Positano Beach: The Essentials For Visiting This Stunning Destination

Positano, the cliff side paradise and tourist hot spot in Italy, is a vacation destination filled with so many things to do and see but the most popular by far is a visit to the Marina Grande, also known as Spiaggia Grande or simply Positano Beach.

With stunning views of the crystalline blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as sweeping vistas of the pastel-hued city rising up along the rocky terrain, Positano Beach is worth a visit just for the panorama of this Italian paradise.

But for those seeking a bit more than that, Positano Beach has many amenities to satisfy any traveler’s needs and desires.

Whether you are looking for a chance to simply relax in the sun or dance the night away while experiencing Positano’s up-and-coming nightlife, everything you could hope to find exists within steps of this luxurious beach location.

After a long and busy day climbing up and down the twisting and winding steps and alleys of this cliff side coastal city, nothing could be better than resting on the beach to admire the view. Be sure to schedule time in your travel itinerary to take advantage of everything Positano Beach has to offer.

This beach guide details everything you need to know before you visit this exciting and luxury destination!

positano beach

Positano Beach: The Ultimate Guide For Visiting

Nestled at the very center of the city of Positano, Positano Beach is comprised of dark sand and stones with breathtaking views of the coastline as well as the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Popular among celebrities for many years, it isn’t uncommon to spot VIPs and well-known figures renting beach chairs from the resorts and restaurants along this stretch of sand. There is plenty of sand to be had, since Positano Beach is one of the largest of the Amalfi coast at around 900 feet in length.

The peak times are during the summer, but the area is usually very busy regardless from about Easter through Christmas. During the dead of winter, it gets a bit less crowded, as a majority of the attractions run on either a limited schedule or close completely.

If you have your heart set on a January or February visit though, accommodations can usually be found by way of bed and breakfasts or privately owned AirBnBs.

positano beach

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During the busy period of the year, Positano Beach is the main beach in the city and is surrounded by swanky bars and chic restaurants as well as many luxury, boutique hotels sought after by throngs of tourists and travelers seeking to experience the luxury and glitz of this Amalfi Coast beach.

Getting to the beach is best achieved by walking from the main square, taking a city transportation bus or finding a water taxi from another nearby beach.

Driving is quite difficult and often not allowed along a majority of the tight and winding alleyways and streets, so it is advised to leave you vehicle at the highway in a paid car park and rely on foot travel.

Some locations do offer a porter service for a fee for those traveling with a lot of bags or luggage. It helps to be aware that the parking is often very expensive, sometimes equal to or even more expensive than hotel accommodations, so it is often advised to forego renting a car entirely and rely on the efficient and much cheaper public transportation available.

Even better, check with your hotel before booking to see if they provide transportation to and from the airport. Many do, and often for free with the booking of a room at their establishment.

Once you’ve settled in and dropped off your bags, heading to the beach is as easy as walking just a couple minutes from the main city square!

positano beach

Primarily broken into three large sections, two of which are private and require a fee to rent the beach loungers and umbrella, there is opportunity for any budget to experience this picturesque beach.

The ‘free’ section is often very crowded during peak tourist season but is a perfect way to experience a tiny taste of the luxury life granted by this city without having to spend much. The trade-off is that it can often be hard to stake a claim for the day unless you arrive very early in the day and without a dedicated, paid staff to maintain it, can occasionally become littered with debris from the crowds that come and go.

From this free area of the beach, you can access the pier, where most water taxis and boating tours depart. Whether you are taking a taxi to a nearby bay or one of the small islands off the coast, there are so many options for tours and excursions found here.

One of the most popular is renting a sailing excursion to see the view of Positano from the open water and admire the sun setting over the pristine landscape!

Additional options include snorkeling and scuba diving trips, private yacht tours and even party boats if you are seeking to let loose a little!

One particularly recognizable and regularly operating water taxis is run by a restaurant. Approximately every thirty minutes, Da Adolfo beach restaurant, located just five minutes away on nearby Laurito Beach, runs this taxi for restaurant customers only, allowing you to travel to the famed restaurant for their unique take on local cuisine at a surprisingly affordable rate.

Look for the small boat with the bright red fish if you want to take advantage of this opportunity!

positano beach

Another of the most sought after destinations on Positano Beach is the famed dance club Music on the Rocks.

This unique and posh dance club is located inside of a cave right off the beach and boasts not only some of the most well-known DJs in the world but also a clientele list that resembles a red carpet who’s who!

Events run all summer long and the strobe lights and dance music run till the early morning hours just steps away from the sweeping expanse of Positano Beach!

If you are looking for something a little more low-key, staying at one of the luxury hotels on the beach is the way to go.

Buca Di Bacco hotel and restaurant is just steps away from Positano Beach and boasts world-class luxury accommodations as well as unrivaled views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Positano Beach and the city of Positano from many of the rooms as well as the private terrace perched over the beach.

The hotel provides many five-star amenities including a free breakfast buffet by the renowned chefs of the in-house restaurant.

Another perk of this hotel is the ability to reserve the chef for your own private cooking lessons, all while taking in the views of the magnificent Positano Beach!

positano beach

Despite all these luxurious locations and excursions, by far the most sought after experience in Positano Beach is the ability to lounge in the sun and simply admire the views.

All the loungers, umbrellas and chairs are owned and operated by various private establishments, but the best of these has to be Lido L’Incanto restaurant.

With fully accessible beachfront amenities and the ability to book your beach chair ahead of time online, this establishment is by far the easiest and most convenient of options for renting a chair on the famous Positano Beach. The price can be steep, costing approximately 22-25 Euros (and sometimes more during peak seasons) but it is competitive with other beach chair rentals on Positano Beach and offers more than enough perks to support the hefty price tag.

The on-site beachfront bar as well as a nearby pizzeria and a fully stocked snack bar are just a few of the offerings. Additionally, there is free WiFi, showers, cabins and the ability to select your location ahead of time online.

There is a very generous 60 minute tolerance period for late reservations, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy the luxury experience, even if your flight was running a little late!

positano beach

With so much to see and do in Positano, it’s no wonder that so many tourists flock to this location to experience the breathtaking scenery, warm waters and luxury amenities and accommodations. And of course, the crowning jewel in this city is Positano Beach.

Whether you want to stay right on the edge of the beach in world-class style, rub elbows with the celebrity elite on a private stretch of pebbled sand or simply use it as a jumping point for more adventurous excursions in and around the city, Positano Beach is the heart and soul of this Italian city.

With something for everyone, no matter the budget, Positano Beach is the perfect starting point for any adventure along the Amalfi Coast. Words can’t come close to expressing how breathtaking the experience is, so be sure to plan your own adventure to Positano Beach so you can see for yourself why so many people have this location on their bucket list!

You won’t regret making this luxury beach a destination during your travels.

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