Amalfi Coast Beaches – The Ultimate Guide

The Amalfi Coast of Italy is a famed and highly-sought after destination for travelers from around the world and the number one draw is the Amalfi Coast beaches.

Almost entirely consisting of grey pebble beaches, the main attraction is the unique and breathtaking scenery that accompanies these vacation destinations.

Seaside cliffs rise high above the crystal clear blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea upon which coastal towns cling precariously to the rugged rocky terrain in terraced cities with narrow roads and winding alleys.

The unique topography accounts for a number of the beaches being accessible only by boat or on foot after navigating narrow stairways down the cliff.

Despite this, the Amalfi Coast beaches remain a top European bucket list and promise all the amenities and enjoyment you would expect from any Mediterranean beach location.

Be sure to do your research so you can find the perfect beach along the Amalfi Coast to get the most out of your Italian holiday, and don’t forget your beach items

amalfi coast beaches

Amalfi Coast Beaches: Ultimate Guide To Italian Coast Beaches

The Marina Grande of Amalfi

Situated at the base of Amalfi is Marina Grande, the largest and most popular of Amalfi Coast beaches.

Rows of vibrant umbrellas and sunbeds are scattered along the shore and available for rent to those who want to experience maximum comfort and amazing amenities.

The colorful beach paired with the exquisite background of the town of Amalfi make this location one of the most sought out destinations, especially during the summer months.

Despite its large expanse, you may have trouble finding an available bed during the crowded peak season, however there is a “free beach” at the opposite end that offers visitors a place to throw down a towel.

If you are looking for a family-friendly beach to relax and enjoy a stunning view, Marina Grande is an absolute must-see!

The Marina Grande of Positano

Amalfi Coast Beaches

Located at the center of Positano Italy is Positano Beach, also called Spiaggia Grande or Big Beach in English.

Often considered one of the most luxurious and sought-after locations along the Amalfi Coast, Positano Beach is a destination for the elite, making it one of the best Amalfi Coast beaches for rubbing elbows with celebrities, artists and other famous individuals from around the world.

Boasting over 300 meters of grey sandy pebble beach with sun beds and beach loungers available for rent, Positano Beach is surrounded by many chic bars, luxury hotels and boutique restaurants.

Unrivaled for its views of the pastel-hued cliffside coastal city, this beach is a close second to the beach of Amalfi as a top destination for those seeking to experience the true Amalfi Coast experience. 


The beaches of Erchie

amalfi coast beaches

Accessible only by sea, the fishing village of Erchie is a hidden gem along the many Amalfi Coast beaches.

Surrounded by the Latteri Mountains, Erchie offers seclusion and tranquility making it popular among tourists who want to avoid crowds.

Erchie is home to two beaches: the main beach of Erichie which is about 200 meters long and the Spiagga di Cauco. Both provide gorgeous views of the sparkling blue water of the Amalfi Coast.

History enthusiasts may also enjoy the view of two medieval Saracen towers: Torre Cerniola and Torre di Tummolo which were built in the 16th century to protect the village against pirate attacks!

If you are looking to enjoy the sights of the Amalfi Coast without struggling against the crowds, Erchie is a perfect option.

Still conveniently close to all the major attractions in and around the Amalfi Coast but remote enough to feel like a private oasis, Erchie and its beaches offers the best of both worlds for travelers who want to experience everything this unique area of Italy has to offer. 

The beach of Maiori

As the longest of Amalfi Coast beaches at 930 meters long and 40 meters wide, Maiori beach is vibrant location filled with a variety of amenities for its guests.

The majority of this sandy beach is occupied by bathing establishments with a few strips reserved as “free beach.”

Refreshment kiosks are stationed at both ends of the beach and restaurants are well within walking distance.

Boat rentals are also available for those who wish to venture out onto the water or visit the famed Grotto di Pandora sea cave!

Because it is one of the few Amalfi Coast beaches that has sand instead of pebbles, this beach is often promoted as a family-friendly beach where children can safely play among the sandy shore.

With its soft sand and coastal beauty, Maiori beach is the perfect location for a fun-filled day.

The beach of Cavallo Morto 

Located between Erchie and Maiori is the Cavallo Morto Beach.

Often described as a paradise on earth, this destination can only be accessed by boat and is home to a soft sandy coast and crystal clear waters.

The secluded nature of this oasis makes it ideal for visitors who appreciate gorgeous views and quiet time away from the crowds.

Although small in size, Cavallo Morto Beach still remains as one of the most beautiful Amalfi Coast beaches.

One bonus about this beach is that it is one of only few Amalfi Coast beaches that is sunny for a large portion of the afternoon but it is worth noting that areas of the beach are closed due to the risk of falling rocks from the cliffs high above.

Regardless of this fact, it still remains a highly sought after location along the Amalfi Coast.

Salicerchie Beach

amalfi coast beaches

At the base of a 160 step stairway is the pleasantly small Salicherie Beach–one of the most unique Amalfi Coast Beaches.

Hugging the edge of the semi-circular bay, this beach is rarely crowded due to its inaccessibility and lack of car park. Visiting this location is well worth the effort though due to the fascinating features that can be found here!

The beach itself is occupied by umbrellas and chairs that can be rented and a small section of “free beach” is also available.

The bay, nicknamed Acqua Chiara (clear water) and Baia Verde (green bay) is very deep and ideal for swimming–particularly to one of the nearby grottos! Grotto Suffrenga, which is about 30 meters from the beach, is one of those grottos and inside is a small sulphur-magnesium hot stream.

Refreshments are also available here with concessions and snack bars ready to serve.

Although accessing this location might be a challenge to reach, you definitely won’t be disappointed by what Salicherie Beach has to offer.

The beach of Furore

amalfi coast beaches

The beach at Furore is one of the most unique of the Amalfi Coast beaches due to the cliffs that make this area so famous.

Nestled deep among the high rocky terrain, this small beach known for the breathtaking fjord that accounts for its unique geography, is only lit by the sun for a few short hours during the summer months, making it a cool and shady respite from the summer heat.

Often called the town that doesn’t exist, this area is so deeply recessed among the cliffs that it is nearly invisible from the sea.

For this reason, it was considered a natural fortress and was home to a vital fishing community for many years.

Today, the old fishing village has been turned into a museum to preserve the history and culture of this truly unique and geographically stunning location along the Amalfi Coast.

There is no available parking along the highway, making the public transportation bus the best way to access this hidden gem of the Amalfi Coast beaches. 

Beaches of Cetara

Perched on the Amalfi Coast is the picturesque fishing village of Cetara.

Renowned primarily for having the best tuna on the coast, it is also home to quaint cottages, an impressive church and several delightful beaches.

Marina di Cetara is a small beach with a backdrop of pretty cottages and is the ideal place to catch some sun.

Porto di Certara is an artificial beach just behind the harbor that was originally intended to rebuild houses that were destroyed by an earthquake in the late 1980s. Now it is a tourist location that offers swimming and boat rentals.

Just outside of the town of Cetara is Lannio beach which is extremely popular among sunbathers and features a grotto with a shrine that used to be visited by monks for prayer.

Cetara beaches over diversity and unique attractions making them some of the most popular of Amalfi Coast Beaches.


Positano Beach

Amalfi Coast beaches are unique and breathtaking, each one promising something exceptional and unlike any other beach destinations found elsewhere.

This area of Italy is famed for its vacation destinations and is often on the list of traveler’s seeking to experience the rugged terrain, magnificent views and the quaint, historic architecture of the terraced cliffside coastal towns and cities.

Whether you are seeking a luxury beach experience or something more intimate and private, with so many different places available, the Amalfi Coast beaches have something for everyone.

Be sure to do your research when planning your own travels to this Italian paradise so you can find the perfect beach to suit your every desire!


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