Have a traveler in your life and looking for the perfect gift? I have just the items to make happy any traveler.

As a traveler, I spend a lot of time using and finding products I love that make traveling easier for me. Since I travel more than 50% of the year, having things go as smooth as possible is important to me.

I have collected all my favorite items to share with you this year. These are all products I love and use.


Luggage is the make or break of a trip for me. I need lightweight, sturdy, 4 wheels so I can push or pull, AND a 10 year warranty. Luckily, iFLY Luggage has that! I usually travel by carry-on only, but sometimes I take a checked bag if I am going on a cruise or to a resort that I will stay at for a week. When I am constantly moving around between countries, having a carry-on is perfect so I can get off the plane quickly and avoid fees for checked luggage. For my carry-on I use a soft side Fuzion and for my checked luggage I use a hard side Pinnacle. Both suitcases are excellent choices for whichever type of travel you prefer. Since I find that I go between both carry-on and checked, these are my top 2 picks to travel with.  You can order these both online here OR you can purchase these both at Walmart. They are both very affordable. $64 for the carry-on and $79 for the Pinnacle at Walmart.

Fuzion Carry-on

Pinnacle checked luggage
Nail Polish Remover Wipes

This has been one of the greatest finds this year for me. When you are traveling and have limited space for liquids, in comes these polish wipes! 1 wipe always takes off the polish from both hands and I usually do a polish change about once a week. So I pack a few and they take up no space at all. Very small and compact. You can purchase them at SEPHORA.

Sephora – nail polish wipes
Camera Bag

I won’t lie – I used to just throw my camera in my purse or constantly wear it around my neck. I did not like the camera bag options until I found Lo&Sons Claremont camera bag! Its sleek design of leather and classic handbag look, disguised as this useful bag. The number of compliments I receive with this bag is very high. It is a beautiful bag and has options to store an extra lens, extra memory cards and even a zippered backside that I store my passport, hotel keys, cash, etc in.


Claremont Bag – source
Uber Gift Cards

I have found that I like to use Uber globally. I know exactly how it works, I know I am saving money and I know what to expect. Uber works the same around the world. Having a pre-loaded gift card into your app is a great gift because you can save your money to buy other things .. like ice cream ❤ You can purchase Uber gift cards here.



Perfume & Body Spray

The scent industry has revolutionized how we can carry perfume when traveling. From below the carry-on restriction size, you will find sprays and now roll-on perfumes. My personal favorite body spray is from Victoria’s Secret and it is called Bombshell – it is 2.5 ounces and smells incredible.

I love the roll on perfumes as well. These scents last longer than sprays and are eve easier to carry wherever you are. I like to keep a couple and switch them out when I travel. I have found that ULTA has a very big selection of them.

Rollerball Perfume
Portable WiFi Hotspot

Skip expensive cell phone plans and searching the city for Wifi and just get your own hotspot. Several countries ago I got my own hotspot from Skyroam and I have taken it through Europe by train through 4 countries & the Philippines island hopping. You can buy one or rent one – and it gives you a full 24 hours of use from the time you activate each day pass. You get unlimited data AND you can use the hotspot across 5 devices – which means your phone/iPad/laptop or you can even share with friends. You pick. YOu can purchase the Skyroam here.Skyroam_3Gmate_Unlimited_Data_Hotspot_home



My GoPro has been one of my most interesting finds as a traveler and I love the photos it takes! It fits easily in my pocket by itself, its waterproof and works for all types of shots. I prefer landscape and city shots but a lot of people use it for adventures in hiking, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, snowboarding, and so much more.  You can purchase a GoPro and its accessories here.

Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor – shot with a GoPro


I spend a lot of time on my phone because my line of work requires me to. When I am at a place where I can sit for awhile and do not want to dig out my laptop, I can use my iphone or ipad on my keys-to-go keyboard. It weighs virtually nothing and connects through Bluetooth. I like to use it when I am in airports for short periods, on trains or just in a hurry. Bonus – it is spill proof. So next time you are on a flight that experiences turbulence and you are using your keys-to-go, you can just wipe it off and it is as good as new. You can purchase keys-to-go here.

Logitech – keys-to-go
These are my top 8 new travel items that make my life easier!

Happy Holidays ❤


Disclaimer: There are NO affiliate links in this post – if you click a link or purchase an item, I make no money from it. These are my favorite travel items and I want to share them with you ❤ Happy Holidays

28 thoughts

  1. Great list Nicki! I use the Lo and Sons Weekender all the time so will have to check out the claremont Bag. I also just tried a service similar to skyroam when I was in Portugal and loved it (I’m usually a wifi free on adventures kind of girl). Thanks for sharing your list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very helpful list Nicki and thanks for sharing! Nail polish remover wipes are such a savoir as it is very common that our nail chips off or in case we want change our nail paint we dont have to carry a whole bottle of remover with us! Lo&Sons camera bag looks so chic, we would love to buy one for ourself 😉


    1. I’m a big fan of Skyroam because I can turn it on from the minute I land in a new country. I’m never not connected.

      I’ve done the SIM card route and it’s not always reliable. I always see people messing with them or buying new ones. In addition, the SIM card doesn’t work on my laptop.

      My work depends on me being able to work remotely. I need to be connected wherever I am and the Skyroam allows me to connect up to 5 devices – so it isn’t just my phone and if you are traveling with people, split the cost of the day passes if they want to also use it.

      Hope that helps


  3. Gopro is my favourite here 😉 I always take it everywere I go! And I also loved the Wifi device, it can make my life much easier! I remember a lot of times that I needed internet connection and I had no place to find it…Thanks for sharing!


  4. Awesome list but I’ll take the GoPro and skip everything else 😉 I used to have the WiFi/MiFi device but I think it might be better to use a Smartphone as hotspot especially if you have Google Project Fi. Hey, cool pic of Lake Tahoe btw.


  5. For me the most interesting is Skyroam connectivity. I must try it . Normally I end buying a local sim card with Data facility and then use my phone as hotspot when needed.


  6. I’ve just been checking out stylish camera handbags like you listed here – they look so much nicer & you can use it as your handbag rather than having multiple bags dangling around your next! Hoping a GoPro makes its way into our set-up very soon…


  7. Great ideas! The phone keypad is just genius! I always think on long flights how much work I could get done, but I usually don’t bring my laptop for shorter trips and I’m usually so sick of jabbing away at my phone keys. I will definitely be purchasing that keypad! Btw, I wouldn’t mind if you did have affiliate links! You work so hard and produce such useful content, I would love to be able to help support your hard work!

    Liked by 1 person

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