NYAH – which stands for “Not Your Average Hotel” is just that, not average. In fact, it is more than that. The hotel is sort of a boutique hotel & hostel with a touch of luxury. While you don’t have to share a room with anyone, you do have the option to book that way.


Tucked away in a cute neighborhood, when you first arrive to NYAH it looks like a home. Once you walk in you see a large reception area, and beyond that, the open shared spaces and pools surrounded by lush greenery for privacy.


Some of the fantastic amenities that come with this not so average hotel include:

  1. Happy hour everyday from 4:20-5:20 – hello wine and cheese!
  2. Free continental breakfast
  3. Free WiFi
  4. 3 pools and 2 hot tubs
  5. Large LED TV’s in the rooms
  6. Charging station at each bed with twin ports and a reading light – charge your phone and camera!
  7. A closet for each person that is opened only with your room key – never lose your things
  8. Plush bedding
  9. Air-conditioned rooms
  10. Shared open spaces
  11. 24 hour front desk staff
  12. Bike rental right on site
  13. Free Starbucks coffee

Having stayed in hostels and guesthouses before, NYAH does not even compare. The idea behind the hotel is that you can book a room with as many beds as you want for you and your friends OR you can book a bed in a shared room. One thing NYAH offers that I have not seen in hostels is that they give each person their own locker in the room that fits all of your things (for FREE), including your suitcase. In addition, they provide towels, rags, cups, blanket, and even a pillow (all for free!)! Bonus of staying at NYAH is that you have all the amenities of a luxury hotel for a fraction of the cost. While the rooms are minimalist, you will find that their sleek design and amenities make it cozy.


Shared balcony off our room

One of the things I was impressed with are their upscale bathrooms. A lot of luxury hotels have not even upgraded to vessel sinks yet and here we had one in our bathroom with a beautiful counter top and a full glass shower.



One of my favorite things to do while staying at NYAH was to hang out by the pool. It was really warm in Key West and the pool was simply perfection. I could get some wine and cheese at happy hour and retreat to the pool to relax from the day before heading out for the evening.


There are many options of places to stay in Key West but what I loved most about NYAH was the atmosphere and customer service. All the staff was very friendly and extremely accommodating, the property was pristine and in a great neighborhood to walk to things, I always felt safe – even late at night walking a mile home, and I felt comfortable there – the beds were amazing, the rooms weren’t hot, there was plenty of hot water for a shower, and there was always Starbucks coffee to wake up to.


Disclaimer: I was hosted by NYAH, however all opinions are my own.

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