Best Activities in Key West

Best Activities
Key West has something to offer all types of travelers. Whether you are a beach goer, a haunt seeker, a conch eater, a water sports fanatic, a sunset chaser, or even a drinker, Key West has it all. I spent two days in Key West walking the flat streets taking in all it had to offer and came up with a top list of things to do.

Visit Ernest Hemingway’s home and museum.

The home of American novelist and Nobel Prize winner, Hemingway, is on display in Key West for visitors to walk through and hang out with the cats. All the cats that I met at the home at 6 toes! It’s quite a treat to play with them and take cute photos. You can find them playing in the garden and all around the backyard.
I think the max time you would spend on this visit is about an hour. The house isn’t too big, I think you will spend more time outside with the cats and looking at the pool. Fun Fact: Hemingway’s pool was the very first in-ground pool in Key West – and it still looks magical! Secluded by trees with hues of blue. You can envision yourself outside all day back there, reading, writing, have fun.

Ghosts and Gravestones Tour

As scary as it sounds .. you are the doomed! The ghosts and gravestones big trolley vehicle drives around and you can have the windows down on it and as you go through town, locals and others who have been on the bus shout “you are the doomed!” You are to reply “we are the doomed!” During this tour you get to go into a haunted civil war fort, meet Robert the Doll, see various homes that are thought to be haunted, and if you are lucky, catch paranormal things in your photos.
Key West is thought to be the 4th most haunted place in the top 10! So if you weren’t scared before – you should be now.
Tip: when you are in the presence of Robert the doll – don’t do anything that would upset him. Don’t bestow the curse upon you.

Take a sunset cruise and reef eco-tour

Fury Water Adventures combined these two items for a 2 hour tour to give you the best of both worlds. Hop on board the glass bottom boat that takes you out to see North America’s only living coral reef. Alive with colorful fish, beautiful coral and a great view without having to be inside the water.
After the viewing of the coral, enjoy a champagne toast and sit back to watch the sunset over the water.
Tip: they provide sodas and light snacks.
Fury also offers a lot of other water sport activities. Because my trip was so short, I did not get to do everything I wanted to do. They do offer snorkeling over the reef if you wish to see it from a different perspective.

Walk down Duval Street

Lined with colorful buildings and palm trees, this street reminded me a little bit of New Orleans – like Bourbon Street but not really. Filled with bars, shops and plenty of places to eat – this street becomes alive at night with live music and party goers.


These cookies were bigger than my face!


Hop Aboard the Conch Tour Train

This train is basically a hop on hop off tour with only 4 stops and is a guided tour of Key West. While I was there, 1 of the stops was under construction so we did not stop there. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and makes a couple of stops that allow you time to use the bathroom, grab a drink and then get back on before departure, or you can opt to stay at that stop and sight see and catch a later train.


Grab a drink at sunset pier

With open-air seating and a knowledgeable guide, you’ll be sure to leave the tour with a well rounded overview of Key West and its history.


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