As a traveler I am always looking for new things that will make my life easier. I spend a lot of time in planes, trains and automobiles. So when it comes to travel gear, whatever makes my life the easiest is what I want to be using.

Recently Logitech released a product called ZeroTouch, which is a ย mount for your car and an app that connects to your phone. The concept, and this is important, is that you don’t need to touch your phone while using it. Having this device and app allows you to give voice commands to your phone.

The Product:

The nice thing about the ZeroTouch is that you can get it as a mount for your dash OR a clip on for your vent. The air vent comes in 3 colors: red, black and white – and then the mount comes in black. It is very lightweight and easy to attach in your car.

zerotouch (3)
ZeroTouch Air Vent
zerotouch (1)
ZeroTouch Air Vent
zerotouch (2)
ZeroTouch Air Vent
ZeroTouch Mount

The second part is the app itself. You need to download it to your phone first and then walk through the very easy set-up process. Currently the app supports Android version 4.4 or later. The app is free, so once you download it, you will be good to go.


So what does “hands free” mean with ZeroTouch?

This is the best part – you don’t even have to touch the app for it to come on. once you put your phone on the ZeroTouch mount or clip, you can wave your hand in front of your phone that is turned on and give it commands. I know, its pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Features of ZeroTouch Include:

  • Voice to text
  • Voice activate music
  • Voice navigation
  • Share my location
  • Hands free calling
  • and you can reply to messages on Facebook, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp


Logitech is giving away $2,000 for a lucky winner to take on a road trip in America and will also be including a ZeroTouch for your trip! They really thought of everything here.

To Enter:

  1. Head over to my Instagram and follow me and @logitech
  2. Tag 2 friends in the comment section of my photo for the giveaway
  3. Post a photo of your best road trip or what you will do on a road trip and put the hashtag #ZeroTouchOpenRoad on it and tag @logitech so we can find you when the contest is closed.


The contest ends on August 8th so get your entries in now!! Logitech will be making final decisions on a winner but you can’t win if you don’t play.


This article was written in cooperation with Logitech and all views are my own. No affiliate links are in this ad and I make no money if you decide to use this device.ย 



21 thoughts

  1. Such a cool device. My air vent is not one of the normal ones, so I don’t think it will fit in my car. But will definitely pass the info along to friends who have a normal vent in their car ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. What can’t this device do? I can’t live without Google Maps when I’m driving in a foreign country, so will definitel look into this!


  3. Wow, I’ve always loved Logitech, and I’m intrigued. I’d sure like to give one a try. Great write-up, and I’ll definitely enter the contest!


  4. Love the concept of hands-free! I use the Waze App to avoid traffic but there are still times when I need to touch the app. Would be awesome if the hardware can be compatible with other nav apps too!


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