Reading that title I know you opened this because you really want to know what makes a room worth $20 million dollars. You are probably expecting to find gold lined walls  and lavish chandeliers holding real diamonds, but not in this suite, no. What you are going to find is my favorite hotel suite I have ever been in and it holds none of those things. Well maybe a little.

Living Room 

Taking up the entire 8th floor of the Historic Main Building at the Fairmont San Francisco, this Penthouse Suite comes in at a massive 6,000 square feet offering 3 spacious bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a library, billiards room, kitchen, and a terrace with unbelievable views of the city. As luck would have it, the fog was incredibly thick during my stay – but still, the view was magnificent.

Penthouse Suite Views

What I love about this suite is how different it is from every other Penthouse Suite I have seen AND how unique each room within the suite is. No two rooms are the same and they all have their own unique vibe.

I want to start with my favorite room, the 2-story circular library with a celestial map on the ceiling covered in gold leaf and a sapphire sky. What makes this room special? Lets just say if you are a millionaire and you don’t own a library, you are spending your money entirely wrong. This room is reminiscent of my childhood dreams (and now 34 year old dreams) of having a library like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The design elements are not exact but this library is stunning in its own way. Complete with a circular staircase to the second floor, first editions on the shelves and a secret passage way that is rumored to have been used by a president and his mistress. It would be easy to spend a day in here looking through old books and staring at the ceiling.

Penthouse Library
Penthouse Library
Penthouse Library
Penthouse Library

My second favorite room in this suite is the Moroccan themed billiards room. The second I walked into this room I felt like I had just been transported back to Morocco. The details of this room are marvelous and the walls are made of handcrafted Persian tile. You can see throughout the room in every arch, every color selection, each carefully hung lamp, and its full grandeur that this room is delivered straight from a Riad in Marrakech. If someone dropped you into that room without having seen the rest of the suite, you would think you were in Morocco in someones home, waiting on your mint tea and figs before a challenging game of pool.

Penthouse Billiards Room
Penthouse Billiards Room
Penthouse Billiards Room
Penthouse Billiards Room

Each of the three bedrooms were all decorated differently, but as a traveler I was drawn to one of the rooms because it had a map covering the wall. Now this was not just any map thrown up, it was special and it was designed perfectly with animals on it. It was definitely designed to be a kids room but I love this room the most because I am fascinated with geography and the world.

Bedroom #1
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2
Bedroom #2
Bedroom #2
Bedroom #2
Bedroom #3
Bedroom #3

As you can see each room is so different and has many themes throughout. In bedroom #2 we see the Moroccan sink details and in bedroom #3 we see a bit of an Asian theme with the armoire.

The last room I saw before heading out to the beautiful patio was the dining room. As you can see there is ample space and seating for 14. This dining room is not decorated at all like the rest of the suite offering darker colors on white walls and lets in the most light from outside. The tiled patio is directly off of this room allowing easy access between the two spaces.

Dining Room 

There are a few ways to get to the grand balcony: through the library, the living room and through the dining room. This balcony has stunning tile work covering the flooring, fountain and railing and non- obstructed views of the city. There is no class or netting blocking your view, it is completely wide open.


Beyond all the gorgeous details and grandeur each room exudes, booking a stay in this Penthouse Suite comes with so much more!

  • Personal Butler
  • Kitchen stocked with organic items from the Farmers Market
  • Selection of California wines
  • Designer stem wear and china
  • Personalized robes
  • Luxury linens & bath products
  • Fresh flowers
  • and exclusive amenities developed for each guest personally

I haven’t stayed in or been to every Penthouse Suite in the world, but I have stayed in quite a few – but this one is currently my favorite. Granted, they are all wonderful in their own ways – but this room offered so much more. The library and billiards room are hands down the most incredible rooms I have seen in a hotel before – and that is reason enough to book a stay in this room.

Fairmont San Francisco Penthouse Suite

**Disclaimer, I was hosted during my stay at the Fairmont – but as always, opinions are entirely my own 

17 thoughts

  1. Can I first say that I am really jealous you got to be in this room? OMG! The library and the billiards room are awesome. And the views from that balcony, I would love to have all my meals there.


  2. Wow! It’s a dream for me to stay in this $20 million room! Looks totally gorgeous and well detailed! The rooms are stunning that if I was there I wouldn’t want to get up! The library is heaven for book lovers. A fantastic stay you had here at Fairmont! Love it!


  3. I lived in San Francisco for 19 years before moving to Southeast Asia, I would have loved to visit this penthouse. Just to stand in the different rooms and take in all the exquisite details.. But wow, you actually stayed there! What a perfect city to gaze at from the private terrace too


  4. I lived in San Francisco 19 years before I moved overseas. I would have loved to visit this penthouse if just to stand in the rooms and take in all the exquisite details. But wow, you actually stayed there! And what a perfect city to gaze at from the private terrace.


  5. I’ve stayed at the Fairmont SF (for business…too expensive for me personally!) before, but obvs never in this room! It looks super-awesome…a place I could really get used to. Kinda stinks that it was foggy when you were there, but that’s part for the course with SF. Your photos of the room are gorgeous, and it sounds like you had a great time there!


  6. The library and Moroccan themed billiard rooms are my favorite. It would definitely be a unique place to stay! I’ve stayed in rooms that cost $20,000 per night before, but it’s always been on private islands where you spend a lot of time in the room. I’m not sure I’d spend that amount in someplace like San Francisco, where we’d be exploring the city more than in the room enjoying it though.


  7. So what makes it a 20 million dollar room? The cost of building it? Or the cost of staying there?! Certainly, no one drops 20 million on a night’s stay!


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