I have been a Harry Potter fan since my younger brother introduced it to me when we were wee little kids.  I will admit, I was skeptical to read the books and wasn’t sold until I waited all night to see the first movie with my brother who was obsessed. Then was born a lifelong fan.

The Harry Potter series is one of the most notable book series in my generation to sweep the world. There are many lessons to be learned about love, bravery, loss, friendship, and so much more.

I just recently toured both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida – and I am completely blown away by how well Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley have come to life. You literally feel like you got your letter to Hogwarts (finally) and are shopping for your school items. You can even ride the Hogwarts Express between the two parks.

Here is a collection of photos I took while visiting both parks that I hope inspire you to visit.

Diagon Alley
Directions to the attractions
Diagon Alley
Hogwarts Express
Knight Bus
Diagon Alley
Butterbeer – the most delicious thing to drink here
Gringotts Bank
Catching the train for Hogwarts
Leaky Cauldron
Diagon Alley
Platform 9 3/4
Mystical shopping
Diagon Alley
Casting spells
Owl Post
Leaky Cauldron
Entrance to Diagon Alley


Additional Info:

  • Hogsmeade is located in Islands of Adventure
  • Diagon Alley is located in Universal Studios Orlando
  • If you have a park hopper pass you can ride Hogwarts Express between both parks
  • It will be crowded – even during off season
  • Express Passes do not work on the rides in these parks
  • Drink as many butterbeers as possible – they are delicious



Disclaimer: I was hosted by Universal Studios, but as always – opinions are entirely my own. 

50 thoughts

  1. We just recently returned from a similar adventure, and absolutely loved it there. Did you find crowds to be a problem? Things were crazy busy when we were there, which took away from our ability to explore it as much as we would have liked. Thank you for sharing your awesome photos – it was fun to reminisce a bit 🙂

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  2. I’ve been there once a few years back and it was so much fun even for someone like me who hadn’t seen the Harry Potter movies! Afterwards I watched the movies and it was then that I could appreciate how incredible the experience was. In fact watching the movies was like re-living my Universal Orlando experience!

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  3. I’ve only heard good things about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Can’t wait until the expand their offerings of rides but its amazing how theme parks are incorporating more filming locations into their parks. I can’t wait for the Star Wars world coming soon to Disney’s theme parks! 😀 And yes to butterbeer everyday!

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    1. When they built Hogsmeade I think it was to see if they could draw the crowds – several years later they did the expansion and I think its quite brilliant that they built the Hogwarts Express to transfer people to each park in the Harry Potter zones

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  4. This looks so fun! I’ll be going to Florida in October with my boyfriend (who’s been here) and keep telling him we have to go here, like, not optional, we have to go haha. He actually (reluctantly) agreed!

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  5. This post makes my heart so happy. I love Harry Potter and seeing that world come alive through your photos brings me great joy. Cannot wait to visit myself but until then I can look at your pictures. So glad you had a blast.

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  6. Wow.. great photographs. I want to go there right now. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter too 🙂 butter beer sounds delicious.. does it contain alcohol or can kids enjoy it too?

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  7. This is the dream, I looove Harry Potter 😀 Can’t believe I never made it to any of the studios, I’ve been in London several times, but never made it to the Harry Potter studios…

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  8. I use to live in Orlando so I got to go a lot! Always something new to explore every single time! I took my mom there to surprise her for her bday/Mother’s Day and she was IN HEAVEN! Great captures!

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  9. Oh I loooove this place!!! It’s so magical I could live there 😀 We had 4 days ticket for both parks, I needed at least a week 😀 Most of the time we spent just walking around in this amazingly made Harry Potter world 🙂

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  10. my wife introduced me to harry potter years ago and i absolutly fell in love with the world. since then, we have gone to the park three times and as they have added things it gets only better. hopefully soon they’ll add a resort to it – maybe they’ll let people live there?


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