Globe Trotter Luggage: The Perfect Carry On Trolley Case

When I first discovered Globe Trotter luggage, I knew it was going to be a great fit for a carry on. Because I travel so often and have a lot of camera equipment and valuables, I love that the Globe Trotter luggage is both hard side and offers straps to secure the luggage both inside and outside in case it moves around in overhead bins, but ultimately protects the contents on the inside. This was the most important feature for me since I did not want anything to break or get ruined.

Globe Trotter Luggage

I typically travel with a soft side carry on that opens from the top because it offers one deep side of luggage with some expansion, however, I have been converted to the hard side carry on now that I can fit all my items in it and secure them both inside with straps and outside after closure.

Globe Trotter Luggage

Globe Trotter luggage is luxurious and stylish in every detail possible. The company has been around since 1897 and manufactures its beautiful pieces in Hertfordshire, England by highly skilled artisans. Make no mistake, the work and design of these cases are both timeless and elegant while maintaining perfect function for all your travels. The pieces are designed to last a lifetime, as the Queen herself has been using this brand for over 70 years of travel! If the Queen loves globe Trotter, then you know it is amazing luggage.

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Globe Trotter Luggage- Carry On Specs

I was sent a Bespoke piece from Globe Trotter luggage that fits the Centenary 20″ Trolley Case. While the design I have on the inside is not available online for quick purchase, you can order a Bespoke piece from the company (they may still be able to create the exact piece OR you could opt to create your own).

bespoke Globe Trotter Luggage


  • Dimensions cm: 56 x 43 x 19 (W x H x D) – Depth including handles
  • Weight: about 8.8 pounds
  • Exterior Features: offers 2 wheels, Retractable trolley handle, Top and side leather handles for strapping your case together when it is closed, Turn lock fastening with keys
  • Materials: Vulcanised fibreboard (body) with leather corners, handles
  • Capacity: about 34L

Globe Trotter Luggage

One thing I noticed as I glided through the airport with my carry on is that it does not have four wheels, it has two. However, it felt like I was pulling no weight at all. I found that surprising since I had about 30 pounds worth of contents and the case itself weighed nearly nine pounds. Usually you would feel the weight in your arms or shoulders, but not this time.

The Perfect River Cruise Carry-On

Globe Trotter Luggage

I took my Globe Trotter Luggage with me to Europe for a Viking Grand European Tour. When I packed my carry on, I kept all my equipment and valuables inside, a change of clothing, books, an amenity kit for the plane, and so many other things.

During my trip I purchased Christmas ornaments and other glass items that I would not want to put in my checked luggage. I ended up taking out the books and clothing on the return and safely stored the goodies I purchased in Europe in my Globe Trotter luggage carry on. Surprise – everything made it home safely.

The ease of getting in and out of hotels and the ship were seamless with the Globe Trotter Luggage carry on and it fit comfortable under my bed on the ship and in the closet of my hotel.


Packing Guides:

When I left for Europe here is what I packed in my carry on:

  • two cameras
  • three lenses
  • laptop
  • a back up SD for my photos
  • chargers for all my electronics
  • a power bank to charge multiple things at once
  • power adapters
  • medications
  • jewelry
  • a change of clothes (because you just never know when your luggage will get lost)
  • an amenity kit that included:
    • snacks
    • ear plugs
    • band aids
    • eye mask
    • chap stick
    • toothbrush and toothpaste

When I returned from Europe:

  • two cameras
  • three lenses
  • laptop
  • a back up SD for my photos
  • chargers for all my electronics
  • a power bank to charge multiple things at once
  • power adapters
  • medications
  • jewelry
  • five glass ornaments acquired in German towns
  • one porcelain mini house
  • my amenity kit

While I used my luggage to carry valuables and breakable for this trip, you can utilize this carry on for a multitude of packing types.

Weekend Getaway:

Additionally I have used the Globe Trotter luggage as a weekend trip carry on both locally and across the country. Here is what I fit easily into the 20″ Trolley Case:

  • three outfits
  • two pairs of shoes
  • toiletries
  • camera
  • two lenses
  • chargers
  • handbag
  • medications
  • book
  • bathing suit
  • under garments

Other Globe Trotter Luggage Pieces

While I only have the carry on trolley from Globe Trotter Luggage, I am hoping to expand my collection and try out the larger checked pieces and smaller goods to see if they accommodate my needs as a traveler. I would like to get an overall feel for traveling with just their pieces. I can imagine the experience is just as lovely as the carry on trolley.

Globe Trotter sells many pieces, all individual, but you can purchase collections that they create together or even mix and match pieces.

Here is an example of a full collection (keep in mind the collections change as do the colors):

  • Sapphire Blue 33″ Extra Deep Suitcase with Wheels
  • Sapphire Blue 30″ Extra Deep Suitcase with Wheels
  • Sapphire Blue 30″ Trolley Case
  • Sapphire Blue 26″ Trolley Case
  • Sapphire Blue 20″ Trolley Case
  • Sapphire Blue 18″ Trolley Case
  • Sapphire Blue 13″ Vanity Case
  • Sapphire Blue 7″ London Square

Additional Information:

  • You can purchase Globe Trotter Luggage online or in select stores in the UK and in Europe
  • The company does offer a two year warranty on your luggage that is good from the time you purchase the piece, but you do need to register it online and there are conditions
  • Double check weight restrictions with your airline. The US doesn’t have many airlines that cap a weight limit for a carry on, but when I flew to Europe there was a restriction. I needed to meet a 26 pound weight limit and I was over (due to bringing a lot of camera equipment) but also the case weighed nearly nine pounds. However, on my return flight with the same airline back to the US, they did not weigh anyone’s carry on luggage.
  • I noticed on the few flights that I took that the carry on lays horizontal in the overhead bin. I would keep this in mind if you are in one of the last boarding groups on a plane and to keep an eye out for space before arriving to your seat to make sure you can keep the case on board and not have to check it underneath.
  • I would recommend getting whatever you need out of your carry on and carrying it on the plane or putting it in your personal item before boarding the plane. Because the suitcase has the outer straps, you may find it difficult to quickly access whatever you need while in the air. Personally, I took the stuff out I would need during my flight right before I boarded and had no issues at all.

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Globe Trotter Luggage. As always, opinions are entirely my own.


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