One of my favorite things in the world is a cup of tea… and then sweets. So naturally afternoon tea would be a treat for me. When I travel, I always try the afternoon tea in each city just to see how different they are around the globe.

I love the little touches on the cupcakes


I just had the afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto and it was amazing. Currently for the month of March (2017) they are doing a Haute Couture High Tea, which comes with its own red carpet to walk down, prosecco, two specialty teas in addition to their already large collection available, and lots of delicious sandwiches and sweets! This is the tea package I got and it was amazingly delicious.

A walk down the red carpet
Prosecco to start
Lounge area

I love the tea presentation they do before you decide on a tea – they go through the teas with you and let you smell them to help you make a decision on what you would like. I ended up choosing one of the specialty teas that they were offering with the Haute Couture, which was a Bai Mu Dan white tea that had peaches and cream flavorings. I did not not add anything to the tea and it was sweet on its own.

Tea selections

Before the tea came out, they delivered this amazing quiche that was both full of flavor and just melted in your mouth.


Tea tea sandwiches in this package were quite delicious. With items like lobster and caviar and curried chicken cone – these tea sandwiches will impress your taste buds.

Tea sandwiches

Pastries are my favorite part about afternoon tea. I love the selections and how they are always different. The treats on this menu included:IMG_2149

  • Champagne Truffle
  • Raspberry Vanilla Macaron
  • Lady In Red..Velvet Cake
  • Balmoral Shortbread Heel
  • Passion-tini Panna Cotta
  • Freshly Baked Raisin Scones

My favorites were the macarons that were so fresh and raspberries in them and the designer shoe shortbread cookies. Of course it was all delicious – but those two stole the show!

Tea pastries

Overall: this was one of my favorite afternoon tea visits in the world. So many different flavors all around and I tried a lot of new things that I now realize I love!

Additional Info:

  • Address: 181 Wellington Street West Toronto, M5V 3G7 Canada
  • Phone: +1 (416) 585-2500
  • Price for Haute Couture High Tea: $54
  • Tea Times: Saturday & Sunday with seating’s at 12:00pm and 3:00pm
  • Make reservations in advance to get a seating
  • Take your time, this is a meal – enjoy the ambiance and sip your tea


Disclaimer: I was hosted by the Ritz Carlton, but as always, opinions are entirely my own.



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  1. Hello! Love this post! So excited for your next one! This is Chy from Her Lost Mango. Nice to meet you! Would love to connect with you. I just posted my Amsterdam trip with a lot of photos and more Europe trip about to be posted. I just followed you. XOXO


  2. My daughter loved having a tea party for her birthday when she was young. I have always been looking for places to take her to tea ever since. This looks great.

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