Best Beaches in Seychelles That Should NOT BE MISSED

Located in the Indian Ocean near the coast of east Africa, Seychelles are a collection of 115 islands, making it no surprise that the list of the best beaches in Seychelles would be huge!

Not far from the Madagascar islands, this popular tourist destination boasts some of the softest white sand, jungle covered mountains and natural beauty unrivaled by any other location. Whether you are planning a honeymoon or an island paradise escape, this article of the best beaches in Seychelles is a perfect place to start and should part of your bucket list holidays

Best Beaches in Seychelles

Best Beaches in Seychelles

Praslin Island

Best Beaches in Seychelles

This island is the second largest island in Seychelles and home to some of its best beaches. The island has a large amount of luxury accommodations In addition to the beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, this island caters to the tourist crowd with other recreational activities such as snorkeling, diving, and even a world-class art gallery and a large casino!

Visit this island to enjoy the history, culture, recreation or merely bask under the rare double-coconut trees that line some of the best beaches in Seychelles. 

Anse Lazio

Best Beaches in Seychelles

On the northwest coast of Praslin island, you will find Anse Lazio, often ranked one of the best beaches in Seychelles and perhaps the best on this island. This beach has gentler waters than some of the others, making it perfect for swimming or snorkeling, often giving it the esteemed ranking as one of the best beaches in the world by some popular sites.

Amenities found at most popular tourist beaches are easy to find, as well as the crowds that come with them, so it is advised to arrive early to beat the year-round crowds taking advantage of the natural beauty and warm, tropical climate.

Anse Volbert

If you prefer relaxation instead of water sports or traveling to remote island beaches, than the Anse Volbert on Praslin Island is the perfect destination. Often the top choice for honeymooning couples, this beach boasts a large number of luxury resorts and top-notch accommodations, many of which are all inclusive.

Take the worry out of planning and visit one of them to take full advantage of worry-free beach relaxation and enjoyment on another of the best beaches in Seychelles.

Anse St. Sauveur

Compared to the other more popular beaches on Praslin Island, Anse St Sauveur is small in comparison. But its pristine natural beauty still helps it rank as one of the best beaches in Seychelles.

Distanced from the bustling resorts and cities, this serene and tranquil spot is a perfect location for sitting under coconut trees and basking in the breathtaking natural scenery that Seychelles is so well-known for. 

Anse Georgette

Best Beaches in Seychelles

Also located on Praslin Island is the picturesque beach of Anse Georgette. This remote and pristine natural wonder is virtually untouched, accessed by water taxi from the resorts nearby.

Surrounded by breathtaking coral reefs, this island is often attractive to those seeking snorkeling and diving experiences. The waters of the bright turquoise ocean are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, otherwise relaxing on the powder-like white sands proves to be a popular desire of many traveling to this island oasis. 

Anse Source d’Argent

Best Beaches in Seychelles

Located on one of the most breathtaking islands, the Anse Source d’Argent is perhaps one of the most stunning beaches of all. The unique pink-hue of the sand as well as the giant granite boulders overlooking the glittering azure waters has even granted this location the title of most photographic beach by the esteemed National Geographic.

In addition, it is considered one of the best beaches in Seychelles for the amazing snorkeling opportunities granted by the coral reefs that lie just off the shore. The calm, warm waters are perfect for swimming and the year-round warm climate makes it a top tourist destination for travelers seeking to surround themselves with quintessential island paradise vibes. 

Grand Anse

Once voted one of the best beaches in the world by CNN, there is no doubt that Grande Anse remains one of the best beaches in Seychelles. Accessed by foot or bike via a long gently sloped path passing through stunning gardens, Grande Anse boasts breathtaking views of dramatic ocean waves breaking over the waters across the bay.

The sand is a pristine white color and powder soft and there are a number of quaint stands and shacks selling fruits, juices and snacks en route to the location as well as one on the beach selling drinks. The rushing sound of the ocean waves is a perfect backdrop to the pristine natural beauty, making this a perfect place to relax on this picture-perfect beach. 

Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos is a hidden gem of a beach located not far from Grande Anse on La Digue Island. Accessible only by foot via a 30 minute hike from the nearby Grande Anse Beach, Anse Cocos is a perfect destination well-worth the effort of hiking there.

Due to its remoteness and the need to hike to the location, many travelers often avoid this spot, giving you the opportunity to find your own private paradise among the best beaches in Seychelles.

The water is very rough here, so it is not advisable to swim in the ocean here. The sand slopes steeply into the rocky waters and the waves crash against boulders jutting into the ocean, but if you travel just a bit farther to the other side of this beach, you will find a small protected pool of water perfect for taking a restorative dip.

A ring of large boulders protects this small cove from the worst of the waves and provides a perfect place to slip into the waters uninterrupted by crowds of tourists. 

La Digue Island

Best Beaches in Seychelles

La Digue Island is often considered one of the most popular islands of Seychelles when it comes to natural wonders and scenery. The island is home to the Veuve Nature Reserve in an effort to preserve a large number of exotic and highly endangered species that make this island their home.

Some of them are only found in Seychelles, making it an important task to preserve their habitat. For this reason, La Digue Island is sometimes considered the garden island. In addition to the natural beauty of the island, there is also no shortage of tourist attractions and recreational activities. Diving is a popular attraction due to the reefs filled with marine life and vibrant coral.

Beau Vallon

Many argue that Beau Vallon, located on the northwest coast of Mahe, is not only one of the best beaches in Seychelles but it is THE best beach in Seychelles. With crystal clear waters and coral reefs, this location is very popular among snorkeling enthusiasts.

The wide bay and serene waters also offer perfect opportunities for swimming and sunbathing, especially at dusk when the sky paints the bay in shimmering hues of gold and orange. Fresh fish, souvenirs, hotels, and restaurants can also be found here making Beau Vallon one of the most popular tourist attractions in Seychelles.

Anse Major

Renowned for its tranquil waters and lush greenery, Anse Major is considered one of the best beaches in Seychelles for swimming. Situated on the northern coast of Mahe island, this tranquil beach is only accessible by boat or by a one-hour hike through the Anse Major trail.

While the waters may be calm and still, beneath the surface is an abundance of sea life and activity, which offers a fantastic opportunity for snorkeling.

Mahe Island

Best Beaches in Seychelles

As the largest (and main) island of Seychelles, Mahe has many beautiful beaches that offer a variety of attractions and activities suitable for all members of the family. Mahe Island is home to the capital city of Victoria and about 70, 000 people.

Though despite its large population, it has maintained its natural beauty making Mahe one of the top locations to find some of the best beaches in Seychelles.

Anse Intendance, Mahe

Located on the southern coast of Mahe island is the Anse Intendance beach. The beach itself is a half mile long stretch of powdery white sand overlooking a sparkling turquoise ocean.

This location is one of the best beaches in Seychelles for surfing due to the absence of coral reefs. The dense flora backdrop also appeals to sunbathers who want a calm, quiet place to relax and enjoy the view.

Seychelles is an island destination rivaled by few and boasting some of the most pristine and enjoyable beaches. The best beaches in Seychelles are varied and diverse, from remote and secluded beaches to luxury beach resorts and amenities, there is something for everyone in this cluster of over 100 islands.

The sand is often considered some of the most pleasing of beach sands, it’s white, almost chalky quality making it powder soft to the touch. Whether you seek snorkeling or diving in the serene bays of the Seychelles islands or prefer to bask in awe at the sheer power of the ocean in remote and rocky coves, travelers will find so many reasons to visit the best beaches in Seychelles time and time again.

When planning your vacation to this exotic location, be sure to consult this article of the ten best beaches in Seychelles to make the most of your travels.


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