One of the things that make my life easy are finding new ways to do things faster and easier. I spend a lot of time on my phone posting to social media, taking photos, creating content for my website and social media channels, using maps, texting, and taking notes to remember things.


Recently I started using a new app called Journo, which is a travel Journal. Using this app has replaced the use of the ongoing notes I take on my phone for the places I travel to AND I can put photos and/or videos in the journal entries to keep my memory fresh.


Journo offers three journal types on the app:

  1. The Travel Journo – these journals are designed to capture and share your travels
    1. You can collaborate with other people in this journal
    2. There is a map feature that will show you where you spent your time using it
    3. You can add photos and videos to these entries
  2. The Daily Journo – these journals are designed for everyday usage. You can track life milestones, take down daily thoughts, create a food journal to keep track of what you eat each day, make lists with photos – the sky is the limit.
    1. There is a custom map feature for this journal to track where you spend your days using it.
    2. You can add photos and videos to these entries
  3. The Project Journo – designed to help you document projects.
    1. You can add hand written notes (like recipes) and drawings
    2. You can add photos and videos to these entries

I utilize the travel journo frequently. What I have found useful is to create a journo for a city and then you can add Β entries to it. I was recently in Amsterdam and decided to track the most memorable experiences I had there:

As you can see in the app, it keeps track of the month and then of the day you posted it. I went back in to add memorable items from my trip so that I could easily access them at any time.

Currently I am in Las Vegas and I am utilizing the app here to document my travels.


For the front of my Vegas Journo I picked a graffiti shot I found on a wall in the city. I like to find interesting photos to highlight my journeys. I have uploaded two posts so far and you can see in the map feature that it shows where you were.

I’m finding that this app is so easy for me to quickly upload photos and document my journeys. I spend so much of my time on the go and I am always on my phone – and so this app is really a lifesaver in storing my memories for me that I can look back to.


This post was written in partnership with Journo. As always, opinions are my own.Β 

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  1. This looks awesome! I have a Windows phone, so unfortunately it is not available, but I plan on getting an Android next and will surely download this. I tend to forget the names of specific places that I liked and then waste time trying to find it online. Journo seems like the perfect solution to that. Thanks for sharing!

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