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Content Planner
I am very much like everyone else – I had to-do lists all over my office, notes scattered about, post-its in every room of my house, and the list goes on. SURELY there is a better way to get my social media and blog business under control and in one area, right? RIGHT!


Content Planner

In comes the Content Planner – only the most brilliant invention for boss babes.

What is the Content Planner? In a sentence, its a planner to schedule your social media, blog posts & write your biggest dreams so that you can see the big picture of the month in one look and on your way to being profitable!!
Who is it for? Anyone can use it – but its truly designed for people who have businesses that utilize social media channels. Even if you are just starting out in the industry – this is for you. Get organized now so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed later.

  • Fill-able 15  month planner
  • At a glance 15 month spreads
  • Reference guide of holidays and retail dates
  • Monthly and weekly goal setting
  • Custom designed planner stickers
  • Writing space for your biggest ideas
  • Travel friendly, portable and light
  • Additional lined and grid pages
  • Protective box to store your planner while traveling

The Content Planner is going to revolutionize the way you work on the internet. No more crazy stacks of to-do lists, missing appointments and not having a business plan. This is your time to focus on your business and get it right. No matter if you are just starting out your business or already further in your career – this planner is for you.


Content Planner


Content Planner


Content Planner


Stickers for the Content Planner – even with social media tags


Content Planner


Content Planner


Content Planner


Content Planner

My favorite features of the Content Planner are the 15 month start when you get it feature – allowing you to get a true 15 month life out of it (instead of losing months you did not own the planner for), the hashtag list section to put your new hashtags you want to try (or for me, when I am traveling, I pick local hashtags to use as well), and last but not least, the hit list and collabs section – where you can put down the companies you would like to collaborate with to work on.
Time is money when you are managing all your social media channels and/or website(s). Just thinking about what to post on 1 channel, let alone 5+ of them can be overwhelming. With this planner I can now see what dates content has to be published on for sponsors and I can plan ahead for the type of shots that I need. In addition, when companies contact me for work, I can already see if my month is too full or if I am booked for events, that way I don’t over promise work.
This is the one thing I wish I had 2.5 years ago when I launched my business – so many days of stress and wondering how I would do it all. Now I don’t have to worry and the stress & guess has been taken out of the equation.
Are you ready to revolutionize your life and take your business to the next level? Then get  your Content Planner and start organizing your life and making money!
Plan it, Post it, Profit!
XOXO – Nicki
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Content Planner
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