airline-review-wow-airRecently I flew with WOW air to go to Iceland and Scotland on a winter adventure. I had already been to Iceland before but you never really have enough time in Iceland to do everything. So I booked a ticket to Scotland with a 6 night stopover in Iceland so that I could see more of the country. One of the many things I love about WOW air is that they offer stopovers on all their flights if Iceland is not your final destination. I would highly recommend the stopover if Iceland is not your destination – it’s quite the magical country full of Mother Nature’s wonders. You’ll be asking yourself constantly “why haven’t I been here before” and “When can I get more time off to come back?”

Glacier Lagoon in South Iceland

About WOW air:


WOW air is a low cost Icelandic airline based out of Reykjavik that came to be in mid 2012. Currently offering flights from 31 airports, including 6 airports from the United States and 2 from Canada. You never know when a new route will be added, so keep your eyes peeled. WOW air has done something quite brilliant with international flights – they consistently offer unbeatable flight prices. Think $99 each way from Washington, D.C. to Iceland. These prices are hard to beat! These are not everyday prices but they run deals pretty often and to other destinations as well, you just need to check their website.

Pricing & Extras:

The reason WOW air is able to offer such low fares is that they are a budget airline – meaning nothing else is included in the price of your ticket except a personal item to be put under your seat.

Some of the items that cost extra:

  • A seat with extra leg space
  • Selecting your seat when booking your ticket
  • Carry-on luggage
  • Checked luggage
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Duty free shopping
  • Checking golf clubs, skis, etc.

You can still fly with WOW air and save big bucks. Think about what you want to pack and what you can get away without bringing. You don’t have to pack your entire home when you travel. I prefer to fly carry-on only for the most part and it has worked out quite well. If you don’t want to purchase food or beverages on the flight, bring a water bottle to fill up at the airport and bring your own snacks.

Food and Beverages:

I did splurge on an in flight meal on two of my long haul legs. Reason being, I love Icelandic foods and beer. I am a sucker for skyr yogurt and Icelandic chocolate too. My favorite meal on board is the Baguette which comes with ham and cheese on it. Not sure how they do it but the baguette is crispy on the outside and warm on the inside. The perfect sandwich for flying. The cost of this sandwich in USD is about $9.00 give or take depending on exchange rates.


For non-alcoholic cold beverages such as soda, juice, milk, and water – you can expect to pay just under $3.00 per beverage. For hot beverages like tea and coffee, it will be slightly more at closer to $4.00.

For local beer Gull you can purchase two cans for about $10.50

In my experience, eating in the airport is actually more expensive in most places – so it will be up to you to decide if you would like to eat on board.

Cabin Design:

WOW air has a purple and white color layout for their uniforms and design elements within the plane and on the outside. You will notice the carpet is purple with the logo in white running the length of the plane.

Some of the funnier things to keep you entertained are the things you will see throughout like above the seating you will see next to the call button “Honk if you’re hungry” or the vomit meter bags in every seat for those who don’t feel well. I always get a good chuckle from these funny touches.


There was a bathroom in the front and in the back of each of the 8 flights I have flown with WOW air and they kept them clean for the duration of the flights.

I found the seating to be extremely comfortable. When you are flying a longer international flight (like my flight from Baltimore to Reykjavik ~6 hours) you want to be comfortable. I really love their seating and have always thought it was a cut above the rest for coach.

Customer Service:


All the staff from flight crew to counter help have always been quite lovely. Always smiling and ready to help. Keep in mind when checking in to your flight the weight restrictions and size limitations on carry-on’s and checked luggage as it will not be their fault if you are over the allotment.

Additional Information:

  • Since Reykjavik is the hub for WOW air, a lot of the flights layover in that airport in Iceland. Grab some Icelandic Chocolate while you are there.
  • If you have not already arranged transportation to/from the airport or tours, you can do so right on your flight.
Don’t miss a chance to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

Disclaimer: I was hosted by WOW air. As always, all opinions are my own and do not represent WOW air. 

26 thoughts

  1. Comprehensive review of Wow airlines! Super love to see quirky touches companies do, like the Vomit Meter on the bag. Gives an awful experience something to smile about after the throwing up 😄


  2. Interestingly when we flew no one but us took advantage of buying the bus ticket from airport to Reykjavik on the flight. We walked right to the bus while everyone else were in line to buy tickets. Thanks for including that tip Nicki!


  3. Great information! I hadn’t heard of WOW airlines before but will definitely be keeping my eye out for them in the future 🙂


  4. Been long – wish to fly via WOW airlines and enjoy the flying experience. The Vomit-meter sure looks funny – happy to know you had a pleasant experience with them.


  5. Oh I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! My mom and I have been debating on using Wow for a European trip later this year! We saw layovers that were 1-2 days and didn’t know if that would be silly or not!! The extra costs don’t seem too bad though! Thank you for the info!


  6. Awesome. I love it when airlines go the extra inch to make your flight a bit more memorable. So often the flight to your vacation is something to forget rather than something to remember.


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