Happy New Year! What a fantastic year it has been (and it certainly had its lows) but overall it was a success.

Would you be surprised if I told you that when I finished my MBA at the end of 2016 I had every intention of giving this up, getting a real career and staying put in Washington, D.C. where I live? That was actually the plan .. and it sort of happened. I did take on a full time career for most of the year but I could not let this love for travel and entrepreneurship go, so I kept doing both.

Most weeks I worked 40 hours at my job, and 60+ traveling, writing, and running my business.  

I want to share with you my current situation. The week of Thanksgiving I was let go from my job because business was slow – I actually hated my job .. it was the most boring, mind-numbing job I have ever had, and to be honest – no job will probably ever be as exciting as the one I have running a travel business and being a freelancer.  In a way, my boss did me a favor by letting me go because my soul was being drained everyday that I went there. So thank you sir for forcing me not to go to a job I hate everyday!

2017 in a nutshell: because I went back to work early in the year, my travel schedule was very limited AND I wanted to focus on promoting U.S. destinations primarily. I utilized every holiday weekend and day off that I could to bring you content and travel inspiration (I hope). Often times I would take red eye flights home from weekend getaways and go right to work – that is how dedicated I am to my brand and to sharing the world with anyone who will read it.

Top Moments Of 2017:

  • Traveled to Morocco, Africa for the first time … SOLO

    Flying over Morocco
  • Saw the Northern Lights in my favorite country – Iceland 16388117_10158188326415083_8957915371382212366_n
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiestaballoonfiesta
  • Spent a week in Hawaii with my best friend oahu
  • Took my mom on some amazing trips around the country
  • Spent my first year away for Christmas with my family in New Orleans
  • Held my first blogger weekend in Washington, D.C. that was a raging success!
  • Ate my way through the Minnesota State Fair
  • Fell in love with Arizona …  TWICE 18740563_10158807642140083_7547819829739048699_n
  • Worked with AMAZING brands that I love ❤
  • Launched my consulting business to help those who want to work in this industry – and helped so many of you achieve success. <3<3
  • and met countless new friends around the globe, some even in far off lands .. like Morocco


What is new for 2018?:

Now that I am back to freelancing full-time, I will be traveling more and covering new destinations for you guys. I still want to travel a lot in the United States BUT I have big plans for global travel. A lot of travel writers tend to cover the same destinations all the time but I like to often go where everyone else isn’t. Some of my bucket list destinations for 2018 are: Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Wyoming, South Africa, Zanzibar, Alaska, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia .. ahh who am I kidding – there isn’t a place I would not go.

Here are my goals (lofty) for the year: 


  • Visit 20 new countries
  • Visit my last of the 50 states, Alaska
  • Launching my food account – you know I love to eat and share it with you!
  • Droning – I got a drone this year but I live in an area I cannot fly it and I truly want to bring you some amazing content with it – so I PROMISE to get to some destinations that will allow me to use it.
  • Taking on new clients for social media management – let me know if you are interested.
  • Photography packages will be available for restaurants, hotels, family or self photos, etc.
  • Group trip(s)
    • Working on an Iceland trip – let me know if you are interested 🙂
  • Aspiring Blogger/Influencer weekend trips:
    • If you are looking to get into this industry and want to do it in a compressed weekend, while having fun with other like-minded individuals – this is the program for you.
  • Bloggers Take The City Part 2:
    • These are weekend led trips by me of established bloggers/social influencers who come to a city and promote it from their point of view across social media platforms and blogs while having an amazing time exploring a new city, meeting new friends, and learning from industry insiders.
  • Consulting changes:
    • Those who I work with on consulting will now have access to a private Facebook group with other members and access to me. We can have discussions with members, talk about industry changes, our successes, meet new friends, and more 🙂
    • Most of my consulting classes are 60 minutes long and I will continue to offer those. They run by a phone call from me. I will be adding some new classes like “Learn To Maximize Twitter In 60 Minutes.” I have grown and learned so much this year about social media and business and I cannot wait to share it with you and help you achieve your dreams.
  • Blog more! I really want to get into the habit of blogging at least twice a week. I have so much content to share with you guys and I want to make it a priority to keep sharing a minimum of twice a week.
  • Weekly updates via blog post. Each week on Sunday I will highlight my week for you with some new photos, tell you the highs and lows, announce giveaways (if you love travel keep an eye out – I have some amazing giveaways coming on Instagram), and just have an overall discussion with you in a non formal way about whats coming up/going on.

I don’t even feel tired after going through all of that! That is because I am revved up and ready for this amazing year. I know it is going to be busy and I cannot wait to share everything with all of you. I am ready to work harder than last year and to bring you the best content that I can.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank you for being on this journey with me. Without you this is not possible. I read all your comments, DM’s, emails – all of it, and I appreciate every single one of you. So THANK YOU for everything you do and continuing to inspire me to share the world.

I wish you all success, friendship, and lots of travel in 2018!

Love, Nicki (1)


19 thoughts

  1. You’re such an inspiration, Nicki! Congrats on taking challenges and turning them into successes. I’m in awe of your goals for 2018 and look forward to following along and learning from your experience. Here’s to an amazing year ahead! – Lynn


  2. Love it! Grateful for the consulting session as it helped a ton-ready to kick 2018 in high gear. One of my goals for this year is to definitely attend one of your blogger/influencers weekend & hopefully join you in one of your trips. Best of luck in 2018!


  3. Those are some ambitious goals, you are going to be busy. I would love to do one of the blogger weekends, if I can make it work into my schedule.


  4. Nikki it looks like you had an exciting travel year, and I’m sure all the projects will keep you busy in 2018. We will be moving to the States from Japan this year, so I will keel my eye out on your page for any weekend trips/events for bloggers. Sounds very interesting! xx


  5. Hi Nikki, Your blog is so colourful and full of life. I wish I could travel like you do. But I am still wondering? If you are travelling full time, how do you support yourself. Puzzled… The other thing I wanted to ask is if you have visited any ski resorts that is considered the best in your opinion. Cheers


    1. Hi Jimmy – thanks for stopping by. I have made travel into a business so this is my job. It’s rare that I am on vacation – my blog and social
      Channels are my business.

      For ski resorts, I like Wintergreen in Virginia


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