Cambodia Beaches: The Best Beaches In The Country

Nestled between the southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia is an up-and-coming tourist destination filled with tropical wonders, ancient ruins, amazing culture and modern cities. Cambodia beaches are by far the most desirable attraction of this tropical land and there are more than you could imagine in this exciting and diverse land. When planning your own adventure to this tropical paradise, be sure to consult this article about all that the Cambodia beaches have to offer.

Cambodia Beaches

Cambodia Beaches

Cambodia Beaches: The Ultimate Guide 

Beaches of Sihanoukville

Cambodia Beaches at sunset

By far the most popular destination in the country of Cambodia is Sihanoukville on the tip of the peninsula. Sinhanoukville juts into the Gulf of Thailand and for this reason the number of Cambodia beaches here are practically innumerable! From secluded beaches to private beaches, family friendly beaches and tourist beaches, there is bound to be a beach for everyone in the region of Sihanoukville. 

Victory Beach

Victory Beach is a convenient beach in the Sihanoukville region. When considering the different Cambodia beaches, this beach is a perfect spot for families and its central location near the Sihanoukville Port ensures that there are plenty of amenities available to enjoy. Picturesque palm trees offer shade to the soft white sand of the beach and there are a number of restaurants and eateries specializing in fresh seafood accessible right along the beach, which is considered very safe and a good pick for those traveling with children. 

Sokha Beach

If you would rather avoid the crowds and children at the more convenient Victory Beach, Sokha Beach is a perfect option for a relaxing and luxurious experience. This private beach requires the payment of an entrance fee, but this ensures that you will be able to truly relax on the pristine and incredibly well manicured beach. To truly embrace the luxury life, you can stay at the resort that sits adjacent to Sokha Beach or for the more adventurous looking for a closer look at the tropical setting of the region, you can hike the short distance along the coastline from Sokha Beach to the nearby Serendipity Beach, another of the Cambodia Beaches that draws a large amount of attention. 

Independence beach

Cambodia Beaches

Expanding more than a kilometer long, Independence beach is renowned for its long and narrow sandy shore that offers its visitors a calm and relaxing experience. The beach, located in Sihanoukville,  is ideal for sitting, sunbathing, and just spending quiet time with family and friends. The lush greenery nearby offers shade from the sun and a perfect spot to set up a picnic! If you are looking for a place to spend quality time with loved ones, or even with your own thoughts, Independence Beach is the best choice of all the Cambodia beaches.

Serendipity and Ochheuteal Beach

Due to their extremely close proximity, these two beaches are often lumped under the title of Serendipity Beach but there are a few minor differences between the two. The rocky outcrop near the beaches is technically Serendipity Beach, but together the two beaches make up nearly two whole miles of rich golden sand filled with amenities to suit any beachgoers desire. Amenities tend to be cheaper in this area, making it a destination often sought after by backpackers and budget travelers, but in recent years the economy has grown and there are now also a number of mid-range as well as luxury accommodations for those seeking a taste of the finer things. In addition to the varied amount of accommodations, there are also numerous restaurants, bars, a ferry port as well as a golf course!

Otres Beach

Not far from the tourist destination of Serendipity Beach is the more secluded and much less crowded destination of Otres Beach. The area, while becoming more developed in recent years, is still quite laid back and charming. Bamboo huts can be seen among more established restaurants, each one serving varieties of local cuisine, fresh seafood and tropical drinks. There are a number of very affordable places to call home during your vacation to explore the Cambodia beaches and the beach at Otres is often considerably less crowded than other areas in the Sihanoukville region. 

Otres 2

The catchy name of this neighboring beach is an indication of its attempt to become the more boutique version of its sister beach, Otres. Accessible by foot along a desolate stretch of shoreline that runs along the waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Otres 2 offers luxury boutique hotels and restaurants as well as flashy bars to visit in between laying out on the soft white sands. It is not advised to walk the desolate path between the two beaches after sundown, but a ride on a tuk tuk will get you back to town in around five minutes, making it surprisingly accessible despite how tranquil and quiet the location tends to be, making this one of the top Cambodia beaches to visit if you want to experience a tiny taste of a luxury experience.

Beaches of Koh Rong Samloem

Cambodia Beaches

Boasting well over 25 beaches, the largest island off the shores of the mainland, Koh Rong Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations for those seeking to experience Cambodia beaches to the fullest. With so many beaches to choose from, there are sure to be a number of options to please even the most particular traveler. 

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Long Beach

With over four miles of pristine white sand, Long Beach, also known as Sok San Beach,  is the most popular destination on the island of Koh Rong. As the setting for a recent season of Survivor, it has become quite a tourist attraction for those seeking to experience the tropical paradise filmed in the popular television series. With luxury resorts, private guest houses, lush jungle and crystal clear waters, there is an exotic paradise feel to this area of Koh Rong that attracts travelers year-round to enjoy one of the most popular of Cambodia beaches. One of the most breathtaking reasons to visit this area of Koh Rong is the bioluminescent creatures in the water. The sparkling phosphorescence of the water at night is a magical and otherworldly sight. 

Lazy BeachLocated in a remote area on the western shore of Koh Rong Island is Lazy Beach. Accessed by a 40-minute jungle hike (unless you are a guest of the resort located on this beach), this area is often very quiet due to its seclusion. Secluded does not mean underdeveloped though! Here you can also find a bar and restaurant along with the resort, as well as bungalows and hammocks to relax and enjoy the pristine paradise of Lazy Beach. 

Lonely Beach

If you are seeking a truly remote beach for a private taste of the island paradise, Lonely Beach truly lives by its name. Located in the northern part of Koh Rong island, this incredibly secluded area has only one resort and is incredibly underdeveloped. There are no stores or shops available, so planning and preparation are key, but the reward is a truly one-in-a-lifetime experience on one of the most private Cambodia beaches. If you are lucky, you’ll even get a glimpse of the bioluminescent plankton that light up the waters by night. 

Koh Ta Kiev Island

Koh Ta Kiev island, located just off the coast of southwest Cambodia, is an underdeveloped island that offers pristine and natural scenery. The island is home to several Cambodia beaches, the most popular being Coral beach. Very much tropical in nature, this beach offers opportunities for both relaxation and adventure. For those who want to unwind, hammocks are available for rent, and there are plenty of places to grab food and drinks. Adventure-seekers, however, can try activities such as snorkeling, cliff diving, and spearfishing.

Sner Beach, Koh Kong

One of the more popular of Cambodia Beaches is the pristine Sner Beach located in Koh Kong. With its sprawling coastline and natural beauty, tourists all over the world are drawn to the isolation this location has to offer. The beach is outfitted with a variety of amenities that cater to the desires of its guests, such as hammocks and food shacks that serve fresh fish, crab, vegetables, and more!

Koh Pich Island

Cambodia Beaches

When talking about Cambodia Beaches, one cannot overlook Koh Pich Island (also known as Diamond Island) and its sandy shores. Formed by alluvial silt deposits, this island did not even exist 50 years ago! Although it is still relatively underdeveloped, Koh Pich has several attractions that are worth checking out. This ever-growing list includes a golf driving range, an international exhibition center, and a theatre.

Cambodia beaches are many in number and varied in their amenities and offerings. From secluded island paradises to family-friendly resorts, no matter what you seek from this diverse and exciting country, you will be sure to find it. Many areas are still underdeveloped, allowing visitors to embrace the local lifestyle of this southeast Asian destination. For those who prefer the more luxurious beach resort experience, Cambodia provides amenities to rival many of the most popular tourist destinations, often at a reduced price due to the up-and-coming nature of this country. When planning your own tropical adventure, be sure to consult this article outlining a number of the many Cambodia beaches you’ll find and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.


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