I am currently on a whole new adventure in the Philippines. Visiting my 24th country and half way around the world, I have been blown away by the landscapes and hospitality of the Filipino culture.

One of my first island stops was in Bohol. Known for the chocolate hills and Tarsiers, this island was incredible and should be on the top of everyone’s list looking to visit.

Here are my top experiences you should have when you visit Bohol:

  1. Visit the Chocolate Hills – while the hills are not chocolate colored right now, they do turn a chocolate color at a different time of the year – right now they are lush green. There are more than 1200+ hills and you can see as far as the eyes will allow. They look like small round shaped hills, or as my tour guide said “women’s breasts.” He was right and did not say it offensively – it was his best way of describing them and he did well.  14657269_10157611459985083_6368002554956600906_n14516418_10157611459920083_4806592306534166751_n
  2. See the Tarsiers  – these cute little animals are nocturnal and sleep during the day. If you happen to find one with their eyes open you can see just how cute they are!14692031_10157611441810083_8288145667443357364_o
  3. Take in a sunset – I mean, you are in a Paradise!

    Captured at the Peacock Garden Hotel
  4. Visit the oldest church – The Church of Baclayon – The church is being renovated as it sustained major damage during an earthquake in 2013. You can still go inside and see how magnificent the alter is, which didn’t suffer any damage at all. It’s quite spectacular really.    14641901_10157611459800083_3550697401258290976_n
  5. Try UBE – jam, gelato, anything – UBE is where its at! Filipinos have taken this purple yam that is sweet and made it into all kinds of desserts. This is one thing you should not pass up.
    UBE jam

    UBE gelato
  6. Take a lunch boat cruise on the Loboc River – Buffet style dining on this man made boat that takes you down the Loboc River while listening to live music and seeing gorgeous views of the lake. This was one of my favorite things to experience in Bohol. The river is this stunning color of green and the food was delicious.
    River boat cruise
    Lunch buffet
    Views from the boat
    Beautiful palms

  7. Visit Panglao Beach – with its white sand and glistening hues of blue and turquoise it will be easy to spend a day or two here  14650338_10157611459815083_5341104911663913772_n
  8. Visit the Butterfly Garden   
    Butterflies ❤


Additional Items:

  • Bohol can be reached by flight – I flew with Philippines Airline through Manila and it was about $75 each way
  • Finding a tour guide for the day will not be hard – but book in advance to secure a spot with someone
  • The day tours are ALL day – pack good walking shoes and be prepared for stairs

33 thoughts

  1. We are going to Bohol next week! This post was perfect timing! We are so excited to see the Chocolate Mountains and hopefully we are lucky enough to see the tarsiers like you! Thanks for getting me even more excited about our upcoming trip!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I have been wanting to go back to Asia for awhile and Philippines is on the top of the list. The scenery and beaches just look amazing. I love butterflies too, so would definitely have to see that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for taking me back to the places I truly fell in love with! I spent last winter at Bikini beach in Panglao.
    And I paddled through Loboc River on a sup board. It was amazing!

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  4. I love learning about new places! Thanks for the Intro 😁😁❤️ One thing I don’t love about the phillipines was defs the food…. buuuuuut that blue water 😍❤️


  5. The Philippines just looks so picture-perfect, I can’t believe that even after living in Asia for 6 years of my life I have not managed to get there yet! The beaches, the palm trees, the water, the mountains – it all looks amazing!


    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for following along.

      The Philippines have been amazing. I am so excited for you to visit. I still have so much to share.

      UBE has become my obsession ❤ Somehow they have turned this purple yam and created so many delicious things with it. Definitely eat it when you visit.


  6. Aw man I really missed out. We didn’t have time to squeeze in Bohol last time but I really wanted to rent a bike to see the chocolate hills and tarsiers. Your post makes me regret it so much! Wish we had more time 😦


  7. Love this post! I am half Filipino and though I have been to the Philippines many times before, I went to Bohol for the first time a couple of years ago! I didn’t visit Panglao though, it is definitely going on my list for next time! Thanks for this post, it really did Bohol justice 🙂


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