One thing that I love about living so close to the Nations Capital is that there is always something new and awesome popping up (or new to me since I don’t visit very often). From art exhibitions, restaurants, bars, and seasonal activities – the city is constantly thriving with things to do.

Here are 7 things I just discovered in the city that are an absolute MUST!!

The Hive: 

Located in the National Building Museum, The Hive is an installation that will only be in D.C. through September 4th. Made out of more than 2,700+ paper tubes from a few inches high to 10 feet high making the highest point 60 feet high. The installation is magnificent. You could stay here all day gazing at it.

IMG_4201 (2)
The Hive
IMG_4204 (2)
The Hive
IMG_4206 (2)
The Hive
IMG_4207 (2)
The Hive
IMG_4216 (2)
The Hive


Cotton and Reed:

Washington’s first rum distillery! I recently did a tasting and a small tour and let me just say – this is a place I could spend an afternoon sipping pina coladas or spiced rum.

IMG_4251 (2)
Rum Flavors
IMG_4256 (2)
Co-Owner Jordan Cotton
IMG_4259 (2)
IMG_4237 (2)
IMG_4261 (2)
IMG_4228 (2)
Cane sugar
IMG_4229 (2)
IMG_4271 (2)
Baby Pineapple
IMG_4264 (2)
pina colada


XYZT Abstract Landscapes:

Located in ARTECHOUSE – this exhibition will take you on a wild ride of the senses. I found it to be a playground for adults as well as kids. Open through September 3rd.

XYZT Abstract Landscapes
XYZT Abstract Landscapes
XYZT Abstract Landscapes
XYZT Abstract Landscapes
XYZT Abstract Landscapes


Wish Tree for Washington:

An exhibition open through September 4th at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden. A piece by Yoko Ono, a Japanese Dogwood tree is up and people can tie their wishes to it. The wishes and hopes are then collected and sent to Ono’s piece in Iceland.

I wished for a company to open that serves cold pizza and iced coffee for breakfast. Fingers crossed! ❤

IMG_4175 (2)
Wish Tree for Washington
IMG_4172 (2)
Wish Tree for Washington
IMG_4170 (2)
Wish Tree for Washington


Trace at Hirshhorn:

Ai Weiwei has 176 portraits made of thousands of Lego bricks spread around the second floor of the museum. The intricate detailing and color is brilliant.

This exhibition will be in the museum until January 1, 2018.

IMG_4190 (2)
Ai Weiwei: Trace at Hirshhorn
IMG_4183 (2)
Ai Weiwei: Trace at Hirshhorn


Parallax Gap:

Located in the Renwick Gallery, Parallax Gap is suspended from the ceiling and quite striking. You look up at the 9 pieces, or in my case, I laid on the floor to really see what I was viewing and to admire the work.

IMG_4124 (2)
Parallax Gap
IMG_4125 (2)
Parallax Gap
IMG_4126 (2)
Parallax Gap
IMG_4144 (2)
Parallax Gap


Silent Disco!:

Jam out on Friday and Saturday nights this summer on top of the Embassy Row Hotel in silent. With 3 DJ’s spinning dance jams, everyone will find something they love to dance to while watching the sunset.

Silent Disco Headphones
Silent Disco 
Silent Disco DJ’s


Disclaimer: I was hosted by ARTECHOUSE and Silent Disco – as always, opinions are my own.

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