untouched piece of natural beauty. While there are many smaller beaches in Cayo Sabinal, Playa Los Pinos is the most popular and longest of the beaches found here. The biggest draw is the serene and breathtaking experience of seeing wild horses and deer roaming in and out of the wooded areas that lie adjacent to the white sandy beaches along the brilliant blue of the Caribbean waters. The fact that this beach is often nearly deserted makes seeing these creatures a fairly often occurrence and one that is truly magical to behold. 

Playa Perla Blanca in Cayo Santa Maria

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Part of the archipelago of Jardines del Rey, Cayo Santa Maria is a pristine island paradise that remains surprisingly untouched and utterly stunning. While it might be a bit of a trek to get to, Playa Perla Blanca is by far one of the most unspoiled of the Cuba beaches found in this area, making the adventure to get there well worth the reward. Even the infamous Fidel Castro himself is reported to have called Playa Perla Blanca and the area of Cayo Santa Maria superior to the popular destination of Varadero Beach! With such a claim to fame, a visit to this location is a must for any traveler to the island of Cuba. Being able to say that you relaxed on the same beach as this infamous dictator is not something many can lay claim to!

Playa Ancon

While the northern portion of Cuba is by far the most developed and often the first, if not only, places travelers get to visit, some of the best Cuba beaches can be found on the southern portion of the island. Playa Ancon is one of the most popular of the beaches found in this area. Called by some the best of the beaches in the area, this beach boasts golden-hued sands dotted with trees and shrubbery as well as turquoise waters filled with coral reefs and exotic fish and marine wildlife. Nearby, the city of Trinidad Cuba is a colonial city often dubbed the jewel of Cuba’s historic crown and provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the sensation of stepping back in time to the opulence and mystery of this frozen in time island paradise. 

Playa Guardalavaca

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Just under a mile of sparkling and pristine white sands set against a backdrop of picturesque rolling hills and fields of palms make Playa Guardalavaca one of the most stunning of the Cuba beaches popular with visitors and locals alike. Because it is virtually untouched by commercial tourism, this place is a particular favorite of locals who wish to enjoy the genuine Cuban beach vacation vibe without the development of popular tourist recreation or amenities. Another claim to fame for this location? Christopher Columbus himself proclaimed the area of Playa Guardalavaca as the most beautiful place on earth! Visit this paradise to trace the steps of this infamous explorer and see for yourself why even this original globetrotter gave it such an esteemed title!

Playa Larga

Visiting Cuba provides a glimpse into its storied history and tumultuous past and there is no better place to trace the footsteps of this than at Playa Larga. Best known for the Bay of Pigs invasion, today this area is a hot spot for tourists and visitors looking for economical water adventures and the diving and snorkeling sites around this beach and in the Bay of Pigs are a great way to see the evidence of Cuba’s past. If water activities aren’t your cup of tea, the beach of Playa Larga is ringed with a large amount of trees that provide ample shade for those seeking to relax on the smooth white sand and admire the tranquil, gently rolling waves of the crystalline waters. 

cuba beaches - Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach

Whether you are visiting this breathtaking Caribbean gem for its history or natural splendor, Cuba beaches will provide something for everyone who travels to this island. As the largest of the islands in the Caribbean, the beaches are plentiful and because of the truly unique history of the country, some of the most unique to be found in the area. Practically frozen in time, Cuba and its beaches retain so much flavor, culture and natural beauty unspoiled by the development of tourism and commercialism. Visit for yourself to see the character and appeal of this island destination and while you’re there, be sure to stop at one (or all!) of the top Cuba beaches!

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