It is no secret that I love food. Not just any food though, good food. I am a firm believer that eating and drinking the local food is part of traveling. It helps me to understand my travel experience more by knowing what the locals like to cook and eat, their favorite drinks, and comparing it with my favorites from home and around the world.

I recently spent a few days in Dortmund and then in Dusseldorf Germany. I won’t lie, sometimes it is easier for me to grab just anything or to even eat at my hotel – but this time I ate a lot of authentic food or at least popular foods for the areas I was in.

This cappuccino was a monster!

There’s one thing that is most important to me when I am traveling and that is being able to get coffee in some form. Hot, cold, espresso, cappuccino, anything – and when it is large and in charge, I am happy.

A delicious brekky to start the day
German pancake and Ice cream

If you can justify ice cream for breakfast, and in this situation I can – I will. Almost a crepe, but it is a German pancake. The texture is much thicker than a crepe and could hold the amazing contents!

Lamb Stew

One of the evenings I was in Dortmund we went to Gourmedo festival, which is hip gastronomy meets gourmet kitchen at the Friedensplatz. Here I sampled the lamb stew, beer and gelato! Drink all the beer in Germany – there are so many great ones!


Hovels beer – brewed right in Dortmund Germany and a local favorite

Nutella and pistachio gelato – my favorites
Brats and fries

Lets be honest – you can’t come to Germany and NOT try street brats and fries. The mustard alone is killer – and they add mayo to their fries? win!


My entire trip I sought out schnitzel – I was willing to eat it from anywhere .. and then at the end of my trip I had it. You know what? It was every bit as amazing as I had worked it up to be in my head. The fried potatoes that came with it had bacon in them and as a bacon lover, I was sold!

Apple Pie

I found this piece of pie a few doors down from my hotel in a little bakery one day in Dusseldorf. German apple pie is definitely worth eating. it was all sorts of sweet and coked to perfection.


I didn’t get a proper German pretzel until I was about to board my flight. It was worth every second I waited for it though. My only regret is not eating like 10 more while I was visiting Germany!

8 thoughts

  1. I adore German food and this post is making me salivate!! I love the way you get bacon bits in your fried potatoes in Germany (I can’t imagine how vegetarians are able to get food without meat in there – it must be a nightmare for them!), and that lamb stew looks out of this world! I was in Germany for 10 days this summer, and I am still carrying at least an extra kilo from it!!


  2. Yum it all looks so good. I would love to have ice cream for breakfast! My favorite German food though are the pretzels especially with the mustard or some cheese dip.


  3. German food is actually the best food in the world bar none! You should try and go to the Oktoberfest one year, the amount of classic Bavarian food and drink there would blow your mind. It’s immense.


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