Germany Castle Tours: Four Castles On The Rhine

When arranging things to do during your visit to Germany, including Germany castle tours will give you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience how royals once resided. Featuring lavish accommodations, grandiose furnishings and design, and impeccably detailed architecture, German royalty revered centuries of living in these expansive venues, many of which are recognized as UNESCO Heritage sites today. Each of the castles featured here are within close proximity to the Rhine and all accessible on the Viking Grand European Tour. After reading through this guide, you’ll feel empowered to take your own unique adventure, paving your own way through four of the top estates in Germany and experiencing Germany castle tours for yourself.

Germany Castle Tours: Four on the Rhine to Check out!

Mespelbrunn Castle

Germany Castle Tours

Surrounded by water, you’ll find this historic moated castle is situated between the German cities of Frankfurt and Würzburg. With construction of the castle beginning in the 15th century, the architecture is a blend of many different styles, including Medieval, Renaissance, and Romanesque. The overall appearance, with calm water surrounding and a rich green forest in the backdrop, makes this landmark one of the most striking and photographed among those in Germany castle tours.

The layout of Mespelbrunn Castle consists of a main square building along the eastern side of the lake. Two storied houses flank the main building, and towers were added to the houses, galvanized with stepped gables. There is a separate wing of the castle, closed off to public tours, that is still inhabited by the family that owns the Mespelbrunn Castle. The Counts of Ingelheim have owned the castle for centuries, and presently utilize the southern portion of the castle as their primary residence.

The interior of the castle is filled with several small rooms to explore. It is not the largest castle among those to consider among Germany castle tours, but is absolutely worth a visit and the nominal cost of entrance. Some of the rooms include: Knights’ Hall, where you’ll find red sandstone columns and vast windows in which knights once gathered; Ancestors Hall, in which immaculate portraits commemorate family members that situate the history of this vast estate; and the Chinese Room, in which the family began to collect many Asian pieces and artifacts in the 1700s, a common practice during this time. There are approximately ten rooms in the Mespelbrunn castle.

At the Mespelbrunn Castle, if you find yourself tired or famished after your Germany castle tours, you can delight in a lovely meal on the terrace while taking in the beautiful grounds. The restaurant serves an array of salads, sandwiches, and soups, as well as German specialties such as bratwursts, schnitzel, and more. Enjoy a full lunch, snack, or cup of coffee once you’ve enjoyed all that Mespbelbrunn has to offer.

You can freely explore the exterior of the castle on your own, taking as many photos as you like at your leisure without a fee. You’ll find visitors enjoying the weather, the peaceful water, and the majestic castle set against the scenery. Please know that once you begin the Germany castle tours within the interior, you will not be able to take any photographs, and there are no photo passes available for press or purchase.

Note that the tour is only offered in German, and participating in one of the guided Germany castle tours is the only way to enter Mespelbrunn Castle. The cost is approximately 5 Euros. The castle is closed for tours during the winter season, approximately November through March.

Castle of Augustusburg at Brühl

Germany Castle Tours

Built in the 18th century, Prince-Elector and Archbishop of Cologne, Clemens August of Bavaria, constructed this palace as a residence on the ruins of a medieval castle. Today, it is commemorated as an exquisite masterpiece, showcasing Rococo architecture with grand sculptures, beautiful paintings, and well-maintained garden art.

One of the most striking fixtures in this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the grand, imposing staircase. It features immaculate work and attention to detail in the statues, steps, and design. This memorable staircase at the entrance will leave you with a strong impression of the work ethic, dedication, and care that went into constructing Augustusburg Castle. Constructed with marble and stucco, the columns of jasper and caryatids culminate in a majestic ceiling of Carlo Carlone. Another notable site is the summer dining room, in which Dutch blue tiles are prominently featured, adding a bright pop of color to the expansive, princely residence of the 18th century.

Enjoy a stroll along the immaculate grounds are always worthy of consideration when taking Germany castle tours, and what you’ll find at Augustusburg is especially noteworthy. Dominique Gerard implemented astute landscape décor at Augustusbug, complete with masterful flowerbeds and ramps, as well as fountains, mirror pools, lime trees, and more. There is a semi-circular park that follows to a pathway lined with more lime trees that takes you to the Castle of Falkenhurst.

You’ll find the adjoining Castle of Falkenlust on the grounds of Augustusburg, built in the early 1700s for the Price-Elector to practice his falconry. The walk is roughly 25 minutes through the beautiful woods, but be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes. Falkenlust is primarily viewed as a “hunting lodge” as the construction is more synonymous with a country house, encapsulated in brick.

Tours of Augustusburg Castle are offered in English and German, and you will need to participate in one of their guided Germany castle tours in order to enter. Unfortunately, photographs inside Augustusburg Castle are not permitted. The cost of admission is approximately 11 Euros per adult or 23 Euros per family.

Lowenstein Castle

Constructed in 1732, this Baroque estate was the vision of Price Dominic Marquard. Eventually, there were some Classicist buildings and Prince Dominik Konstantin added a prominent garden with English landscape. Once you enter the grounds of Lowenstein Castle, the colorful exterior will immediately strike you. Featuring a robust, burnt orange color for the majority of the painting, framed with brick and complete with a grey, shingled roof, the outward appearance of this grand castle is truly unlike any other. You’ll find distinctive statues of lions and other animals on the property, surrounded by beautiful trees and peaceful nature.

Today, Lowenstein Castle is not only a residence for the Rosenberg family of the House of Lowenstein-Wertheim, it exists as a functioning all-inclusive conference center and hotel. Imagine hosting your team for a retreat or seminar over several days, in which the team at Lowenstein Castle takes care of all meals, accommodations, equipment, meeting rooms, and logistics, as well as arranges recreational activities for your companions to enjoy. If you find yourself inspired after enjoying Germany castle tours, consider the productivity your team might find and suggest Lowenstein Castle as the venue for your next event or training.

Unlike most other Germany castle tours, Lowenstein is sadly not open to the public. You can spend your time visiting along the grounds, enjoying the scenery and surrounding park as well as capturing the astute architecture of the castle. You can book a privileged access tour and see the inside of the small chapel – but the real beauty is the outside of the Castle. Additionally there is a wine tasting that you can book right outside the castle next to it.

Marksburg Castle

Germany Castle Tours

If authentic Medieval castle design is more your style, you’re in luck for this portion of Germany castle tours, as Marksburg Castle is truly Medieval in ever sense and has never suffered irreparable damage nor come to be seized since its construction in the 13th century. Unlike many castles that could have been constructed by royal families as residences, Marksburg was constructed as a bona fide defensive fortress, and the design is grand and epic, featuring classic family crests and relics throughout, many of which are authentic. It remains the only Rhine River castle to have never been destroyed, so taking the time to enjoy this historic, eminent landmark makes it an especially rewarding one among those featured in Germany castle tours.

You’ll enjoy visiting the many rooms of Marksburg Castle, as well as the incredible views of the Rhine River, valley, and town of Braubach captured below. The rooms on the guided tour include living quarters, features of weapons and arms, kitchen, chapel, blacksmith, wine cellar, and even torture devices used during the Medieval period. If you are a military history buff, you will especially enjoy your tour of Marksburg Castle.

Marksburg has an expansive castle and gardens to get through on the grounds, and you’ll be rewarded with an authentic German beverage: a refreshing beer to relax and enjoy in Marksburg’s own beer garden! On the property you’ll also find a restaurant, gift shop, and more to retreat and enjoy the beautiful setting.

Like other Germany castle tours, you will need to pay for the guided tour in order to receive admittance to Marksburg castle. If you have mobility issues or are physically disabled, Marksburg may not be the castle for you, as there are frequent stone and wooden steps that are steep and winding. This tour is personally guided, with English tours available, and you’ll find all kinds of insightful tips from your tour guide during this unique experience, lasting approximately one hour. That being said, unlike other Germany castle tours, Marksburg does permit you to take photographs inside their venue!


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