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I only heard about this amazing resort, Primland,  6 months ago. How is it that I have lived in Virginia for over 10 years and didn’t know about this paradise in the mountains? I am glad I do now. I can already see myself going here for years to come with my husband, family and friends.
I recently spent 2 nights here experiencing the resort first hand. From the moment you pull in, you are treated with southern hospitality, glowing smiles and you feel right at home. Those qualities to me are important in arriving at a new place.
The lodge is the centerpiece of the resort atop the Blue Ridge Mountains. Housing rooms, restaurants, a spa, the observatory, pool, common rooms to relax fireside, a reading room, and a great deck outback with a fire pit. Every view from the lodge is spectacular.
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The food at Primland is top notch. From pig candy, to specialty moonshine drinks, chicken with pea risotto, and even a Virginia peanut pie. All equally delicious. If you like to eat, then you definitely won’t starve while staying here. Everything was fantastic – even breakfast in bed.


There are so many activities to participate in while visiting Primland. They have a beautiful golf course, off road adventures, nature walks, stargazing, sporting clays, horse riding, biking, and so much more. Any outdoor enthusiast would just fall in love here.






Horseback riding

My favorite activity here was the off road adventure. It was something I had never done before and it turns out that I was really good at it! There’s an element of adrenaline driving up and down a mountain on your own with the wind in your hair. If you visit, make sure and put this on the top of your list.
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Another favorite was the stargazing in the observatory. This room is the top level of the observatory and it opens up in one area so that the telescope can see in the sky. It’s actually really incredible to see. The sky is wide open out at Primland because it is in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing to block your view. I even learned that the north star is not the brightest star in the sky, but the 45th brightest star. 32 years of living and never knew that.

The Spa:

Spa and Pool (1)
After a couple of days of activities and exploring, it was a nice treat to come to the spa and wind down and get a massage. I have become a big fan of massages because I find that I am often tense, so it relaxes me. I have had a lot of massages – but this was one of the very best (ask for Heather). She hit every problem area in my neck and back and I left feeling brand new.
The spa is beautiful. The colorful tiles and Native American theme really bring it to life.


Beautifully decorated spa

Spa and Pool (12)
The pool is located on the spa level and open all day and night. Because the resort isn’t that big, you will find that it isn’t over packed. It is a nice place to relax after a day of adventures.


There’s no bad lodging option at Primland. Everything is luxurious. So whether you stay in the lodge, in a cottage or even in a tree house – it’s going to be magnificent. I stayed in the lodge as was completely surprised at how modern and luxurious the rooms were.

Lodge Rooms:


Sweeping views


Gorgeous baths

Tree Houses:

Tree House-CH (15)

Tree House

Tree House-CH (32)
Staying at Primland is an experience. If you love the outdoors or you are even looking for something new and different, this hotel has so many things to offer. The customer service is just 10 stars – and for me, that is so important.
So come, stay awhile.


Take in a sunset



Sit outdoors by the fire


View wildlife


Admire the evening sky


Read in the library


Enjoy a nightcap fireside

My stay at Primland was perfection. I didn’t even want to leave, I felt like I had so much more to see and do.
A big thanks to Primland for hosting me as their guest. As always, opinions are my own.



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