4-weekend-getawaysI have lived in Virginia for almost 11 years now and still have not seen it all. This year I told myself that I would spend more time exploring the places at home and found some great weekend trips along the way.

Here are 4 of my favorite hotels in Virginia to escape for the weekend:

  1. Goodstone Inn – Middleburg – Just a little over an hour from Washington, D.C. sits this calming oasis of country vibes and wineries. The Goodstone Inn is country chic and luxurious. This is a great place to wind down and relax, enjoy with friends or spouse, to dine, and to escape for the weekend.
    Grounds at Goodstone
    Carlyle Junior Suite
    Free breakfast at Goodstone
    Sunset at Goodstone

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  2. Quirk Hotel – Richmond- One of my favorite boutique hotels in Virginia. Its location in Richmond is perfect. Surrounded by alley ways full of art, this modern, sleek and luxurious hotel is a great selection when visiting Richmond. The hotel has a rustic meets vintage vibe that you fall in love with.
    blog 1
    Art is all around the hotel – they even have their own gallery
    Pints instead of shots? Yes please!
    King Room at Quirk Hotel

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  3. Primland – Meadows of Dan – Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is the perfect hotel for outdoor enthusiasts. During my time here, I went off-roading in the mountains, star gazing and shot a shotgun. There is also golf, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, and so much more. The hotel is luxury from the moment you arrive. Every detail from customer service, rooms, shared space, and even the food is incredible.
    Primland Lodge Aerial 0698
    Primland Resort
    Breakfast in bed
    Sunset at Primland
    Moonshine drinks and bacon candy

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  4. Lansdowne Resort – Leesburg – Outside of D.C. in Northern Virginia sits a resort that offers world class golf, a fabulous spa and a break from the city. The resort is not completely secluded in the mountains but it is far enough away from the busy city that you can relax and see the stars. Definitely order the pulled pork from room service!
    Lansdowne Resort – King Room
    Lansdowne Resort – room service
    Landsdowne Resort – golf

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17 thoughts

  1. Great Photos! Especially the one from the Carlyle Junior Suite and the on from the Grounds at Goodstone – I love it. That would be a place I like to visit. Greetings from Germany.

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  2. Beautiful photos! Well done for checking out your local area – I’ve lived in London all my life and I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace!

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