Winter Bucket List: The Ultimate List Of Things To Do

For some of us, winter is our favorite time of year, and for others, the least. But that does not mean you should stop having fun because the weather has changed.

Over the years I have put together the most epic winter bucket list of things to do, starting at home to all around the world. You don’t have to go far to take advantage of many of these fun bucket list ideas, but if you are up for the challenge, I will give some global destinations that absolutely should be on your winter bucket list.

Each season brings new things for us to enjoy by ourselves, with our families, friends, and significant others. I tend to think winter is the most magical time of year because I love snow and the holidays.

Here are OVER 100+ things to fulfill your winter bucket list.

Winter Bucket List – Things To Do at Home

Build a snowman

Winter Bucket List: The Ultimate List Of Things To Do

Go caroling with your family and or friends – take it up a notch and sing non holiday music to throw off listeners

See the Nutcracker at a local theater – always a holiday pleaser

Bake Christmas cookies – make all the usual’s and find a new recipe to try

Decorate your Christmas tree – pull out all those old ornaments you have been hanging onto for decades and put them up

Rent a cozy cabin and have a fire. Grab your friends, family and/or significant other and pack the car up for a weekend escape.

Go Ice Fishing

Dogsled racing

Volunteer your time to those who need it, maybe a soup kitchen?

Learn to ski or snowboard – but be prepared to fall and laugh about it later

Get cozy by the fire with a book

Make a scrapbook of one of your trips, special occasion, family, friends, or just for fun

Have a Secret Santa party

Make hot chocolate with special chocolate dippers

Have an epic snowball fight

See the Nutcracker

Go on a sleigh ride

Watch FRIENDS and laugh until it hurts

Go Sledding

Book a trip somewhere warm to escape the cold – personal favorites include: Grand Cayman, Aruba and Hawaii

Take your cooking to new levels with Instant Pot 

Get an advent calendar for December

Host a cookie making party with your friends

Throw a white elephant gift exchange

Start a journal

Surprise your family and show up for the holidays unexpected – families love that stuff

Make your own ornaments

Adopt a family in need

Join a play for the holiday season

Host a holiday dinner

Have a murder mystery dinner party at your home and invite your friends and/or family – have everyone dress up

Do a polar plunge for charity – bonus points if you get to wear costumes

Train for a race (5k, half marathon or even a full marathon)

Read that list of books you keep putting off for when you “have time”

Start learning a new language

Take on a new hobby like coin collecting, building model cars or having kids

Cook your way through Julia Child’s cookbook

Watch ELF a million times – because it’s just so riveting

Play the N’Sync Christmas CD all of December and get everyone hooked

Winter Bucket List: The Ultimate List Of Things To Do

Winter Bucket List – With The Kids

Make paper snowflakes and hang them in their rooms for holiday decor

Visit a tree farm and pick out the most perfect Christmas tree

Help your kids decorate the Christmas tree

Visit Santa and tell him how good you have been all year

Make snow angels

Have a pajama day at home

Make your own stockings

Build a fort in the house and sleep in it

Winter Bucket List: The Ultimate List Of Things To Do

Make homemade soups each week to cut the chill – let the kids help so they feel included and more apt to eat it

Rent the classic Christmas books from the library

Visit Disney for the Christmas parade

Catch snowflakes with your tongue

Watch all the Home Alone movies – and then be thankful your parents didn’t forget you

Write letters to Santa

Decorate the kids’ bedroom ceilings with stars or twinkle lights

Decorate sugar cookies with all the crazy colors and toppings – and then try not to fall into a sugar rush

Book a hotel with an indoor pool for a winter pool party with a few friends

Build an epic igloo

String popcorn together to hang all around the Christmas tree – bonus points if you can make it without eating one piece!

Make a holiday bingo for the family with all your winter bucket list items on it

Eat snow cones and watch FROZEN!

Make handmade Valentine’s

Visit the aquarium and learn about the animals

Winter Bucket List – Date Ideas

Ice skating and stealing kisses

Take the train or bus to a new city for the day or night and explore that city

Make various courses of fondue from cheese, meats, veggies, and don’t forget the dessert!

Go to a fancy New Years Eve party and get dressed in formal attire for the evening

Winter Bucket List: The Ultimate List Of Things To Do

Binge watch something you both like on Netflix – don’t forget the popcorn

Take a week long culinary journey to Grand Cayman for the Cayman Cookout 

Have a gingerbread house cook off using only things you already have in your home – winner picks the movie!

Book a weekend to a couples only all inclusive at Sandals in the Caribbean – Jamaica, Antigua and Barbados are lovely!

Try new wines and make a list of your favorites

Check the local area for free and fun activities going on

Find the ugliest Christmas sweaters and attend all your friends’ parties in them

Get boudoir photos … or take your own

Go to IKEA, buy a piece of furniture with a million pieces and then go home and put it together without killing each other

Find a local Christmas market and drink all the mulled wine and eat all the raclette cheese

Watch each of the Christmas movies Hallmark airs each day for December

Get dressed up and have photos taken for holiday cards

Host a boozy brunch and make a mimosa bar

Take a cooking class and master some new dishes together

Find a bizarre world record and try to break it

Go stargazing out where the stars are bright

Take in a local museum

Try a new restaurant every week and pretend to be food critics

Take on the Yacht weeks version of winter – the ski week!

Make your “new years resolutions” lists together and plan for your epic summer together

Go to karaoke and sing the most lovable song you can find for each other

Have a game night – get out the old Nintendo or Sega and see who retained their skills

Don’t forget to kiss under the mistletoe

Do an evening out for dinner and then drive around and look at all the magical Christmas light displays

Rent a secluded cabin with an outdoor hot tub and just relax and drink wine

Go snowshoeing

Plan a spa day at home or go out for a couples massage and some pampering

Spoil yourself to a luxurious hotel and make sure to get in your robes and eat breakfast in bed

Winter Bucket List – Travel Destinations Around The World

Take a trip to New York to see the lighting of the Rockefeller tree

Take in the European Christmas markets – take a river cruise for easy access to them

Visit ANTARCTICA! The ultimate winter bucket list destination – take the whole family for the holiday!

Winter Bucket List: The Ultimate List Of Things To Do

Visit Lapland Finland and give Santa a visit. Lapland is one of the best winter destinations in Europe!

Plan a trip to Yellowstone and take a “monster truck” tour of the area while viewing the wildlife

Visit the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado

Spend New Years Eve in Paris, France and see all the lights light up the city

Head to the Swiss Alps for the most incredible winter bucket list skiing, Aperol and cheese!

An epic winter bucket list tour of the Northern Lights in the land of fire and ice: Iceland 

winter bucket list - visit iceland

Head to Montreal for Montréal en Lumière one of the largest winter festivals in the world

Stay in an Ice Hotel

Head to Croatia and visit Plitvice National Park – FROZEN!

Winter Bucket List: The Ultimate List Of Things To Do

Visit Harbin, China for the largest ice and snow sculpture festival in the world – talk about an epic winter bucket list idea

Take on one of Colorado’s epic winter bucket list destinations and learn to ski or snowboard – think Aspen, Vail or even Breckenridge!

Visit Mackinac Island, the small island in Northern Michigan. No cars are allowed on the island and minimal places are open AND no cars on the island

Visit Tromso, Norway for a Polar Fjord cruise and witness the magic of the wildlife and fjords

Take a trip to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and arrive for the late sunrise (around 10am) and soak in the milky blue waters outside


The FEEL GOOD Winter Bucket List Ideas

Clean out your closet and donate all the things you have not worn in the last six to nine months

Start a new workout class

Start a healthy diet to get prepped the summer months that are coming

Start a book club

Join a gym that has an indoor pool and hot tub so you can relax when you want

Write a book about your life

Take a class at a local college about something you know nothing about to gain a larger understanding of the topic

Start a bullet journal

Take a weekend off from your social media and just be present with friends, family or yourself

Home spa day – pull out all the masks, cleansers and creams

Save $60 bucks by doing your own mani and pedi at home

Do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair

Spend some time volunteering locally

Organize your house, room by room, de-clutter and get your life in order

Fix up your resume and go after that job you have always wanted

Print and frame all those photos you have been holding onto for ages and display your memories – build floating shelves somewhere in your house to put them all


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