Hello new favorite airline! I think I have only flown JetBlue once before, but many years ago. I had a pleasant experience on both ends of my flights and with their social media.

Lets start from the beginning. I boarded my flight, only to learn I would have an entire row to myself. A window seat in the back of the plane, in one of the most comfortable seats I have sat in for a coach flight. There was so much extra legroom as well. I have very long legs – I stand 5’10 and my knees weren’t even close to touching the seat in front of me.

Look at all the room for my legs!
Lots of places for me to fly JetBlue

They proudly serve Dunking Donuts Coffee AND give you free snacks. Did I not just name off a dream flight?


DOUBLE BONUS – Amazon Prime allowed me free internet access on my flight.

Here is where things got tricky for me. When I purchased my ticket, I booked the wrong return flight home. I first checked in with JetBlue on their Twitter account to see the protocol for me to switch flights. They told me both of the earlier flights had available seating and just check with the counter at check-in for a standby seat. When I arrived at the airport, the next flight was set to leave in less than an hour. The airport was extremely busy, so I waited in line awhile to get to the counter, and was then told I would most likely not make the next flight, so I was bumped to a 2:30 flight for standby. I rushed through security asking everyone if they would let me by and made it to the gate at the last minute and they LET ME ON!! Not only that, but they gave me my own row with a window seat again – and Dunkin Donuts Coffee to get me wide eyed and ready for home.

Here is why they are my new favorite:


If you want to win me over, this is how you do it. I think sometimes we often overlook the little things people do for us – but really, they take up so much room in our hearts.

Thank you JetBlue. You have a customer for life. ❀

I love window seats because I get to see views like this! Hello, home!

This is not a sponsored post.

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