13 Things To Do In Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Montego Bay, Jamaica is easily accessible from the United States and a popular Caribbean Island to visit. Lush with gorgeous stretches of white sand beaches, perfect Jamaican hospitality, food that will leave you begging for more, and an unforgettable vacation. Having been to the island a few times, I have gathered my top 13 reasons to visit to share with you to inspire your trip.

13 Reasons Montego Bay Should Be On Your List:

Over-water Bungalows! That’s right, you no longer have to travel to the farthest stretches of the globe to get a luxurious bungalow over the water. Just catch a quick flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica and they are within a 15 minute drive of the airport. You’ll get the same stunning ocean views with crystal clear water and butler service that you would expect at other exotic locales.

Over-water Bungalows in Montego Bay

All-Inclusive Vacation: Probably the three best words that form a sentence. Who doesn’t love a vacation where they show up and everything is already covered? Montego Bay is tons of gorgeous properties where your food, beverages and some activities are already covered. You just show up and do as you please. Cocktails at 10:00 am at the pool volleyball game? No problem. Swim-up bar? ALWAYS!

Jerk Chicken: If you are after the best food in your life, loo no further than the jerk chicken made in Montego bay. juicy, tender and spiced just right.

Jerk Chicken

Honeymoon: Montego Bay is such a romantic place to enjoy a honeymoon. Book an all-inclusive resort and do things your way. A lot of resorts will do candlelight dinners on the beach, couples massages and take care of all your needs.

Get a Honeymoon Suite

Sailing: The water is simply divine in Montego Bay. You can see how clear it is flying into the country and it is just as spectacular sailing around it as well.

The sunsets and sunrises: The lighting over Montego Bay is just stunning. Some of the best sunsets in the world grace the beaches in Jamaica and should not be missed.

The Beaches: crystal white sand beaches that twinkle when the sun hits them? Paradise found!

Destination Weddings: More and more people are opting for the ease of destinations when planning their big day. As someone who had a destination wedding, I can tell you that Montego Bay is one of the best places with endless options for your perfect day.

Golf: with world class golf available at your finger tips, elevate your vacation with a round or two in the city.

Tropical weather: Montego Bay is essentially paradise year round.

Easy Long Weekend Escape: for most U.S. residents, you can get to Montego easily and by afternoon. Which makes this destination an easy escape for a long weekend. Don’t let those vacation days go to waste.

Reggae Music: need I say more? Jamaicans know how to party and they will keep the music going all night long.

Shopping: you can find a lot of locally made products around Montego Bay that are authentic for the area. In addition, you can find a lot of high end jewelers, boutique shops and other fun finds throughout the city.


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