Good news! I was selected to be an Ambassador for Tourlina – the all female travel app.

So what is Tourlina? It’s an app  that allows you to plug in your travel dates and connect with other female travelers who will be traveling at the same time. It allows you to pick the type of traveling you are doing, interests and so on. Once you match with someone, you can swipe left or right to chat or to pass. Like Tinder, minus the dating.

The great part about this app is that it is all women AND you have to be verified to be given access to the kingdom. This is a safe way for women to meet other women on their travel journeys.

So don’t wait – download the app today and lets start going on some adventures! I have plugged all my known travel dates in for the rest of the year and look forward to meeting up with anyone who has travel dates similar to mine. We can have a Tourlina party ❤




18 thoughts

  1. Definitely sounds interesting and I can see how it would be very useful, especially for solo female travelers. Will have to download and check it out.

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  2. I love this idea! I’ve heard of other apps designed to connect travellers but I’ve always wondered about the safety issues. Knowing this is for women only and accounts are verified certainly helps with that. I’d love to hear about your experience using it and what connections it helps you make.

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  3. I have seen some Tourlina stuff around Pinterest lately. Maybe it’s yours 🙂 ?

    Congrats on the partnership! Tourlina seems super cool in theory. I have never seen these kinds of apps in action though- do you have accounts of people who have met?


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