TravelSmart Mobile App Gets AWESOME Updates!

TravelSmart Mobile App

Finally! A travel app that provides us information we need WHEN WE NEED IT!

If you are like me, then travel insurance you know is a must! You absolutely cannot predict when life happens and when you need coverage – so I opt to be safe rather than sorry. In my travel history, I have had several incidents that were covered by my travel insurance that really saved me when I needed it.

I am so excited because Allianz Global Assistance just did some amazing updates to their TravelSmart™ mobile app – making it easier to use, access claims, see your insurance details, access emergency numbers, claims status, and even flight status all from the home screen. Other features include an expanded global directory of medical facilities, police stations, and US Embassies, as well as expanded options to quickly get in touch with Allianz Global Assistance’s award-winning service team.

**You don’t have to be an Allianz Global Assistance policyholder to use the TravelSmartTM app. 

Some of my favorite features:

  • Medical dictionary – allows you to store your prescription label & find international names for over 750 drugs – making it easy to get refills
  • Global emergency numbers from the home screen: with the geo-location enabled, you can find the local emergency numbers for things like police, fire, embassys, etc – in 200 countries countries – within seconds
  • Assistance button on the home screen: geolocation can direct travelers to local hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, police stations and U.S. Embassy locations and includes turn-by-turn directions
  • Real time flight status: just add your flight into the app & it will give you real time updates within 3 days of your trip
  • File and track claims: you can start the claim here, upload documents and even include direct deposit or debit card information to get paid faster
  • Access your policy: you can store your Allianz Global Assistance policy here in the app so you can easily access what your befits are
  • Medical translator: in 18 common languages!!

New feature for 2020!

The TravelSmart app has rolled out a new feature called Alert Center. You will need an uploaded policy to use and here is what it offers:

  • App uses geo-location to provide updates on issues where customers are traveling, including health and security risks, transportation disruptions, weather advisories, and cultural considerations
  • Alert Center also offers expert advice on how to respond—and allows customers to easily access live help 24/7 with just the push of a button in TravelSmart.

For me, this revolutionizes how I travel. I can just open the TravelSmart™ mobile app in an emergency situation and find my U.S. Embassy, find and get to a hospital if necessary AND I can communicate with the Allianz Global Assistance service team 24/7 – all at the same time. Before, this would have taken me 30-60 minutes to try and find everything, make a phone call, deal with the stress, etc – and now I can get it quickly while multitasking.

*Disclaimer: this post was written in collaboration with Allianz Global Assistance. As always, opinions are entirely my own. 


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